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Parallel Memory Chapter 87 The Selection Continues

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Chapter 87 The Selection Continues

"Second group winner, Lisa Kyelpas of First-year."

Students were all still unable to react to what just happened.

After a few seconds, the students started to applaud.


They were still taking in the information about what just happened but they didn't forget to show their appreciation for the amazing performance they just witnessed.

"I didn't expect such a high level of fight from the juniors."

"Sylvia is also powerful. I didn't expect her to give Lisa a hard time. Unfortunately, she lost to Lisa in the end."

"The last attack of Sylvia could have easily taken out someone like me. To be able to dodge and counterattack, Lisa's battle sense is amazing." …

Lisa won as many had expected but they didn't expect that kind of power from Sylvia whose earlier fight could be said to be average.

On the stage, Lisa quickly rushed to help Sylvia who had been sent flying outside the ring.

She quickly made her way to Sylvia who was lying on the ground. She extended her hand and pulled Sylvia up.

Though Sylvia was sent out of the stage, it didn't mean she was unconscious or took more damage than Velma.

Sylvia was just caught off guard which led to Lisa sending her off the stage.

"Keuk, I didn't expect you to hide your trump card until the last minute."

Sylvia smiled as she spoke. Though Sylvia smiled she was still bitter about having lost after just showing her trump card.

"If I didn't use it there, the fight would have turned unpredictable."

Lisa said smiling. Unlike when in battle, she showed her smile and laughed at Sylvia's comments.

Lisa returned to her seat while Sylvia was ready to face her opponent immediately. She could have taken rest but she chose to fight now and rest later.

She didn't utilize all her power and she didn't receive much damage from her earlier fight. Though 50% of her mana was empty, she believed she would win.

Her next opponent is not very strong in comparison to Velma and Lisa. He was at Rank-E in his second year and had lost easily to Lisa in the earlier fight.

He slowly made his way to the stage.

Knowing that his junior was underestimating him, he was very angry.

He was a man of pride. Though many would see him as average due to monsters like Lisa and Lisanna, he was at the Top-10 of his year which seemed like nothing in front of the eyes of many students.

He would normally be respected and feared but in this little contest, he was humiliated by a girl. He could not defend himself against Lisa's attacks while his attacks were easily blocked.

Now, Sylvia, another junior, wants to fight him right after she had fought with Lisa.

It was a direct slap in his face though Sylvia's intention was not that. He still felt humiliated.

( I will show you the price of underestimating me! )


"Winner, Sylvia of the First-year!"

It didn't matter whether he was angry or wanted to prove himself, the bottom line was he was weak compared to many presents in that selection.

Even though he was one of the best in the second year, he lacked experience when compared to the third-year students and had less talent when compared to the first-year students.

It only took a few minutes before he was defeated by Sylvia's arrows.

"Lisa Kyelpas of the first year and Sylvia Mavis of the first year will be the participants from Group 2."

With that, the last match of the 2nd Group has been completed.

I was honestly surprised to see the power of Sylvia and Lisa which seemed too high. They were one of the MCs in the novel and naturally they were talented but they were less talented than Hiro.

However, from the looks of it, it didn't seem that they were less talented or had less power than Hiro. It was just that Hiro is able to rank up quickly due to his system.

Other than that, Skill, battle sense, experience, and stat seem to be as powerful as Hiro.


There was a loud sound of clapping and cheering for the two beauties who had shown them what talent looked like.

They were beautiful and talented enough to be one of the Top-20 strongest students in Ace Academy. Not to mention that they were just in their first year.

"Now, let us welcome the contestants for Group 3."

The match continued.

It was an anti-climactic match. As many have guessed, the winner of the 3rd Group was two third-years.

There were some talented first-years as well as second-years who were powerful but they could not win against them like Lisa.

After Velma lost, the third-years did not underestimate the juniors and fought hard from the beginning.

This led to the fights becoming shorter as the third years would easily knock out the first and second-year students.

This was all the match for today, and we all returned to our dorms.

Tomorrow was the day that I would be fighting. But I was not worried at all.

I had seen the capability of most students and calculated that there was not a single student in the Ace Academy that could make me lose.

