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Chapter 3: Selling My Son Out Of Consideration For You

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An Jiuyue spent all the silver she had and bought a coffin in town. She begged the villagers to help her bury her godfather.

Since then, only a widow and two orphans were left in the household. The Host didnt know how to hunt, so she would split a copper coin into two halves to spend. She also planted some vegetables and grain near the hunting lodge and was prepared to live the rest of her life like that.

However, the Host was a widow with orphans after all. She seemed like a pushover. Needless to say, she attracted people who harbored evil intentions, such as Aunt Wang.

Aunt Wang had sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Yet, she wanted to gain without risking any of her own by selling An Jiuyues son and taking all the money for herself. Is she not afraid of choking herself after swallowing all that money

“Jiuyue, how can you say that”

Aunt Wang felt afraid after she pushed An Jiuyue and caused her to hit her head.

However, now that she saw that she had woken up and could speak, the fear in her disappeared without a trace. When she heard that she was unwilling to sell her son, she almost snatched the boy away at once.

“You agreed earlier! Now that Ive made all the arrangements, how can you say that you wont sell him You little thing, come here! Your mother has already sold you to… Ow! Ouch!”

Aunt Wangs sharp claws reached for Ronger but An Jiuyue grabbed her arm, causing her to scream in pain.

“Let go! An Jiuyue, you… Let go!”

Her face turned pale. She wanted to use her other hand to slap away An Jiuyues hand that was grabbing her wrist. However, An Jiuyue used her other hand to slap it away.

“I agreed”

An Jiuyues gaze remained indifferent as she looked at Aunt Wang, who was standing close to her, and her lips curled into a sinister smile slowly.

“Aunt Wang, I only call you Aunt Wang because Im being polite. Did you really think that youre someone important Ive never heard of anyone in the An Clan Village selling their children. Whoever does ought to be struck by lightning for their vicious actions. But you seem to be doing this pretty well!

If you want to do such a thing, no one will stop you from selling your children. But youre targeting me because you cant sell your own grandson

Is my child someone you can take advantage of

Dont forget what my father did for a living. Even though hes not around anymore, did you really think that no one inherited his craft Ive been living with my father for so many years. I wont say that Im capable of conquering this entire mountain, but I can still kill a chicken or a monkey.

Aunt Wang, would you like to try me and test if the knives my father left behind are still sharp Hmm”

With that, she pushed Aunt Wangs hand away.

“You… you…”

Aunt Wang almost peed her pants after hearing what she said. When An Jiuyue pushed her hand away, she lost her balance and almost crashed into the wall.

She did not dare to hurl any insults in return.

She knew that the womans father, An Tu, was a famous hunter in the An Clan Village. There was nothing in this mountain that he couldnt defeat.

He had grown old in the past few years and could no longer fight as he used to. That was why he was killed by a beast.

Since An Tu was no longer around, Aunt Wang targeted An Jiuyue, who seemed easy to bully, because she was just a young woman with two little children.

However, An Jiuyues grip was so strong that she almost snapped her wrist.


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