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Chapter 10: I Dont Dare To Say It, I Have to Hold Back!

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The red dot flashed again, and An Jiuyue heard its voice again.

“I am Wei Na, and I am a life form living in this space. However, I am unable to control this space, because only you, my master, can control this space.”

Upon hearing that, An Jiuyues face darkened and she almost slapped the red dot!

“How dare you pry into my mind! Do you want to die!”

“No, Master, please let me explain.”

Although Wei Na did not think that there was anything wrong with prying into its masters mind, it couldnt help but panic when it heard her last exclamation.

Although it was living in this space, it still had to listen to its master.

A glare from its master would force it into a corner sometimes, hiding for days without coming out. It was instinctively afraid!

“You… you didnt lock your mind. I… I only heard it by accident. I really didnt do it on purpose.”

An Jiuyue remained silent.

So it is my fault that this rascal accidentally heard my inner world

And it even sounds so wronged!

She took a deep breath and decided to put that aside for now. “How did you get here” she asked Wei Na.

“You dont know Ive been with you for two centuries.” Wei Na was a little puzzled. It had accompanied its master across two worlds, but its master wasnt even aware of its existence.

It wanted to sigh.My master is really inattentive.

However, it did not dare to scorn its master out loud.I have to hold back!

An Jiuyue remained silent.

Please forgive her ineptitude. She was really unaware that the red dot had been accompanying her in her previous life.

“Youve already been following me in the past Then why didnt you appear”


The little red dot was about to speak, but it hesitated. It looked as if it didnt know how to find the right words.

“Hurry up and explain!”

An Jiuyue said impatiently. She did not have the time to wait for it to hesitate.

“Well… In the past, there has been no changes to the space so I was always confined. Now that the space has changed, I can come out.”

Wei Na replied honestly.

“That was not even a difficult thing to say! Why were you hesitating for so long”

An Jiuyue was speechless. It was just a simple statement: It used to be confined in the past. It was nothing embarrassing anyway. However, she soon felt that something was amiss.

“What do you mean Are you saying that I was useless How can you say that”

It had been explained before that it could not control this space as An Jiuyue was the only one who could control it. In other words, she was the only one who could change the space!

Wei Nas words seemed more like an expression of its contempt towards her instead of a self-explanation.

Since she never noticed that the space could be changed, she had been unable to release its inhabitant.

So it was her fault!

“Oh, well…”

Wei Na shivered instinctively when An Jiuyue shouted and thought to itself,Didnt you ask me to explain

However, it didnt dare to say that out loud. It had a strong survival instinct!

“Im not blaming you, Master! Im saying that the Suspended Pavilion was too petty and did not show itself to you so you werent able to use this space properly!”

“Suspended Pavilion What is—”

Before she could finish her sentence, she heard a scream from outside.


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