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Chapter 6: Hard to Cook Without Rice

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Upon hearing this, An Jiuyue turned around and reached out to caress their faces again.

Although a transmigration was unlucky, she suddenly felt that everything was worth it when she looked at the two obedient children in front of her.

She did not even know who her parents were in her previous life. She relied on herself and became a special agent. She did not have much authority as a special agent and was often sent on very dangerous missions.

She did not experience any kinship, friendship, or romance during those years.

However, she had already gotten two cute, obedient and capable children after arriving here.

Taking a deep breath, she entered the kitchen anyway. The two little ones followed. One of them started a fire and the other washed the wild vegetables shed picked in the woods that morning. It was a heartbreaking sight.

But what made An Jiuyues heart ache even more


She coughed lightly and looked at the rice bag she had opened. There was not even a small bowl worth of white rice left in it. She really… she really wanted to curse right now!

As the saying goes, even the most skillful housewife cannot cook without rice. How could she prepare good food for the two little ones with only such a small amount of rice

She glanced at the wild vegetables that Zhenger was washing and looked back at the white rice in the rice bag. She had no choice but to cook some very watery wild vegetable congee.

She had to save some grain for breakfast tomorrow. They couldnt possibly starve after this meal.

The night was quiet as usual.

At first, An Jiuyue wouldnt have dared to fall asleep if they were sleeping in the forest, even if they were sleeping in a hut.

However, An Jiuyues adoptive father was a very capable man. He found a very tall tree in the forest with a trunk so thick as though four or five people were hugging it. He built a house on the tree like a bird building its nest.

Of course, the house was built with wood, but its construction took more than a month or two.

According to her adoptive father, it took him three years to build the treehouse. There were six rooms inside: three bedrooms, a kitchen (the woodshed and the kitchen shared the same space), a storage room (where grain and other consumables were stored), and a main room.

However, the six rooms were all quite small. After all, the house was built on a tree. It was impossible for the rooms to be very big.

The treehouse was suspended in mid-air, and there were stairs were built around the large tree trunk. The lowest rungs of the stairs could be raised using the ropes attached. As long as the three of them were in the treehouse, they could raise the stairs to prevent wild beasts from climbing up.

Therefore, they were not afraid of wild beasts attacking them at night. Their safety was still guaranteed.

However, it was a little troublesome to carry things up. Fetching water up into the kitchen was simply arduous.

But now…

After An Jiuyue coaxed the two little ones to sleep, she got off the bed and went into the kitchen.

Since the house was made of wood, fire safety in the kitchen was most important. Water was essential and must not be skimped on.

She saw that the water in their water vat was almost empty and pursed her lips.

Ever since her adoptive father passed away, there was never more than half a vat of water available. No matter how much the Host wanted to rely on herself, she was still a weak woman. Fetching one bucket of water from afar and bringing it up into the treehouse would already be enough to cost her half her life.

The Host had also placed a broken vat on the ground to collect rainwater.


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