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Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability Chapter 14 - Good Liar

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Chapter 14: Good Liar

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Theyre so incapable but they still want to take advantage of my master and the two young masters Some people in this world are amazing.

It learned something new again.


An Jiuyue chuckled softly when she heard Wei Nas voice in her head.

“People like them will get what they deserve.”

With that, she washed the snakeskin in the rain. She planned to make two pairs of shoes with the snakeskin for the two little ones when she was free.

She cut the snake meat into pieces and put them into the basket on her back.

She carried a piece upstairs and placed it in the kitchen. When she returned to the bedroom, she saw the two adorable children already sitting on the bed. There was confusion in their small eyes.

“Mother, I had such a scary dream last night. I dreamed that there was a huge snake that came into our house.” Zhenger mistook what happened last night as a dream and told his mother.

“Big brother, did you have the same dream That snake was so big. It was thicker than my legs,” Ronger gulped and added.

Is it really a dream just like what big brother said But why does it feel so real The snake really did break into our house and almost ate us.

“Mother, that wasnt a dream, right”

He looked up at his mother and asked.

An Jiuyue was unsure of how to respond when she heard what they said.

Should I tell them that the snake really barged into the house Or should I say that it wanted to find a place that wasnt flooded to continue hibernating Or should I just tell them that it was a dream

“Zhenger, Ronger, a snake did break into our house last night.”

Sighing, she decided to tell the two little ones the truth.We are living in a forest. They cannot remain ignorant forever. They have to adapt to this dangerous life.


Upon hearing her words, the two little ones sucked in a breath of cold air. Their faces were as white as paper, and they immediately hid in their mothers arms, afraid to come out.

“Mother, then… what about that big snake Has it left”

Thats too terrifying. Why would a big snake come into our house Was it trying to eat us

“I killed it.”

An Jiuyue hugged them, patting their backs gently to comfort them.

“Dont be afraid. I am here. No matter how powerful a wild beast is, it cant hurt my precious babies. Come, get up first. Lets make breakfast.”

They were still afraid. After all, it was a huge snake. It wouldve been fine if it was a dream—and it wouldnt have mattered if they recalled the dream. But the snake had really appeared in front of them. How could they not be afraid

“Dont be afraid. Although that snake was powerful, your grandfather was a hunter who hunted big snakes specifically. If you learn those skills in the future, the big snakes will be afraid of you.”

An Jiuyue placed Zhenger and Ronger on one of her legs and allowed them to continue leaning against her chest as she comforted them gently.

“Yes, Grandpa is the best,” said Zhenger.

They had seen their grandfather hunt before. They were no longer afraid after thinking about it.

“Mother, we have to learn from Grandpa and chase the big snake away,” Ronger replied softly as he clenched his fists to cheer himself on.

Back in the space, Wei Na chuckled again.

Is master sure that she picked up her skills from the Hosts Father What a good liar!


An Jiuyue answered, feeling reassured.

“If you want to learn, I will teach you in the future.”


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