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Parallel Memory Chapter 93 Hiro Vs Rylan

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Chapter 93 Hiro Vs Rylan

'Who is stronger'

Well, to know that they needed to wait for the Tournament of Academies to start. The result will naturally answer those questions.

Lisanna returned to her seat, knowing that she had to wait until she meet Zero in the Tournament of Academies.

This would also be when both she and Zero would have gained more strength. She was excited at the idea of facing each other in an epic showdown after training for three months.

( Let's see whether you can surpass me or would I surpass you in these three months. )


Layla fought with her next opponent. Naturally, she was able to win easily as her opponent was just Rank-E.

"Lisanna Lockser of the Third-year and Layla Elsher of the Third-year will be the participants of Group 9."

The host announced the result and the last group for the selection, Group 10 match was going to start.

The sun had already started to sink but the match had to be held today as planned.

This group's strongest student was Hiro followed by a third-year student ranked in the Top-10.

The other participants were wary of Hiro after witnessing lots of fights of First-year students.

And Hiro was the student that is said to be the most talented among the first-year students. They had to be careful while fighting with him.

The first match was going to be between Hiro and one of the third-year students.

Both were in the same rank and both of them used swords as their weapon.

The audience thought it would be a long time before the result came out.

Surprisingly, however, Hiro Ernest has totally dominated the match. With each of his attacks, Hiro pushed his opponent back until he was blown out of the stage.

While in the same rank, Hiro Ernes's stat was superior to what his opponent had. With Hiro stat, it was possible to even fight with Rank-D as an equal.

"We can't really underestimate Hiro Ernest. He does not seem weaker than Zero. Looks like the title of being the most talented human is not completely a lie."

"Well, I don't know about being the most talented but Hiro is definitely going to be one of the participants."

Hiro didn't disappoint the expectations that people have of him. Even the professor was satisfied with his performance.

"Looks like we got lots of talented students at hand. Hiro Ernest seemed to be even more powerful than Zero Elea."

One of the professors commented.

However, Professor Mia and some other professors didn't accept his word though they didn't agrue with him.

Naturally, Professor Mia knows her students and is able to tell their power level to certain extend.

While Hiro displayed power that looked greater than Zero's power, it was because Hiro was required to. Whereas Zero had not even displayed half his power.

It just shows that Zero could defeat Lyon even without using half of his power while Hiro needs to exert much of his strength.

"Hiro Ernest is indeed one of the most gifted talents we have. If we nurture him carefully, he might even reach Rank-C before the Tournament of Academies."

Another professor added. The other professor nodded as it was possible with Hiro's potential.

"It appears the Tournament of Academies is not a lost cause at all for our school. Many talented students have emerged from the first year. We might have a decent lineup ready for the Tournament of Academies."

"Let's continue to watch. Hiro Ernest might be hiding even greater power than this."

The professor continued to evaluate the students.

Students had to sit in the same place for over 8 hours but they didn't show any signs of exhaustion or getting bored.

The raucous, fiery passion that filled the morning air remained even when the moon rose. They were excited to watch the talent of their academy showcase their power.

It was also a very valuable learning experience and even when the sky was turning darker they were happy to sit there and watch the rest of the battles.

The match continued with some showing off their great strength, while others showed their incredible speed and defense. The first round ended and the second round immediately began.

Hiro easily won against his next opponent who was even weaker than his first opponent. This was the case for his third opponent.

In the midst of all the anticipation, came the match that everyone was eagerly anticipating, including Zero.

While Zero didn't care much about the changes that happen in this world, he would like it if the MC of the novel, Hiro Ernest, was to be as strong as described in the novel.

Ernest Hiro surpassed the novel's depiction and reached rank-D much earlier than how it is depicted in the novel. Zero was interested in knowing whether Hiro has continued to improve with that speed or if he is lagging behind.

Amidst all the gazes from the audience, Hiro and his opponent made their way to the stage.

"Greetings, my name is Rylan Trevor. Hopefully, you will not disappoint me in this fight."

Rylan said to Hiro.

Rylan did not compete for the purpose of being a participant in the Tournament of Academies from the beginning.

The main reason why he participated in the selection process was to spar with strong people.

If he could achieve that in the selection, he would be completely satisfied even if he was not selected as a participant.

Currently, the opponent he was facing was the one that many people around the world were talking about. Hence, he would not be dejected even if he lost as long as he was stronger than him.

"The final match of Group 10 will begin now!"

There was not much of a warm-up the moment the match began. Both parties unleashed their powerful attacks right off the bat.

There was no way that half-assed attack would work on either of them.

Two powerful attacks collided together, and the sound of exploding metal brewed into blast waves, sweeping their surroundings like a fierce wind.


My eyes stared intently at the fight in the arena. The overall strength displayed by Hiro was satisfactory.

But I would be disappointed if this was all Hiro was capable of.

"Show me the power of the Main Character."-

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