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Parallel Memory Chapter 90 Toby Vs Zion

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Chapter 90 Toby Vs Zion

Waking In the morning, I checked my schedule.

Today was the last day of selection. With it, 20 participants for the Tournament of Acemies will be selected.

Then the Academy will begin to nurture those students for the Tournament of Academies.

Wearing my school uniform, I went to the stadium. On the way to the stadium, I could see people looking at me and whispering.

I chose to ignore it. While I would prefer to keep my power hidden, it was already impossible.

I want to win the Tournament of Academies and with Lyon and Lisanna as my opponents, there was no way I could have fought without showing my powers.

The first battle for the day was between two second years. Being similar in strength, they took a long time before the winner could be decided.

Despite taking a long time, the audience was not bored and was excited to watch them battle. Though both of them were only at Rank-E but for the most present there, two of them were considered talented for reaching that rank at that age.

As the host sounded the end of another match, another two students appeared on the stage and the cycle continued.

After the participants went through an intense battle, the victor would have elated faces while the loser would withdraw from the arena in a dejected manner, and sometimes they would need to be carried on a stretcher.

Group 7 finished their selection with the winner from the third year and runner-up from the second year.

The Group 8 match began and it was the group to which Zion Maxwell belonged. I honestly didn't care whether he qualifies or not.

But considering he is one of the main characters, the chances of him getting selected were high and he did get selected in the novel.

However, becoming number one in the whole group might be impossible for him since Toby, the Third ranker was also in the same group.

The first match was between Toby and a second-year student.

Zero gazed at the arena where the two men were getting ready for a fight. Zero was able to see the bitterness on the face of Toby's opponent.

Getting to fight the Third ranker really meant your luck was out.

However, he didn't give up. This was his chance to get stronger. With the school resources invested in him, he could have a chance to reach Rank-S in the future.

Even with Toby as his opponent, he was not going to surrender.

"The first match of Group 8 will start!"

Immediately after the match started, Toby's opponent launched himself toward Toby with a sword in his hand.

He swung his sword when he was in close proximity to Toby but Toby's body instantly disappeared.

Toby's opponent's attack missed and he instantly began searching for Toby. He immediately swung his sword backward after sensing a danger from his back.


He managed to block a blow from Toby but Toby was not done yet. Toby continued to thrust his spear.

Toby's opponent was under great stress as if he felt like a man trying to block a bus. He used all his strength to defend himself from Toby's attack.


His weapon could not hold it anymore and broke under great pressure. Fear appeared on his face as his defense broke down and Toby's spear was about to pierce him.

But Toby didn't continue his attack, instead he withdrew his spear and kicked his opponent out of the stage.

In just one attack, Toby was able to defeat his opponent. If not for Toby holding himself back, he would have killed his opponent.

This kind of result caused students to be in an uproar. Although the students didn't think Toby would lose, they didn't expect him to win with just one attack.

They once again realized the distance between them and the Top ranker. Previously, Zero and Lisa defeating the Top-10 student of Third-year had made many students underestimate the power of the Third year rankers, but Toby managed to convince them why they are considered the strongest.

"What a fast speed! I thought Toby had actually disappeared for a second."

"Toby deserved to be Ranked 3rd. With that speed and power, he could pretty much defeat everyone in this contest."

Under everyone's gaze, Toby quietly came back to his seat. He would have shown off a little under normal circumstances but considering Zero had defeated Lyon, he thought it would be kind of shameful.

"Looks like we can't underestimate the Top-10. Toby will be a difficult opponent to defeat."

Sylvia said to her friends to which Lisa and Hiro nodded.

They agreed as Toby's opponent was not a weak student that could be easily defeated as Toby has done.

While Sylvia seemed to be telling everyone, she was specifically telling Zion who would face Toby as he is in the same group.

Zion would not like it if she directly said, "Toby is powerful, you might need to tread carefully if you wish to win." He didn't like others undermining his strength.

"Hmph! If he can defeat Lyon, I can also defeat Toby."

Zion said arrogantly. 'He' was referring to Zero whom Zion didn't particularly like. It was because Zero was someone who was chasing after the girl whom he liked.

( She will definitely be mine. That Zero… I shall defeat him in the upcoming Tournament of Academies. The girl whom I fancy will belong to me. )

Zion cooled down after thinking of the positive side. He could defeat Zero and impress Lisa at the same time. In the Tournament of Academies, he planned to become number one.

Defeat his rival Hiro, beat down his love rival Zero, and gain the affection of Lisa. He would be able to achieve all the three things he desires at the Tournament of Academies.

A rare smile appeared on Zion as he thought about all the prospects after winning the Tournament of Academies.

But before the Tournament of Academies, he needed to win the selection. He didn't think it would be anything difficult for him.

'I will never lose against them!!!'-

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