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Parallel Memory Chapter 97 Choosing Mentor

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Chapter 97 Choosing Mentor

Shortly we reached the Training Field.

The moment I entered the Training Field, people began looking at me.

They were not even surprised when I came in with Profesor Mia. Although I could feel some jealousy from the boys.

The professor went near the podium where another professor was, while I remained with other students.

The Head Teacher came to the podium and began giving his speech.

The Head Professor once again congratulated us. And then he began explaining what exactly the Tournament of Academies is and why it was established.

An event that was established to give young students the chance to compare and learn from each other.

It was also so that various guilds around the world could see the talented people that they might be interested in recruiting.

And provide students with opportunities to show their abilities.

Fame is something that everybody wants and this event was perfect for those seeking to show off their powers.

Academy ranking is also decided based on the ranking of students in the Tournament.

The reason schools invest so much in participants of the tournament is because the resources allocated to the Academy in the following year will be determined by the ranking.

"Now, we will begin by allocating a professor to each one of you."

The Head Professor finished speaking. The professor stood in front of the student.

The student was called according to their rank or according to the power displayed in the Selection fight.

The first name on the list was Lisanna. Lisanna stood in front of several professors waiting for the professor to step up and show their desire to be her mentor.

"Keke, I will have Lisanna as my mentee."

One of the professors said with a smile while exuding an intimidating aura. The other professor didn't comment on his behavior because he was one of the most powerful professors in Ace Academy.

This was also so that lesser qualified professors would not step up to compete for Lisanna.

If given the chance to everyone, every professor would choose Lisanna as their mentee. But they were not qualified and Professor Uriel showed it with his aura.

Only those who had the guts to stand in front of that aura would have the qualifications to step up.

"Hehe, Old man Uriel, don't think you are the only one who wants her as their student. She should study under another lady rather than a rusty old man."

A mature woman stepped forward from the group. She exuded confidence and was not in the least intimidated by Professor Uriel's aura.

Three more professors stepped up showing their desire to be the mentor of Lisanna. While they were strong, compared to Lady Sienna and Old man Uriel, they could hardly grab Lisanna's attention.

Professor Mia's reputation and influence could be comparable to them but she didn't step up to compete with them.

Lisanna's choice was therefore between Uriel and Sienna. In the end, she ended up choosing Sienna.

It could be because Sienna was the class teacher of her class and she felt more familiar with Professor Sienna than Professor Uriel.


Next on the list was Zero.

Some students were surprised because while Zero might have defeated Lyon, it didn't mean that the ranking would always change.

Although Toby could defeat Lyon at times, their ranking didn't change due to a single fight.

While the majority of other students had all expected this outcome. Zero has the capability of competing equally with Lisanna, and it is uncertain whether Zero will lose a fight with her.

If Zero was called first, then it might have caused some kind of commotion. But then also, the students present there could accept the result.

Zero's reputation was already sky high and there was not a single student that would underestimate him.

Lyon beside Toby showed a bitter expression but he could only accept the situation as he ended up losing against Zero.

I walked out of the crowd and stood in front of the Professors. Professor Mia was sending me some meaningful looks.

For a minute, professors didn't come up right away. They were waiting for someone to step up.

Some professors glanced at Professor Mia. They seem to know that the chances of Zero choosing Professor Mia were high and have refrained from stepping up.

"I will have him."

Amid the silence, Professor Mia stepped up and declared. It was like she knew she would be chosen.

"Keke, I think that a young man like Zero would learn better from an old man like myself."

Professor Uriel once again stepped up. He specialized in Sword Art. He has seen Zero use Sword Art and he could sense much potential in him.

He wanted to teach Lisanna since she is one of the most skilled sword users. But since she refused, he could only go for Zero who is second best.

"Old man Uriel, don't you know the relationship between the two I think you are just going to be rejected again."

One of the professors jokingly said. While it was meant as a joke, the meaning was serious.

This was the reason why many professors refrained from going after Zero even though Zero is one of the most talented students in Ace Academy.

Professors have pride too and when students repeatedly reject the professor multiple times, it could be seen as a humiliating thing.

Old man Uriel already lost once to Professor Sienna. Would it not be embarrassing for him to be rejected twice

The professor already seems to know who Zero is going to choose and has refrained from stepping forward.

What is the use of stepping up and competing when the outcome is already determined

And there were also only a few professors who could match Professor Mia's strengths. Professor Uriel was one of them.

"I have also heard that young man Zero has an extraordinary relationship with Professor Mia but in front of interest, those things are just secondary."

Old man Uriel said confidently as he took one book out of his storage ring.

"Uriel, are you serious That thing is the hard work of your entire life."

His friend was surprised by his friend's actions when he said this. He tried to hold Uriel to let him think about his decision again.

"I have no family and relatives. Would it not be perfect if I could pass it on to someone who is talented like Zero"

Professor Uriel said happily. He looked directly at Zero to reaffirm his choice.

"Young man, if you choose me as your mentor, I will pass on my Art to you."-

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