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Chapter 17: It Looks Like Theres Going To Be a Flood!

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The river would definitely be full if it rained for more than half a month in the past.

There were many villages built in the basin. If there was a flood, many innocent lives would be taken away by the Cascade River.

When An Jiuyue reached the riverbank, she saw that the water level was already very high. She was afraid that something bad would happen if it rained on for a few more days.

“Master, it looks like theres going to be a flood!”

Wei Na sighed in the space.Master is quite unlucky. She just transmigrated to this world and shes already going to encounter a great flood

“Shut up!”

Her face turned green as she berated Wei Na. She left the riverbank and hurried to town.

When she was outside the town, she quickly took out the bamboo basket from her space while there was no one around and carried it on her back before entering the town.

Although it was raining, there were still many people in Sunset Town.

An Jiuyue followed the Hosts memory and made her way to a restaurant. She knocked on the side door a few times.

This was the restaurant where her father used to sell his prey. Although she did not have a long-standing relationship with them, her father was a frequent visitor, and the workers at the side door knew her because he had brought her with him a few times.

“Oh, arent you Sister An What brings you here Old Uncle Tu hasnt been here for a long time. The manager has been talking about him.”

Soon, the side door opened. Xiao Si, who was guarding the side door, smiled when he saw An Jiuyue.

“What did Old Uncle Tu hunt this time”

“Brother Xiao Si, I caught a snake on the mountain and brought it here for the manager to take a look,” An Jiuyue said to Xiao Si.


Upon hearing that, Xiao Si took a few steps back in fear immediately.

He was so nervous that he almost collided with the bucket full of water behind him and nearly got drenched. Luckily, he managed to steady himself.

Is the snake alive

He gulped in fear. He looked uneasily at the huge bamboo basket on An Jiuyues back.

“Sister… Sister An, wait here. Ill go get the manager.”

Dead or alive, he was still afraid of the snake. He left hastily after speaking to An Jiuyue.

An Jiuyue remained silent.

She could guess what he was thinking based on his facial expression.

The corners of her mouth twitched.Would I dare to put the snake in the bamboo basket on my back if it was alive What is this lad thinking

She soon saw Xiao Si returning from the front yard with a familiar person.

“Miss An, youre here! Did Old Tu ask you to come Why didnt he come himself” the manager asked.

Old Tu used to bring some of his prey here frequently. Although winter has just passed and its early spring now, hed still go hunting occasionally during winter.

However, he has not been here for over two months this year. Has he hunted all the prey in the mountain

Its only been manageable here because we purchase prey from other people besides Old Tu and also rear some of our own animals.

The corners of An Jiuyues mouth twitched when she heard the managers questions.

“About that… Uncle Lin, can we talk in private”

Manager Lin looked at Xiao Si and the other servants. He coughed lightly and flicked his sleeves.

“All of you, what are you standing around here for Have you finished your work Go or Ill deduct your wages!”


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