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Chapter 330: New Life 2

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The actual time it took was at least a hundred years.

“With the sword rabbits aptitude, the strength of its soul cant withstand an inheritance sword skill yet.

It only managed to forcefully learn the skill by cheating with the simulator.”

Of course, he had used the brilliant gold characteristic to cheat as well.

After this simulation, less than a week was left and Wang Ye began to make preparations for the trip to the Cloud Palace.

He ran some reality simulations to look at the future situation.

These few simulations surprised him.

First, he carried out the simulation with Xiao Jiu and the white python.

These two little fellows were the strongest.

[The three of you went to the Cloud Palace.

With your strength, you defeated all participants in the selection battle and entered straight into the heart of the Cloud Palace, the Heavenly Palace.

This place was an endless mechanical ruin.

Countless ancient and mysterious materials were scattered all around the place, seemingly containing all the resources in the world.

They were densely presented in front of you.

However, at the same time, there were also ancient and mysterious mechanical monsters here.]

[After a battle, the two of you and your beastmaster defeated these monsters and began collecting resources.

You also explored the ancient mechanical ruin.

After a few days of searching, you discovered that the mechanical monsters here were all the robots from before the dark fog era.

After countless years, they gave birth to consciousness.

At the same time, you learned that the strongest one was called Oracle and that it is the controller of the Heavenly Palace.

You want to find out the Heavenly Palaces origins and thus continued to go deeper into it.]

[During the collection of resources, you found a rare and mysterious stone among these mechanical monsters.

After some investigation, your beastmaster discovered that this was the astral stone!]

[After the collection of resources, you continued to go deeper into the Heavenly Palace.

In the deepest part of the Heavenly Palace, you found Oracle.

You have learned from the core information of the mechanical monsters that this was the greatest technological achievement before the dark fog era.

As such, you were extremely vigilant, because according to the information, Oracle had the ability to destroy the Heavenly Palace.]

[This place was a crack in the void above the clouds.

Once the Cloud Palace was destroyed, it would definitely affect the countries below and even cause an unimaginable eruption of the dark fog.]

[Looking at Oracle, you realize that its a human who looks exactly like your beastmaster! The two of you were shocked, and it was hard to tell who was who for a moment.

However, Oracle smiled at you and said “congratulations on successfully coming here”.

Its voice carried a prophetic tone, causing all three of you to sink into silence.]

[Your beastmaster discovered something strange about the latter.

It wasnt a machine, but a pet.

It was the first intelligent living pet created by humans before the dark fog era.

It was also the first mechanical pet in the world.

Its existence could be traced back to before the dark fogs eruption!]

[Oracle was quite surprised that your beastmaster could see through its identity, and said that it had been waiting here for countless years.

Back then, humans created it to let themselves leave this world.

However, when the humans left, they left it behind.

Many years ago, it had left once, fusing its consciousness into a pet, wanting to experience becoming a real pet.

Unfortunately, the pet it had transformed into was later taken away by the Xionggang Empire, where it underwent special experiments.

Its soul was extracted and fused into the mechanical pets created by the Xionggang Empire.

It was also at that time that it was exposed.

Fortunately, that had only been a strand of its consciousness.]

[Your beastmaster asked, what was the pet it had fused with It was a sword king rabbit which later gave birth to a small sword rabbit.

Later, when it was captured, to prevent its strength from being exposed, it injected a portion of its strength into the small sword rabbits body, causing the latter to give birth to a special sword body.

That portion of strength was called the mechanical heart.

It was fused with countless ancient memories and legacies, but it would consume a great deal of the owners spiritual energy…]

[Oracle continued to explain.

From then on, it had a connection with your beastmaster.

He could sense that it was a pet, precisely because of the pet contract… When the Xionggang Empire learned of its information, they sent experts to secretly infiltrate the Cloud Palace.

Unfortunately, this place is my headquarters so they didnt succeed.

They wanted to forcefully break in and capture me, wanting to know how humans could leave this world.

I was unable to leave this place, so I could only wait… Because of that sword rabbit, I had been waiting for you to come.

However, all of you were too weak in the past, and after my calculations, the probability of you coming here was almost zero.]

[Speaking of this, Oracle seemed puzzled.

After all, your strength indeed grew very quickly… But most importantly, it had successfully awaited your arrival.]

[Oracle continued to say that there was no way to defeat the strange gods.

The ambitions of the Xionggang Empire were the same as those of the humans back then.

They only wanted the people of their nation to leave this world.

No, to be precise, they only wanted to leave with the five strange gods.]

[Five strange gods When you and your beastmaster heard this, they were confused.]

[Oracle said, oh, in modern words, theyre called the divine beast totems.

Their original bodies are strange gods, who are also called extraterrestrial gods.

You were curious as to why it knew about this.

It was simple.

Before the dark fog erupted, the humans back then had already begun studying the dark fog.

Later, the humans discovered the six most powerful strange gods, the predecessor of the current divine beast totems.

Their power made the humans at that time feel despair, so they created it, Oracle, wanting to leave this world.]

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