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Parallel Memory Chapter 82 Fight The Pretty Loli! [4]

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Chapter 82 Fight The Pretty Loli! [4]

"Bring it on!"

I released my mana. I didn't plan on dodging her attack. Looking at the attack it will be difficult to dodge or block her attacks.

"Dual Art: Glacier Shadow Slash!"

Glacier Shadow Slash is one of my strongest attacks. I launched the attack in Lisanna's direction.

"Thousand Wind Blade"

Lisanna also released her attack on me.



"Hey, Victor, do we really have to do it We can eliminate others. Why try to fight with Lisanna"

Adolf asked Victor confusedly. They were Victor's lackey and were there to help Victor get qualified. But Victor insisted on eliminating Lisanna rather than trying to find other students.

They soon came across a place where a huge amount of mana was being released. Looking at the capacity, it was certain that Lisanna was there.

Soon they reached the area to find Lisanna engaged in a fight with someone.

"Stupid! If we can eliminate Lisanna, we will gain fame like never before. We outnumber her and also she seems to be having a tough fight. As soon as she finishes her fight, we will attack her."

Victor explained to his men. Victor said that but his real reason was that he has never liked Lisanna. It is because she was a woman and was the Top ranker of Ace Academy.

Victor was always taught that men should always be better and stronger than women.

Previously, he had arrogantly challenged Lisanna, only to get knocked out easily. Lisanna didn't even give a damn about who Victor was and only accepted the challenges because he was annoying.

"Dammit, how can we let women dominate us I will let her know my power."

Victor and his lackeys hid behind the trees that were near the area of Zero and Lisanna's fight.

They were waiting for the moment when their fights end.



The two attacks collided with each other creating a huge explosion. The impact was so strong that the geographical area was changing due to it.

The impact was felt by anyone within a radius of 500 meters. Zero used his Ice armor to withstand the explosion while Lisanna could only use her mana barrier to offset the impact of the explosion.


The collision continued for more than a few seconds and Zero stood in his position and continued staring at the power of their attack's collision.


Suddenly, Zero felt he was being sucked and teleported away. He found himself out of the dungeon.

( Huh Did I get eliminated No, that is impossible. I clearly remembered that I withstood the explosion. )

"Congratulations, three students eliminated. You are the 87th student to qualify for the Selection."

( Huh How )

Zero stood still, confused at the announcement. He didn't remember fighting anyone else. How did he end up completing the task

"Dammit, how did we get eliminated"

A voice got him out of his thoughts. It was Victor and his friends.

They were waiting for their chance when an explosion suddenly hit them and they ended up being vaporized.

"Sir, we seemed to be caught up in their blast."

Adolf replied remembering and analyzing what he saw last. They were suddenly caught in the collision of Zero and Lisanna's attack. They never expected that they would be eliminated by merely being near them.

Adolf shudders at the thought of going against Lisanna. They could not even handle her unintended attack, how can they survive if Lisanna directed her attacks at them.

Zero silently stared at the group who were making a ruckus and understood what might have happened.

Zero theorized that they might have been accidentally caught in his and Lisanna's attack and ended up being eliminated.

Seeing that Lisanna was not there, he concluded that the last hit was counted as his kill and only he ended up being qualified.

Zero silently went out of that place to the spacious Training Field outside. He didn't want to argue or quarrel with the group that got eliminated by his accidental attack.

Zero went out while the group was still busy shouting and cursing at each other.

*****In the Dungeon*****


The explosion subsided slowly and completely went out after a moment. Lisanna was able to survive the explosion though she suffered multiple injuries.

She looked around to check for Zero, only to find that there was no one around.

Lisanna remained cautious and looked around. She didn't find anyone and it was unlikely that Zero hid somewhere as the place has turned into wasteland from their power.

Lisanna looked around for a few minutes before confirming that Zero was no longer there.

She thought of two possible answers. One was Zero could not block that attack and have been eliminated and the second one is that he escaped while she was defending herself from the explosion.


