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Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability Chapter 15 - Too Sensible

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Chapter 15: Too Sensible

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Although she did not intend to stay in this forest for many years, she felt that the two children should acquire essential knowledge. Otherwise, they would be bullied one day.

“You were very brave last night. Come here, Ill give you a piece of candy each to reward you. Open your mouth!”

She took out two unwrapped candies from her space and popped a candy into each of their mouths.

“Is it sweet” she asked.

The two little ones held the candy in their mouths, their eyes sparkling.

“Its sweet.” They both nodded enthusiastically.

After coaxing the two little ones for a while, An Jiuyue brought them to the kitchen. Just like last night, one of them began washing the vegetables while the other started the fire.

“Mother, the water vat is full!”

Zhenger looked at the water vat that was filled to the brim and then looked at his mother with his large black eyes.

Mother must have filled the vat secretly while we were sleeping last night. The water source is far away and the vat is so heavy. She must be tired.

He took a deep breath, thinking that he should grow up quickly. He would then be able to fetch the water for his mother every day so that she wouldnt be tired.

“Yes. I fetched the water last night.”

An Jiuyue replied casually, not thinking much about it.

They had wild vegetable congee for breakfast again. There was not much rice in their congee because there was no more rice at home. She had to think of a way to buy rice today.

“Zhenger, Ronger, you have to stay at home alone today. I need to go to town.”

She finished her wild vegetable congee hastily and spoke seriously to the two little ones. She knew that it was not safe to leave them alone at home, but she had no choice.

The snake meat wouldnt spoil because she had placed it in her space, and it would be enough for the three of them to eat for a long time.

But snake meat is good stuff. She would definitely be able to sell some of it for a sum of money if she brought it to a restaurant in town. The money would be enough for her to buy a lot of food.

Having meat was important, but having grain was even more important.

The two little ones hurriedly nodded as they ate. Zhenger blinked his large eyes, the size of grapes, and looked up at his mother.

“Mother, are you going to sell the snake meat for food”

In the past, their grandfather would sell his prey and return with food. Hence, they understood that they could not eat all the meat they had.

However, since their grandfather was a hunter, they used to eat a lot of meat in the past. Now that he was gone and they were only left with their mother, they knew that they could not eat as much meat and had to save some to exchange for other food.


An Jiuyue nodded.

She stretched out her hands and caressed the cheeks of the two obedient children.

“Ive kept a piece of snake meat. Ill cook some snake soup after I return.”

Upon hearing that, Zhenger and Ronger exchanged glances before turning back to look at their mother at the same time.

“Mother, Ronger and I dont like eating snake meat. The snake meat is definitely not tasty. You shouldnt keep it. You should sell everything,” Zhenger said obediently.

“Thats right, Mother. That snake meat is not as tasty as wild vegetables. We should sell it in town and exchange it for more food. Brother and I like eating wild vegetables,” Ronger added.

If we eat the snake meat, we will have lesser food in exchange, and Mother will have to worry about not having enough food at home again.

Hence, they decided not to eat it.

An Jiuyue was touched. The two adorable children were really too sensible.


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