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Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability Chapter 9 - Microcosm

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Chapter 9: Microcosm

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“If I had known that such a major event like transmigration would happen, I would have used the two million yuan to buy food, meat, and vegetables! It wouldnt spoil no matter how many years I put it in the space anyway.”

This space was very good—much better than the refrigerators in her previous life.

The things that were stored in the space would definitely not spoil. The space was isolated from bacteria. Even if the items that were brought in contained bacteria, the space could purify them.

“No amount of money can buy foreknowledge.”

She shook her head and decided that instead of wasting time regretting, she might as well do something practical.

She began chopping the bamboo into pieces with a machete. Then, she used some rattan to form a fence. Fixing it at a spot, she created three five square meter fences. An Jiuyue was so tired that she couldnt stand up.

“Oh my god, isnt this body too weak”

She stretched out her small fists and pounded her lower back. With every pound, she felt that her waist no longer belonged to her.

In the past, she could work for days and nights without rest with no problem.

But now, she felt as if her life had been cut by half after doing a little bit of manual work. Her body was indeed not like before.

However, although it was tiring, she felt rather satisfied by the three fences before her.

Although she could not grow vegetables in the space, she could at least raise some small poultry, right Well, it was decided. One of the three rattan fences would be used to rear chicken, one for ducks, and one for rabbits.

As for where she was going to acquire these animals…Ill begin searching for them in the forest from tomorrow onwards!

There may not be much on the mountain, but there were plenty of wild chickens, ducks, and rabbits. Especially since it was early spring now, many of these little animals, famished from the winter, would definitely be running around the mountain looking for food.

She would catch them and even save them the trouble of looking for food. Wonderful!

The space was so big. She would have to look for more animals to rear inside. Otherwise, wouldnt it be a big waste of the space

She decided to push all the cabinets and shelves to a corner to free up a few acres of land. Since she only needed to store a few items, there was no need for them to occupy so much space.

“I have to plan this out properly. I cant place my items around thoughtlessly.”

She was mumbling to herself while deep in thought. Although the place only belonged to her, she still had to pay attention to its aesthetics. She couldnt possibly leave this space in a mess or else shell hate herself for it in the future.

However, she was not going to start on that now. She was already tired. She needed a good sleep to have enough energy to look for those animals in the mountain. Otherwise, she and her two children would starve to death!

But before she could leave the space, she turned around and saw a flashing red dot. This red dot had been behind her all this while.

“Who are you”

She was rather composed. After all, she was someone who had been journeying with the space in two worlds. An Jiuyue was momentarily surprised, but she quickly regained composure and questioned the red dot.

“Im WeiNa1.”

The red dot flashed again, and a child-like voice came from its direction.

“Wei Na This is the spaces…” An Jiuyue blinked repeatedly.

Can I assume that Wei Na is the soul of this space and that it can control everything here

“No, you cant.”


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