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Parallel Memory Chapter 85 Lisa Vs Velma

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Chapter 85 Lisa Vs Velma

"Mrs. Lisa, you can do it."

"Lisa makes sure to teach her a lesson."

"Velma shows them the power of Third-year students."

"Velma is in the Top-10. How can she lose to a first-year student I hope you juniors keep your hope to yourself."...

Both sides started to support and cheer for their respective friend and argued with the other parties.

They were mostly girls as the boy was busy staring at the two girls that entered the stage.

Lisa instantly mesmerized many boys with her pretty face. Rather than shouting and making their mood sour, the boys were busy admiring Lisa's beauty.

( Those Perverts! )

I thought to myself as I noticed many boys paying more attention to Lisa than the battle itself.

Well, I was also looking attentively at her but for research purposes. I swear that it is only for research purposes.

"No need! Let's Fight!"

Lisa signaled the start of their battle as she took out her staff from her storage ring.

Lisa was the one who started to make her move first. She raised her staff and started gathering mana.

Actually, it would be my first time seeing her use an offensive move. Previously at the Mid-term exam, she only use support skills which were more useful at that time as she could buff many students at the same time.

[ "Plasma Discharge" ]

Eight yellow balls appeared from Lisa's staff. One after another, the balls made their way toward Velma.

Velma was a fighter and relied on her physical power. She enchanted her body and made her way toward Lisa.

As for the attack that Lisa just released, she didn't care as it was nothing to her.


Unlike the blast that was expected from Lisa's attacks, unexpectedly it just disappeared after making contact with Velma's body.

"Hmph! Looks like the top students of First-year are just so-so."

Velma mocked Lisa's attacks which apparently didn't do a thing to her. She charged ahead and Lisa was only a few meters from her.

[ "Plasma Discharge" ]

Lisa didn't panic and continued to use her earlier skill.

As I watched the battle unfold, I realized Velma would lose.


Because I know the effect of the skill that Lisa just used. 'Plasma Discharge', was no offensive move, it was a debuff skill.

The one who gets hit by Plasma Discharge will slowly start to become numb. The more opponent gets hit by it, the more quickly would the effect becomes stronger.

At the final stage of getting hit by Plasma Discharge, the person is not able to feel their own limb.

It was the skill that is learned when the lightning magic of Lisa reached proficient proficiency.

It was one of her many skills that she would use constantly. It is not because it was ultra strong or anything but because the effect of that skill would leave many people defeated.


Velma didn't know the effect of that skill and continued to underestimate her opponent. As a fighter, she just needs to be in close proximity to a Mage to overwhelm them.

[ "Complete Body Art: Heavy Strike" ]

With running momentum, the force of Art increased and struck Lisa.

[ "Soteria Blessing: Goddess Protection" ]

A golden shield appeared in front of Lisa and took the brunt of the attack.


The shield was tattered but still managed to withstand Velma's attack. Velma didn't pause her attack there and continued to strike.

To defeat mage, one should not give them the chance to use their skill.

[ "Complete Body Art: Pulverization" ]


Unable to resist the attack, the shield broke down into many pieces.

"Got you!"

Velma happily exclaimed. However, Lisa's face was calm, void of any emotion. It didn't seem like Velma being able to break her shield would in any way affect her.

[ "Violet Flash" ]


In an instant, Lisa was tens of meters away from Velma. Her movement speed was akin to teleportation.


Velma found herself dumbfounded as all her hard work was wasted in an instant. She continued to attack fiercely in hope of ending the battle quickly.

The moment the shield broke, she thought that victory was in her pocket. But contrary to what she believed, Lisa has already escaped from her grasp.

Lisa's speed has surpassed Lisanna's speed but unlike Lisanna's Art which she used continuously to maintain her top speed, Lisa's speed was only for a moment.

Though that one moment was able to secure Lisa enough space to attack.

[ "Lightning Strike" ]

Lisa used an attack spell for the first time. A bolt of lightning which appeared to be in the shape of a snake appeared and at high speed struck Velma.

Velma was not quite fast enough to react to that attack.