Lisanna had the highest chance of winning against me. Out of 10 matches, I believe I would at least win 6 or 7 times if I use my Dual Art.

The chance decreases significantly if I don't use that. Still, I had a good chance to win even without Dual Art.

I went to bed early.

Even if it was to be an easy battle tomorrow, I could not go easy on them.

As shown by Velma who had lost just because she had underestimated Lisa.


The next day, my seat was the same as yesterday and I watched the match as I waited for my turn.

"Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Yesterday, we were able to witness many brilliant performances from our students. Today, let us hope that we will see equally exciting matches."

Hyping the audience and livening up the atmosphere in the morning was the energetic host.

"Fourth Group, please make your way to the stage."

One student from the third year dominated one bracket while Ren Dreyar, the top student from the second year, dominated the other.

Ren Dreyar was even able to beat the third-year student he encountered without breaking a sweat.

Finally, the two met on the stage.

"Hmph! I have heard of the second-year student who is said to be capable of fighting in the Third-year Top-10. I did not expect to fight you in this selection."

Ren Dreyar was a very popular student. Though less popular than Lisanna, compared to other Top-10 third-year students, Ren Dreyar was more popular.

This led to the Third-year having feelings of resentment towards Ren Dreyar. How can a third-year student lose to a second-year student That was the question that they wanted to ask the other students but seeing that Velma lost yesterday, it would be useless to ask that.

It was also because of his pretty face that Ren Dreyar earned hatred from other boys.

I mean listen to the audience.

"Ren Dreyar, I LOVE YOU!!!"

"Smash that Gorilla into pieces. Don't you dare hurt my prince charming."

"Kyaaaa! I can finally witness Ren Dreyar's brilliant moves again."

"You are the most handsome."...

The girls were going crazy whenever Ren Dreyar came on the stage. This seems more like an idol performing on the stage than a battle.

Who would not feel hostility after hearing all those gibberish praises towards Ren Dreyar

"It is an honor for me to get a chance to fight with you. I will do my best to not disappoint others' expectations of me."

Ren Dreyar's voice was respectful. Unlike fame and talent, Ren Dreyar showed extremely respectful behavior towards his opponent.

It was kind of rare as many talented people would become arrogant and narrow-minded but Ren Dreyar was not like that.

This behavior further added to his charm. An elegant man with good manners is what a true noble should be or so the girls thought.

The fourth group final match began!


After a few minutes, the Third-year was lying on the ground unconscious while Ren Dreyar was heavily panting on the stage.

The fight was between two equally powerful men. Ren Dreyar showed the power that was on par with the Third-year.

It was a long fight and either of them could have won the fight but luck was on Ren Dreyar's side as his last hit was able to seal the victory.

The Third year was healed and made to fight with 3rd place to determine who would qualify and as everyone has already predicted, the Third year won.

Finally, it was our group's turn.

"Let us begin the match between the 5th Group students. Contestant, please come forward."

The match draw was decided, and I was to fight in the first match.

I didn't expect to fight first but it didn't really matter when I fought.

I stood and was about to go to the stage when someone called my name.

"Zero Elea! You will be eliminated by my hand."

An angry student stood up and yelled at Zero.


( Who is he Do I know him )

Someone whom I never met seemed to be challenging me. I didn't know who that guy was but he had managed to attract the attention of all the students.

"Look, Lyon is challenging Zero. How could he do that Zero is just a first-year student."

"STUPID! Have you not seen his fight against Lisanna. Even she failed to eliminate Zero. Zero is qualified to be challenged by Lyon. Else who could be more qualified than Zero"

"They are in the same group. Fight between them is inevitable unless one of them loses to others, which is not possible."

"This Group fight will be interesting to watch. The second strongest student vs the black horse." …

The students immediately began to engage in discussion as the second strongest student had just challenged Zero who was previously no one.

Listening to the students, I was able to know who that man was. Lyon, the second strongest student and the one who is in the same group as me.

However, I do not understand his anger. I don't think I have done anything to enrage this man.

But it might be that I am misunderstanding this guy. He might have been born with that face and that tone of voice.

And he might not be very skilled with words, he told me he would eliminate me which is indirectly telling me to win this match.

Maybe he is just trying to wish me good luck.

I raised my thumb and said,

"Thank you!"-

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