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Parallel Memory Chapter 99 Training With Professor Mia

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Chapter 99 Training With Professor Mia

The training didn't just begin after the mentors were selected.

We just fought to get selected as participants. So, we had been given a two-day holiday before the training started.

In that period, I reviewed the report sent by the company.

From now on, it looks like I will not be getting any rest. Not with Professor Mia as my mentor.

This could be my only chance to look at the company report.

After 3 hours of looking at the progress of different departments of the Tech genesis, I was satisfied.

TwitFlick and WorldCraft were not showing any signs of slowing down in their growth. Hundreds of thousands of new users were added daily to the two apps.

An average of Ten million active users every day. The number of people making new content has also increased.

The content with the most views was the videos of students fighting.

It looks like some students captured the video of other students battling each other to determine the participants of the Tournament of Academies.

Other schools have also started selecting their participants for the Tournament of Academies. And it seems that the audience had taken pictures and video of it and uploaded it to their TwitFlick account.

There were several videos showing the battles between students from different Academies. Some students were even from our Ace Academy.

It was mostly Hiro's as he is popular and having him in a video is guaranteed to garner more views on TwitFlick.

The increase in content creators could be one of the reasons why more and more people are using TwitFlick.

The increase in content creators could directly be linked to the fact that we have started to pay those people who have a high number of views.

Mana battery and Megaplex were also doing well.

We have finally started to sell phones that are powered by Mana batteries.

It looked like the selling through Megaplex had dampened the sales of Mana battery phones in the first week of its launch.

Despite spending millions on the advertisement, Mana battery phones were not in demand at the start of its launch.

The customer probably could not understand why they must pay for something that they could buy for 3 times less. And they might also be discouraged by the fact that it is sold through Megaplex.

However, there were some enthusiasts who brought this phone to test it. They were able to see the benefit of having these types of phones.

And through advertisements and customers referring to their friends, we managed to sell Ten thousand of these products in the second week.

Not a very high number but it was a good start and those who bought the phones have also bought other products from Megaplex.

I could finally say that Megaplex was finally picking up its pace though we were still at a loss of 50 million Ethan from Megaplex. But I expected this investment to be returned several times in the future.

They also sent me a prototype of drones that are powered by Mana batteries. It could be super useful when exploring dungeons and unexplored land.

The companies were doing well, and my secretary is also capable. So, I had no problem leaving my company in their hands.

Though I had to make sure that the employees got their bonuses and vacation time.

The company also had a different department called the Intelligence Agency. It was specifically created to meet my needs.

Like getting Malus Fruit and Lilium flower, two main ingredients to make Rank-S rank up potion. They were able to procure two Malus Fruits and more than 10 Lilium flowers.

They also bought many Rank-A Rank-up potions that I was preparing to give to Shadow Genesis guild members.

They were also collecting information on auctions and rare items that were going to be sold there.

If something catches my eye and is reasonably priced, I can ask them to buy it.

Therefore, although I earn lots of money these days, I also spend it on all those items.

Anyway, I have the solution to making two new Rank-S humans. It is quite unbelievable that I could do something like this.

Though Rank-up potions do not guarantee that a person will certainly rank up, it does increase the chances exponentially. If even using this potion you are not able to rank up then I can only say you are not destined to rank up.

This department was always busy and many people worked in many different places, collecting relevant information as per my need.

There was no profit in keeping the Intelligence Agency but it was made to help me and reduce the burden on others. I can't always ask my secretary, Elisa, to hire someone to look for those items.

It was expensive to hire those people and I constantly need people to procure many things. So, to keep things cost-effective and more efficient, the Intelligence Agency was created.

And I was quite impressed by their work. They had even been able to get some information on black markets.

The black market was a place where Heroes, Dark guild members, and even Devil Contractors would be present. It was a place that had all kinds of people.

It could be seen as an illegal place where every kind of transaction takes place. The auctions there could include extremely rare artifacts and mana herbs.

Even the Main Characters end up going to the black market to search for an extremely rare Rank-A artifact that they needed to catch a Burning Cyclop who is a Rank-A boss monster.

To be able to gather information from those places is certainly not an easy job. It seems that I need to increase their pay and invest more in that department.

NightShade guild was also doing their work well. Recently due to the increase in popularity of our company, even Gold graded guilds have their eyes on Tech Genesis. Although, having NightShade guild declaring the partnership of their guild and the company has deterred many guilds from getting any ideas about Tech Genesis.

But they were waiting for their chance to annex the company when NightShade was in a vulnerable position. Though they had to wait for a long time, because of my investment in the NightShade guild, they were able to successfully complete a lot of raids and campaigns without much loss.

They were becoming stronger day by day with no sign of slowing down. But it might be difficult for even NightShade to protect the company if the Diamond grade guild showed their interest in the Tech Genesis.

Looks like I need to do something about it. Though I guess it will be a long time before it gets to the point of getting the attention of a Diamond-graded guild.

After I finished looking through the reports, I spent some time watching the videos uploaded to TwitFlick.

Mainly the battle of students of other schools. It was always good to collect information before confronting your enemy.

After watching some fights, I concluded that the standard for other students was low compared to those at Ace Academy. The strongest person I saw in the video was just Rank-D who was not even as strong as Velma who was defeated by Lisa.

Though the comments were crazy.

"WOW! Nice Fight!"

"Wish I had that kind of power."

"He will definitely rank in the Top-10 of the Tournament of Academies."

"Big Fan!"

It looked like he garnered the most attention on TwitFlick. The ignorant mass even believed he would rank in the Top-10.

( Top-10 My a**! He would be very lucky to even get in the Top-100.

He gained popularity because his moves were very flashy and gave the impression that he was very strong. Although It was very good for TwitFlick and entertainment, in actual battle, it was not very efficient.

He only won because of vast differences in rank between him and his opponent. If it was me, it would not even take more than one attack to kill him.

What is the point of flashy moves Sure, you will get the attention of some, but that is it. A skill needs to be precise and deadly. A flashy skill will only consume more mana resulting in faster exhaustion of mana.

I continued to scroll down and watched different kinds of Art being displayed. Some have even impressed with their tactics to exhaust their opponents with defense.

Another individual who was interesting was someone who did not retreat but focused only on attacking. While it may seem stupid and easy to launch an attack, it was not.

You need to be able to withstand other party attacks and also need to be fearless. It was not like everybody could move forward when they saw an attack coming. It is in our instinct to dodge or block the attack.

He would ignore their attacks and just move forward to his opponent's position. He won with his overwhelming defense and the look on his opponent's face conveyed how scary it was to face him.

However, no matter how brave he was, being in just Rank-D -, he could be even taken care of by Lisa, not to mention other strong students of Ace Academy.

I continued to watch other students battle before drifting off to sleep.-

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