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Chapter 12: Sell the Child

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Moreover, splattered snake blood would attract other animals. She did not want to risk it.

An Jiuyue took advantage of the fact that the snake had entered a temporary hibernation, she held its head down and brought it into her space. Then, she raised her hand and severed its head.

In a flash, she returned to the outside world and left the huge snake, whose head was chopped off, writhing in her space.

No matter how much snake blood there was in the space, there was nothing to be afraid of as it would be purified. However…

She looked down and saw the splattered snake blood on her body. Going downstairs to the water vat, she washed off the blood with water. The rainwater would also wash away the smell of blood on her body.

Inside the space, Wei Na couldnt help but tremble as it watched the snake.

It had always knew that its master was very scary. Otherwise, she would have been devoured by those vicious people in her past life until nothing was left of her.

However, it saw a new side to its master today.

It was such a huge snake and yet, she was able to sever its head. It was obvious how strong her arms were.

Shes not someone you can afford to offend. Shes definitely not someone you can afford to offend!

The next morning.

The two little ones did not wake up early. An Jiuyue had already thrown the snake out of the treehouse.

At this moment, An Jiuyue was holding a bloody machete and skinning the snake. She soon heard curses and footsteps approaching from afar.

“That little b*tch, I will teach her a lesson today. Lets see if she still dares to be arrogant in front of me.”

That familiar voice belonged to Aunt Wang, whom she had just thrown down from the treehouse yesterday. It seemed like she had not learned her lesson yet and had brought her whole family up the mountain to cause trouble for her today.

“Mother, dont worry. With us here today, well definitely capture that little b*tchs son. Lets capture both of her sons and not leave a single one for her!”

“Hes right, Mother. Lets capture both of them. Then well just say that the little b*tch was ruthless and sold her sons. The Chief and the villages Junior Officer will definitely believe us instead of that little b*tch!”

Aunt Wangs two sons came with her and spoke arrogantly.

They had wanted to come last night, but their father had stopped them as he was afraid that An Jiuyue would bring the matter up to the Chief and cause trouble for them.

However, they didnt understand. What was there to be afraid of

The Chief was not a fool. Would he choose to believe An Jiuyue instead of the people who had been living in the An Clan Village for generations

If An Jiuyue really reported this matter to the Chief, they would simply say that An Jiuyue was so poor that she was about to starve to death so she sold her children and even wanted to extort a sum from them.

When that time comes, the Chief would definitely teach An Jiuyue a lesson!

That possibility dissipated some of their anger. If she dared to harm their mother, they would definitely give her a hard time today.

“Mother, look at me later— Woah!”

The older son was patting his chest, looking like he was going to shred An Jiuyue into pieces.

However, when the woman skinning a snake with a bloody knife not far away came into view, he dared not say anything else.


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