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Chapter 5: The Floor Is So Cold

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“You… you…”

Aunt Wang trembled with anger. Even the finger that was pointing at An Jiuyue started trembling.

“Little b*tch, just you wait!”

She could not win against An Jiuyue in a war of words. She was going to wait to tell her family about this matter and come up the mountain together to deal with her.

After saying those harsh words, she turned around and hobbled away, teeth clenched as she endured the pain from the wounds.

“Mother, will that bad person come again Shes very bad. Will she bring people to beat you”

The other child beside Ronger had tears in his eyes. He looked at An Jiuyue adorably and spoke softly.

Not only did Granny Wang want to sell his brother, she even hit his mother and did not help her up when she fainted. It was still early spring, and the floor was so cold.

He and his younger brother used all their strength to shake their mother awake.

“She wont, Zhenger. Be good and stop crying.”

An Jiuyue squatted down and hugged the two children, comforting them gently.

“Be good too, Ronger. I am very powerful. No matter how many people that granny brings, they are not my match. Did you see what happened just now I threw her out with one hand.”

The two children must have been scared out of their wits today. She felt sorry for them to go through all this at such a young age.

“Mother, shes not a granny. Shes a bad person.”

Zhenger buried his head in his mothers arms and said gloomily.

“You clearly didnt promise her anything but she insisted that you agreed to sell Ronger. Shes a liar! A big liar!”

“Right, Zhenger is right. That person is a big liar.”

An Jiuyue echoed the childs words. Aunt Wang was not a good person indeed.

If she was a good person, she would not have tried to take advantage of someone else for money. Moreover, it was true that the Host did not promise to sell Ronger.

She was waiting for the two children to grow up and take care of her after all.

Unfortunately, she was not that lucky.

“Zhenger, Ronger, if mommy isnt by your side and you see that bad person in the future, you must hide from her. Dont let her see you, okay”

She sighed to herself and instructed them gently.


They nodded seriously.

They were very obedient so An Jiuyue reached out and caressed their faces. She got up and led them to the bed to rest for a while.

Soon, she calmed them down and got off the bed.

She was a little dizzy after getting off the bed because she had hit her head. She swayed as she walked, and her stomach also felt queasy.

She knew that she was not only dizzy because she had been struck down, but also because she had been underfed and malnourished.

However, she could still hang on.

“Zhenger, Ronger, are you hungry Ill cook for you.”

She looked at the sky. It was getting dark. It was still noon when Aunt Wang came to look for her. However, she was hounded by Aunt Wang for half a day so she could not even prepare lunch for the two little ones.

“Mother, Zhenger is not hungry.”

“Mother, Ronger is not hungry.”

The two little ones said to their mother.


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