She didn't remain standing there and quickly dashed away in search of other students. While she may have been focused on fighting Zero, it didn't mean she forgot her objective.

She encountered two students in the first year.

At first, she remained cautious as she reminded herself of Zero power. She could not underestimate the power of first-year students.

However, unlike her expectation, she didn't receive any strong resistance from them, and was easily eliminated by her.

She went and proceeded to eliminate another student and got ready to be teleported.

When she eliminated her second target, she knew Zero survived as she had not been teleported back after eliminating three-person if she included Zero.

She could only wait for a chance to once again fight with Zero and see who is stronger. The last fight was unsatisfactory for her.


*****On The Training Field*****

Zero exited the room and entered the Training Field where most students were gathered.

The moment that I entered the room, students all turned and looked in my direction.

Students and Professors both alike looked at me with different kinds of expressions.

They watched the battle until the two attacks collided with each other.

They only saw Lisanna there and concluded that Zero might have been defeated in that exchange.

Some thought it was a pity to be eliminated. While they thought that Zero got eliminated, they saw his power. He could be easily considered one of the strongest students in Ace Academy.

It would truly be a loss for the school if Zero didn't get to participate in the Tournament of Academies.

While some thought it was a pity, others who were qualified for the selection were relieved. If Zero got eliminated then they did not have to worry about encountering him in the upcoming selection.

Even the most arrogant student thought so. While they were arrogant, it didn't mean they were stupid. Even the stupidest kid can clearly see that fighting with Zero is bad news. They became a little happy to know that Zero got eliminated.

Among the happy ones, Professor William was the one who was the happiest. While he was terrified looking at the power displayed by Zero, he became happy after knowing that Zero would not have a chance to show off the power as he got eliminated.

When Zero entered the Training Field, they didn't know what to say to him. Some admired his power while some wanted to console him but after being reminded of the power Zero displayed, they could not arbitrarily say something to him.

What if they unintendedly made enemies with him They became scared at the thought of that.

His classmate who used to harrass him became terrified the moment they realized who they were messing with. Luckily, Zero ignored their provocation and didn't fight them.

If not they could only blame themselves for trying to fight with Zero.

( Huh What is wrong with these guys Did they turn dumb )

I don't know what happened to them but the students were looking at me like an idiot. I didn't know what to do since everyone was staring at me.


Amidst the quiet atmosphere, Professor Mia slowly approached me.

She stopped and looked at me for a minute before asking.

"Did you get eliminated or passed the contest"

Professor Mia was confused at Zero suddenly getting teleported. She for one knows that Zero would not get eliminated due to that blast.

While the blast was certainly powerful, she thought it was not enough to get Zero eliminated. While it sounds strange, Professor Mia thought that Zero might have been qualified and got teleported.

"Yes, I got qualified. Is there something wrong"

Zero answered. He asked the question because the atmosphere in that place felt strange as well as Professor Mia asking that question. He didn't know why Professor Mia sounded a little worried.

"Congratulations! "

Professor Mia said while smiling. She believed that Zero got qualified but was not sure since it was pretty strange for Zero to get selected while he was fighting and had not eliminated any students.

Other students looked at the two of them. Some were jealous while others thought that the rumors of Professor Mia dating Zero were true.

In the eyes of boys, Zero right now was at the pinnacle of life. Getting the attention of the most beautiful woman and being able to talk to her. They could not help but get jealous.

If it was before, they would have criticized and insulted Zero for dating Professor Mia. But seeing the performance shown by Zero, they thought that if he was not qualified then who was Zero was merely the first year and had plenty of time to grow.

It might not be long before he reaches the same rank as Professor Mia. Rather than a mismatched couple that they thought previously due to the huge difference in talent between Professor Mia and Zero, they thought they were perfectly suited to each other since Zero was equally or more talented than Professor Mia.

The people present there continued staring at them. In their eyes, Professor Mia was right now flirting with Zero.

Even the previous pity that they felt due to their assumption of Zero being eliminated was all gone. Right now what they all felt was the burning jealousy in their heart.-

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