The attack was a direct hit to the chest but Velma was a fighter and her body was very strong. Though she did get hurt, it was not enough to knock her out.

Lisa didn't seem surprised by her opponent not getting eliminated by her attack. Unlike Velma, Lisa didn't underestimate Velma who is in the Top-10.

She already expected her opponent to be able to withstand every attack she threw as there was a difference in rank.

But it didn't mean she didn't have any strategy to win. 'Plasma Discharge' may not seem powerful and useful but any opponent that gets hit by these attacks will at some time be affected by it.

She has already hit Velma 16 times with her Plasma Discharge. Though it may not be noticeable to many, Lisa noticed a delay in Velma's reaction which led to Lightning Strike hitting her.

Lisa only had to debuff Velma enough to be able to knock her out.

[ "Plasma Discharge" ]

Lisa continued to use her debuff skill which was entirely ignored by Velma. Velma thought those tiny sparkly balls were some kind of spell for distraction.

The battle continued with Lisa shooting off Pulse Discharge and defending against Velma's attack.

As the battle dragged on, Velma's speed and strength began to dwindle and she could not properly use her hands.

( Huh What is going on )

Velma thought as she also noticed something was off about her body.

Her body was becoming numb and at times her body would not do what she wanted. Her speed including her computational thinking speed seemed to decrease.

( Is it those tiny balls )

Velma finally thought about the cause of her decrease in power. Lisa used those things despite not doing anything to her.

So, it was not strange for her to reason out that Plasma Discharge was the cause of her slowing down.

[ "Plasma Discharge" ]

"You fricking conspirator!"

Velma could not help but yell at Lisa who seemed to have made a fool out of her. She became angry at the thought of dancing in the hand of her junior who was less experienced than her.

Velma dodge those balls which were thrown at her. She knew she didn't have time to waste as she was feeling her body becoming more numb as time went on.

( Oh! She finally noticed. But it is already too late. )

Seeing Velma dodge her Plasma Discharge, Lisa guessed that Velma was able to know the cause of her debuff but it was already too late for Velma.

Velma had already been debuffed to the point that her stat would be only comparable to Rank-E right now.

The speed and the strength that Velma displayed at the start have already disappeared from her.

The only thing Lisa had to do was to finish off her opponent.

[ "Thunder Baptism" ]

Velma at the time was approaching Lisa when a black cloud appeared in the sky covering at least half of the stage.


From the black cloud, Countless lightning strikes rained down. Every lightning was locked at Velma.

"Screw yo…"


Velma's speed was not fast enough to dodge those lightning strikes. She could only hope that her body can withstand the attack.

The lightning strike continued until Lisa became a little exhausted and canceled the skill.

The audience became quiet and looked at the scene that was unfolding in front of them.

The fight between Lisa and Velma had become the best fight in the selection.

The fight took a long time but the fight was worth watching. Every single move made by the fighter was witnessed and analyzed by the students.

Some smart students showed their analysis skills by explaining what was going on and why they used such skills.

The student became quiet after seeing the horrifying thunder. This was the climax of the battle.

Lisa had no more mana to continue the battle if Velma survived that horrifying attack.

Students curiously looked at the place that was currently full of dust.

The dust soon settled and the winner will be decided based on the condition of Velma.


Soon the sound of cheers and excitement filled the stadium.

Velma was lying on the ground without moving a muscle.

"I can't believe a first-year was able to win against Velma."

"Dammit, Velma has been eliminated."

"Looks like Zero and Hiro are not the only ones we need to look out for."

"First-year students are all monsters. Can't believe a first-year student to show that kind of caliber in the fight." …

Lisa marked herself as a talent after that battle. At first, students were just excited to see a pretty girl on the stage but that changed when Lisa showed her power.

Lisa who is in the Top-3 of First-year showed them why she deserved her rank. She was not some pretty girl who just excelled in support skills and studies.

Though she was not able to get the attention of everyone. Specifically, Lisanna who was much more interested in Zero at the moment.

Lisanna could not care much about Lisa when she was looking at the prey hundreds of times better than her.-

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