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Chapter 21: Jinxed Your Parents And Husband

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Amongst these young men was her second son.

His eyes would be glued on her whenever he saw her. She had scolded her son several times, but it was useless.

She felt that she had to be warier of her. The fact that she had not chased her away with a broom was already good enough.

“Aunt Kang, I just came from the town. When I passed by the Cascade River, I noticed that the river water levels have risen pretty high. Im afraid that there might be a flood. Is the Chief home Can you tell him about this so that he can be—”

“What are you talking about, you little b*tch”

Before she could finish her sentence, Aunt Kang rebuked her and her expression turned cold.

“Dont jinx us! Its been so many years we since experienced a flood in Sunset Town. If a flood occurs, its because youve been blabbering with your stupid mouth!

“Its just some rain. Flood If this place floods, its because you jinxed us! Get lost!”

An Jiuyue remained silent.

She felt the urge to slap her.

However, that was her old temper. She was now a woman living in ancient times, and could not take action haphazardly as it would give others leverage over her. She swallowed her resentment.

There will be plenty of opportunities to have my revenge anyway.

“Aunt Kang, you should tell the Chief about this matter, regardless of how much you dislike me. Dont regret it when its too late.”

Even though she found Aunt Kang intolerable, she still had to say what she needed to say.


Aunt Kang spat, a look of disdain on her face.

“Regret What I regret the most is that I didnt stop my husband from allowing you to be registered in our village! Youre a troublemaker! If you continue spouting nonsense, you best believe I will chase you away with a broom!

“Hmph! Do you think I dont know anything You jinxed your parents and husband, then came to seek refuge with Old Tu after your mother and husband died!

“Old Tu is really pitiful to have such an unfilial daughter like you. Even he was jinxed, and he died because of you!

“Now, youre here deceiving people with fallacies! If you continue spouting nonsense, Ill gather the villagers to tie you up and burn you!”

An Jiuyue inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

So it seems like Aunt Kang isnt afraid of dying at all. Forget it, lets just say that I was being nosy. Im not going to care anymore.

I live on a mountain and on top of a big tree. No matter how great the flood may be in the village, it wont sweep my home away. Why should I care about this rude old woman

She turned around and was ready to leave.

But she hesitated.There are so many people living here. Ive just transmigrated here. Shouldnt I accumulate good karma Saving peoples lives counts, right

Since she made an unsuccessful attempt at the Chiefs house, she decided to pay a visit to the villages Junior Officer.

She set off for the Junior Officers house. Fortunately, his wife was a kind person. She quickly welcomed An Jiuyue into the house after she saw her at the door.

“Are you out of grain at home, Jiuyue Ill get some for you,” she said worriedly.

What a pitiful child. She was only with her father for a few years and shes now a widow with two children.Her husband had told her to lend a hand to An Jiuyue wherever she could.


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