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Chapter 19: Prices Are Starting to Increase

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She happily took the money and left.

“Manager, why did you offer 80 copper coins for this snake meat Hasnt it always been 60 copper coins” Xiao Si asked after he saw An Jiuyue leave.

“What do you know”

Manager Lin rolled his eyes at him.

“This snake has been handled well. It doesnt have any skin or intestines left. Besides, even if the snake was not handled as well, we have to take care of Old Tus daughter on account of him, right”

He had reaped many benefits from Old Tu in the past. Now that Old Tu was gone, it was only right to show consideration for his daughter.

She was a woman with two sons, and it must be difficult for her. Hence, he decided to help her out a little now as if accumulating merit for himself!

After An Jiuyue left the restaurant, she went straight to the provision store. She also had to go to the grain store afterwards to spend all the money she had earned.

Her cute children said that there wasnt much salt left in the house, so she had to buy some. She couldnt be stingy with it.

An Jiuyue went all-out and bought two and a half kilograms of salt, spending 250 copper coins in one go. It left the shop assistant stunned.

He had never seen anyone purchase two and a half kilograms of salt at once. Other than the wealthy families in town, the other commoners would only purchase half a kilogram of salt each time—and they would always still be reluctant to do so.

He had really never seen anyone purchase two and a half kilograms of salt at once.

On the other hand, An Jiuyue also muttered to herself.This salt is really expensive! Half a kilogram is enough to buy five kilograms of white rice. No wonder there isnt pickled vegetables here. You need salt to pickle vegetables. Who will be willing to waste such expensive salt

An Jiuyue left the provision store and went to an empty place to put the salt into her space. Then, she headed for the pork stall.

Similarly, she bought ten kilograms of pork fat, which cost ten copper coins per half a kilogram, and spent 200 copper coins. The stall owner looked at her as if she was a monster, but he also looked like he was about to present incense and offerings to her as if she was his ancestor.

“Miss, is there anything else you would like Ill cut it for you.”

The stall owner asked enthusiastically when he saw that An Jiuyue was still surveying his stall.

“Uncle, do you sell pig blood and pig offal”

An Jiuyue thought about it and realized that she did not have enough money. Instead of purchasing pork, she had decided on something cheaper.

“These things are cheap. If you want them, Ill sell the pig offal to you for five copper coins per set. We have three sets here. Do you want all of them As for the pig blood, Ill scoop as much as you want. I wont charge you for it,” the stall owner said.

The pig offal was usually sold at restaurants for five copper coins per set, while the pig blood was usually sold with the pork anyway.

An Jiuyue took out 15 copper coins from her purse and handed them to the stall owner. After the stall owner packed the pig offal and placed it in her bamboo basket, she left.

She spent a total of 465 copper coins at the two stores within one trip.

“Why do I feel that this silver is not worth spending”

She sighed and shook her head, making her way to the grain store.

She was worried that there might be a flood. Since the food stored in her space would not spoil, she splurged once again when she arrived at the grain store.

However, as there had been speculations of an incoming flood, the prices of grain in town had already started to increase.

She purchased 60 kilograms of brown rice for four copper coins per half a kilogram and another 60 kilograms of white rice for six copper coins per half a kilogram.


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