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When Lin Jing returned home, her eldest son was sitting at the low and small children's desk reluctantly, signing autographs for his little sister's friends.


"This one is for Miao Miao.

This one is for Xin Zi.

This one is for Yue Ran..." Big star Lin counted the 12 or 13 autographs.

After confirming that there were none left, he picked up the one he was asked to write with the most words and asked Zhou Qianqian, "Is this Qiao Chenxi your best friend" 


As a result, before his little sister could answer, Mrs.

Lin, who happened to hear this question as she came back, laughed, "That's the handsome little guy in your sister’s class." 


"Huh" Lin Zixi was stunned.

Gripping the autograph, he looked at his mom, "Qianqian already has a crush so early!"


“A crush She has always liked good-looking people since she was a child, that’s all.

When you were a child, every time your grandfather picked you up from the kindergarten, you were surrounded by a large group of little girls who wanted to play and share snacks with you." Lin Jing sighed after speaking, "It's a pity that you haven’t had any relationship even though you’re already in your twenties now."


Lin Zixi, seeing that his mom's subject went in the wrong direction, immediately gave Mrs.

Lin strong medicine, "The entertainment circle is so chaotic nowadays.

Isn’t it very good of me to concentrate on work and not have a relationship! Otherwise, if I accidentally find you a Liu Xia—the one our company wanted me to help by hyping a scandal with her, but then a bunch of her indecent photos were dug out—won’t you feel disgusted with that kind of daughter-in-law"


Hearing what he said, Zhou Qianqian next to him took away the autographs from his hand and shouted, "I don’t want Liu Xia; Brother Lian Yi is my only sister-in-law!


"Hah!!" Lin Zixi looked at his younger sister, who was just in the second grade of elementary school, with a rather big reaction, "Qiu Lianyi"


Zhou Qianqian nodded, "I saw your performance at the New Year's Eve Gala.

Brother Lian Yi is so handsome.

I read online that you two are in love..."


"We're not.

We haven’t.

What kind of messed up websites have you been on!" Lin Zixi quickly denied it.


"How could it not be!" Zhou Qianqian received double blows and said with a look of grievance, "If Brother Lian Yi isn’t my sister-in-law, doesn’t it mean that I have no chance to be his younger sister"


……So you want to sell your own brother for the chance to get close to your new idol!


Lin Zixi stared at his younger sister, a Qiu Lian Yi pure fan who pretended to be a LianXi fan, and thought to herself: Elementary school students nowadays are so terrible!


Young actor Lin symbolically comforted this elementary school student fan from someone else's family before being brought by her mom to the next room to talk.


Lin Jing gazed at the dusky sky outside the window and said to Lin Zixi behind her without turning her head, "I won't care about the matter between you and your father, but I hope you know and remember that Mom will always be your backing.

Although I haven't taken care of you much since you were a child, in Mom's heart, you’re as important as your sister."


Lin Zixi hugged her mother, who was one head shorter than him, from behind, "I know.

I just...

don't want to disturb your current family.

I'm already very grateful for your decision to give birth to me.

No matter what happens in the future, I'm your son, and I love you."


This woman who had diverged from the main road because of an obsession over twenty years ago might have regretted it afterwards, but she never complained.

She wiped the bottom of her eyes with her fingers, took a deep breath, and said softly to her child, "Go and see if your Uncle Zhou's dishes are ready.

I’ll stay in this room for a while."


Lin Zixi heard the stifled sob in her voice, but he could only pretend that he did not notice anything and left the room.

When he closed the door, he also locked it.


Lin Zixi did not know what his mom thought and wrote when she was alone, but when she opened the door and sat down at the dining table, he saw an unprecedented ease in her, like a traveler who had traveled thousands of miles with a heavy load finally unloading the heavy burden, urging the horse with a whip, and starting a new journey.


For the rest of the day, Lin Zixi kept accompanying his mother, Uncle Zhou, and Zhou Qianqian to chat.

It was not until after everyone went back to their rooms to sleep at night that he had time to take out his mobile phone and read the message Gu Zecheng sent him earlier:


[No matter why your mother and I had you in the first place, it hasn't prevented her from loving you.

Daddy will also love you forever.]


He read this message silently many times and finally typed out a few lines on the screen slowly, "I know.

She’s the tree of life that reproduces spirit and flesh, and you’re the eternal spring that waters the flowers.

I love her, and I love you too."


"It's a blessing in my life to be accompanied by flowers in this mortal world." Gu Zecheng's reply came quickly.


Lin Zixi did not send any more messages though.


Because he was afraid that he would not be able to stop himself from slipping out of the house and looking for Gu Zecheng.


Obviously, they had just been separated for less than twelve hours, but Lin Zixi had never wanted to see the other party as much as he did now.


He missed hugging him, kissing him, and making love physically and spiritually with him.

Even if they were connected by blood, he also wanted to stay with him forever.


Lin Zixi did not sleep well all night, probably because his thoughts during the day became his dreams at night.


He woke up in the morning, and his face went red seeing that he had wet his underpants.

He hurriedly changed into a clean pair taken out from the suitcase and put the balled up old pair into a bag before stuffing it back into the suitcase carelessly.

Only after the heat on his face completely subsided did he open the door and go to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.


However, he really missed a certain man he left aside in this city.

When Lin Zixi was distracted again while chatting, Mrs.

Lin sighed, "It's actually not easy for him to come to X City with you during the Chinese New Year.

Go accompany him for a walk today.

When you finish shooting your current drama, come again and stay for several days."


Lin Zixi gave a token refusal and then happily pulled his suitcase out of the house.


From the moment he got in the elevator, he started to call his contact named ‘Domineering President Gu’.

He called three times in a row, but until he walked out of the unit building, the call was still not connected.


Somewhat at a loss, he pulled his suitcase and walked towards the big gate of the community.

For a moment, he did not know where he should go to find Gu Zecheng.


This world was sometimes so small that they could fall in love with each other among the vast crowd, and sometimes it was so big that even in the same city, he did not know where he should go to meet the other party.


Lin Zixi was sighing inwardly when he suddenly heard a car horn behind him.


A black Ferrari stopped beside Lin Zixi, and behind the lowered glass was a face he was familiar with and missed.


Gu Zecheng raised his eyebrows and smiled at him, "My baby is lost.

Have you seen him"


"Yes, but..." Lin Zixi unconsciously showed a sweet smile, "Why are you looking for him"


Gu Zecheng pressed the control button, and when the roof of the sports car was folded up, a sea of ​​flowers made of a thousand red roses occupying the entire back seat were revealed.


"It's Valentine's Day.

I want to tell him that I love him, and I miss him." Gu Zecheng got out of the car and stood next to the roses, talking to Lin Zixi with a gentle smile.


"Your baby asked me to tell you that he loves you too, and he misses you too." Lin Zixi resisted the urge to kiss his father right there and replied with a smile as well.



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