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Parallel Memory Chapter 95 The Selection Ends

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Chapter 95 The Selection Ends

"Winner! Hiro Ernest of the First-year."

The host announced the winner for the last group.

"Shit, Even Rylan lost to a First-year. How can we show our faces to the juniors"

"Dammit, this year's juniors are messed up. How can we as seniors keep our dignity"

"You only have half a year with them, but we still have to keep going to the same Academy for at least one and a half years." …

The audience began chatting loudly after the results were announced. Three Top-10 scorers lost to first-year students; one was in the Top-5 and another was in the Top-3. This means that at least 3 first-year students were stronger than almost all Third-year students.

How can they who are regarded as talented show their faces when two years younger people are stronger than them

Does that mean they should treat Hiro, Zero, and Lisa as how they treat Lisanna and other Top students They can't disrespect them as they were stronger than them.

In previous years, seniors will show their power and dominate the Tournament and amaze the juniors with their power.

And after the Tournament, Third-years will go and give advice and teach the first-year student for a few days. It would have been an eye-opener for the first year as they watched their seniors display shocking power.

However, this year, how can they have a face to teach them when they are literally more powerful than them

While seniors were contemplating this problem, the First-year students were elated and delighted.

"Hiro beat the Third-year in Top-5. He deserved to be number 1 in the first year."

"Yeah! That last attack would have killed me even if I was 10 times stronger."

"Tsk Tsk, Looks like the seniors are no big deal."

Hiro being strong is an indirect indication of how strong the first years were. Though it didn't mean that every first year was strong like Hiro.

However, they could still brag about how they are in the same class as him.

They showered him with applause and compliments.

This type of fight was what excited the students most. Where both the fighters were equally strong. Not like Lisanna and Zero who could one-shot their enemy even before they could see what was happening.

Many of the students were watching the fight for fun, but I was watching it to analyze Hiro's current strength.

( Pretty decent! )

That is what I thought about Hiro's current strength. He didn't disappoint me nor did he show power which is beyond what I had expected.

While I can't really gauge his true strength as I know that he still has many trump cards hidden, but from his last attack, it seems that Hiro was around Toby and Lyon's level.

By looking at the progress, he might even break through to Rank-C - before the Tournament of Academies if he keeps up the same speed of progression.

This was faster compared to the speed Hiro had in the novel. In the novel. Hiro would be at Rank-D and stood no chance against the Rank-C opponent that he faced in the Tournament of Academies.

But it might be a different story if Hiro manages to reach Rank-C - before the Tournament of Academies.

After the battle of Hiro and Rylan, there were two more battles left. Zion, who was injured during his final fight, and Rylan.

Rylan was the first one to battle. Although he was heavily injured, he was easily able to win due to the huge difference in strength between him and his opponent.

Zion's turn was next and he fought with his face gloomy the entire time during the fight. His mind didn't seem to be present in that battle.

It was a good thing that he was still able to fight despite how lost he was in his thoughts. He used his strongest attack to instantly win.

He didn't have the face of a winner even when he won. He exited the stadium as soon as the fight was over.

I didn't know why he looked like that. In the novel also he ends up losing to the Third-year but he arrogantly declares that he will surpass him before the Tournament of Academies starts.

However, it seems that Zion took that loss a lot harder than he did in the novel. I can just hope that he does not go to the dark to seek more power.

The fights were over and the professor was to give an ending speech. The Head Teacher leaped down to the stage.

He raised his head, and his gaze turned toward the position where the participants were located. He had a warm and inspiring smile.

"Congratulations to all the winners and also to the other participants who showed us an incredible fight. I hope that after watching the fights, all the students will continue to work hard and surpass them in the future."

The moon was already up along with countless stars. It was quite late so the Head Teacher kept his speech short.

"I hope that the selected participant would display an even greater power and bring honor to our school."

The details of the Tournament of Academics preparation was kept to be covered tomorrow since it was already late today.


The next morning, I made my way to the Training Field where the professor had told the selected participants to gather.

I would attract quite a number of gazes each time I pass through a student. The moment other students saw me, they would cause a commotion.

Those numerous gazes toward me from all directions were filled with respect and fear.

I could not help but feel a little surprised as I continued to walk toward the Training Field.

I already had many experiences of getting attention from students. It became natural to me after getting used to it.

But those gazes were all disdain and contempt. Now, they looked at me with admiration and respect.

It truly is a world where strength is respected above all. Even if all the rumor about me being an a**hole was true, as long as I am strong, people will admire and respect me.

I kept on walking, ignoring all the commotions that students were making.

"Heading towards the Training Field"

A familiar sound came from behind. I turned around and nodded my head to Sylvia.

"Let's go together!"

Sylvia said as she walked beside me. She would occasionally give me glances which honestly gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

There was an awkward silence between us as we continued walking toward the Training field.

"Why are you not with your friends"

I tried to have a conversation with Sylvia since I felt quite awkward. Also, I was curious about why she didn't come with Lisa or Hiro.

They would always be together so I found it quite odd for her to be alone.

"Ahh. I had some business to attend to so I left late. Unexpectedly, I encountered you on the way."

Sylvia said. I thought it would be another awkward silence between us when she asked a question.

"What do you think about Hiro"


I was stunned by her question.

She was asking like she wanted to know my opinion on a girl. What do I think of Hiro I don't think about him at all.

( I am not gay! )

"He is a nice guy."

I said what I thought at that moment.

"Nice… "

Sylvia didn't expect that kind of answer. She just wanted to know what Zero thinks of Hiro as he is as talented as him.

Whether he thought of him as a rival or someone he would like to fight. Not whether he thought he was nice or not.

However, Sylvia didn't ask him again because she thought he might be intentionally giving her a wrong answer or maybe he just thought of Hiro as a fellow student who is kind and doesn't care about his talent.

Changing the topic, Sylvia asked him another question which she was quite eager to know.

"Why did you stop chasing after Lisa Is it because the rumor of you going out with Professor Mia is true"

Sylvia asked in a high voice as she became excited to know the answer.

Zero suddenly becomes indifferent to Lisa as if he didn't care about her at all. Even though he would always try to flirt with her in front of her before.

"Er,... "

Zero didn't know how to reply to Sylvia question and started to think of an answer.

( Why did I stop Because my role was over I don't know how to answer that question. I realize that whatever is meant to happen will eventually happen and I didn't need to stick to that ridiculous script.)

"Me going out with Professor Mia is just a rumor. As for Lisa…"

Zero paused as he had no idea what to say.

( Should I say I have no interest in her Or should I make up another reasonable explanation But why did I even chase after her in the first place )

This question has haunted me for quite a while. In the novel, it did say that I started to chase after Lisa. Although due to Parallel Memory, I think that my personality has changed a bit.

However, I don't think that I would have fallen for Lisa just like that, even with my previous personality.

Lisa is certainly beautiful but I am not a guy that just falls in love with any pretty girl that I see. Or am I

I doubt that's true.




"~Earth to Zero! Are you here"

Sylvia waved her small hand in front of my face as she gazed at me trying to figure out what had happened.

"Ehem. Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts."

I said as I started to scratch my head.

It is crazy to think that I have to worry so much about something that will not have much impact on the future.

( I will just tell her that I just lost my interest in Lisa. )

"I have lo…-

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