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Chapter 26: The Suspended Pavilion You Mentioned

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The sky was too dark yesterday when she went to chop some bamboo. She was unable to see much, but she reckoned there must be some bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest since it was springtime now.

I should dig up some bamboo shoots now. I can maintain the freshness of food in my space anyway.

By the time An Jiuyue returned home, the sky was already dark, and her hands were muddy. She washed her hands in a shallow water puddle first and was going to wash them again when she got home.

She looked into her space and surveyed the wild vegetables and bamboo shoots she had dug up, as well as a couple of pheasants and a nest of rabbits she had caught.

She was delighted and planned to head out again tomorrow to harvest some more plants. After all, she could keep everything fresh in her space.

The three of them had two plates of stir-fried wild vegetables with pork lard, a large bowl of pig intestines, and a small plate of pig blood. They ate their fill.

That night, after coaxing the two children to sleep, An Jiuyue entered her space. When Wei Na noticed she entered, it quickly rushed up to her.

“Master, are you just going to let bygones be bygones”

“What do you mean”

An Jiuyue was stunned by its question.Did something happen today I dont know about it, though

“Im talking about that old hag! She scolded you like that. I was so angry that I wanted to go out and give her a beating. Are you just going to swallow your anger and forget about it”

Wei Na yelled.

What else can it be Im talking about what happened with Aunt Kang! She went too far!

For what reason did Master go to their house Wasnt it all for the villages good Its one thing to not appreciate Masters kindness and another thing to lash out at her!

“Youre talking about her”

An Jiuyue recalled what happened with Aunt Kang.

“Dont worry, someone will deal with her. I dont have to do it myself.”

She had already complained to Aunt Ju about how much she had suffered. Aunt Kang would be the first to bear the brunt when the time comes.

And even if nothing happens to her now, I can still deal with her in the future.

“Alright, well just let her bear the consequences of her actions. Master, would you like to take a look at the Suspended Pavilion Youll only understand the workings of this space if you enter the Suspended Pavilion and read the rules of this space. Only then will you be able to utilize this space to its utmost potential.”

Wei Na reminded.

“Where is the Suspended Pavilion” An Jiuyue asked.

She wanted to go to the Suspended Pavilion, but she had already walked laps in the place long ago—she never noticed any buildings.

“Look at me, Master, and then look further in my direction,” Wei Na said, and began moving.

An Jiuyues gaze followed Wei Nas movements and slowly looked up. Then, the corners of her mouth twitched indiscernibly and she almost cursed.

“So, the building that looks like an ancient temple hanging in midair is the Suspended Pavilion you mentioned”

What the heck Its so high up. Am I supposed to fly up or transmigrate back and buy a plane How am I supposed to get up there

“Did you think I can fly Am I a bird”

Wei Na shuddered when she heard her shouts and hurried to explain ingratiatingly.

“Master, this is the Microcosm. You can go wherever you want to. The Microcosm is nothing compared to you. As long as you want to go up, we can go up.”


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