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Chapter 60 (NSFW)



In this room where his childhood and adolescence were recorded, Lin Zixi and his father, whom had missed these growth periods of his, were undressing each other.


Different from the previous times they had made love when Lin Zixi was always in the passive position, in this space that belonged to him, he pushed Gu Zecheng down on the single bed he had slept on for many years and then climbed onto the other party’s body.


"Daddy, I love you..." He kissed the lips of the man he was pressing down before looking down at the other party arrogantly and making a heart shape with his fingers while saying, "Gu Zecheng, I love you."


"Lin Zixi, Daddy loves you too." Gu Zecheng indulged him and reluctantly made a heart shape to Lin Zixi as well.

Then he wrapped his arms around Lin Zixi’s waist, intending to flip their position and push the young man under him, but he was interrupted by the other party's next action.


Lin Zixi knelt astride Gu Zecheng’s body, put the index and middle finger of his right hand into his mouth, and licked them wet.

Then he pried open the secret hole between his buttocks with his left hand, inserted his wet fingers in, and began to slide them in and out slowly.


"Ungh..." Under the watchful eyes of his father, he dilated his own back hole.

Feeling depraved and ashamed, Lin Zixi's ears turned deep red, but he still bit his lip and insisted on doing it.


However, it was still too embarrassing for him after all, and he pulled his fingers out after doing it sloppily a few times.

It was hard to say how much the delicate hole behind him had been opened, but the member under his abdomen was still lying there half-hard.


But to Gu Zecheng, this decadent scene of his little siren kneeling astride his body naked and **ed himself with his own fingers inexperiencedly and lewdly, was the best aphrodisiac.


When Lin Zixi reached out to touch his dad’s penis, it already stood tall, stiff and burning hot.


Lin Zixi gasped in astonishment.

Then, gritting his teeth, he aimed the raging penis at his back hole, supported the meat blade with both hands, and slowly sat down on it.


The originally closed secret hole was pushed open little by little by the thick and long penis, and the entire tip was inserted.


"Um...uh..." Lin Zixi bit his lip and continued to lower his body.

While taking more of the shaft into the mouth below, he also swallowed the screams into the mouth above, and only low gasps leaked out.


Lin Zixi's member was not too small among men in China, but it was much smaller than the penis that was gradually entering him.

Lin Zixi felt that he was going to be completely impaled just by bringing more than half of the behemoth into his body.


He slowly took three-quarters of the penis into his body and finally lost his courage to sit down lower and get penetrated deeper and stuffed fuller by the huge blade.


Lin Zixi took a deep breath and started to lift his body upwards, and the member in his back hole was quickly pulled out.

When he sat down again slowly, the raging penis was swallowed up more than half by the gaping hole below.


He just sat on Gu Zecheng and moved himself up and down dozens of times.

Although it was far less intense than the usual when Gu Zecheng **ed him, the wonderful feeling of the man's thick and long penis repeatedly going in and out of his fleshy hole still made Lin Zixi's member completely raise its head and even begin to spill transparent droplets.


"Unh...huh..." Lin Zixi supported himself with both hands on Gu Zecheng's abdomen and moved his body up and down more than a dozen times.

He bit his lip and resisted the urge to let out a lustful cry, feeling the pleasure of his secret hole being stuffed by a penis again and again.


However, the climax he expected never came, whether it was his dad's or his own.


Lin Zixi was a little exhausted and stopped moving.

In the position of being penetrated, he sat on Gu Zecheng to rest, gasping for breath.




"Baby's physical strength is really poor.

You’d better follow Daddy to exercise more in the future." Gu Zecheng, who had been silently enjoying a handsome young man riding him, suddenly opened his mouth, and in the next moment, he slammed his waist upwards using his strong abdominal muscles.


"Ahh—unh..." The thick and long penis, which Lin Zixi had not dared to swallow completely, ruthlessly penetrated his back hole to the hilt.

He could not help but let out a passionate scream, but he quickly recalled how bad the soundproofing of this old house was and immediately covered his mouth with his hands in a panic.


But the man under him seemed to have discovered a nasty game.

He grabbed his butt with both hands and lifted him up, making the veiny cock almost completely detached from his back hole, but in the next moment, he released his hands and let his body fall rapidly due to gravity, so that the raging penis was rammed into his body and buried deeply in it.

Then he immediately lifted his butt up again….


Gu Zecheng **ed Lin Zixi like this and made him achieve an orgasm in just three strokes.


"Um ah...no..." His voice came out of his covered mouth as a whimper, but his semen shot out of the tip of his member without any obstacle, splashing all over him and his dad.


Gu Zecheng sat up, kissed the back of his hand, and said with a smile, "Baby, you must definitely muffle your voice well."


After speaking, Gu Zecheng was like using his own exclusive soft and tender flesh sleeve.

He grabbed Lin Zixi's slender waist and lifted him up, down, and up again continuously...

using his moist, soft, and tight back hole to stimulate his own penis.


Gu Zecheng even coordinated with the movements of his hands, pushing his crotch up while Lin Zixi's body fell, and made his fearsome penis ** into a depth that he had never been before.

Even the two sacs under his abdomen were almost shoved into Lin Zixi's fleshy hole.


The secret cave had clearly been invaded and expanded to the limit, but it was going to be forced to include more.

Lin Zixi felt so good that his member stood erect and tall again, but at the same time, he had the illusion that he was being stabbed and **ed into a mess by his father.


This strange pleasure accompanied by a little pain paralyzed his nerves and crushed his already precarious rationality and sanity.

Gu Zecheng had only **ed him like this for a few times before he could no longer manage to cover his mouth and let out a sweet high-pitched moan, "Unh...

I'm going to be **ed into a mess...

um ah...



Gu Zecheng kissed Lin Zixi when he was about to cry out "Daddy", making all his obscene clamor disappear behind their mouths.


However, the movements of Gu Zecheng’s lower body became more and more ferocious, ramming and **ing the person in his arms to the point of shaking and moaning incessantly.

In the end, as if Lin Zixi was really **ed into a mess, he leaned on Gu Zecheng weakly and reached his second orgasm in a trance-like state.


Gu Zecheng, feeling Lin Zixi's semen spilling on his lower abdomen, kissed the other party deeply while ejaculating inside him.


"Hmm..." Feeling the burning hot liquid drench the sensitive flesh of his hole, Lin Zixi closed his eyes, panting and trying to rest.


But the penis buried in his back hole did not stay dormant for too long before regaining its stiffness and galloping again in the hot and soft hole.


Lin Zixi was baptized by the semen of the man beside him over and over again, until his red and swollen fleshy hole was filled with white turbid liquid.

And he was also **ed to orgasm by the other party repeatedly, until his member could not shoot anymore because it had unloaded too many times.


When Gu Zecheng slammed his penis deeply into his body and ejaculated in his soft secret hole again, Lin Zixi's eyes were wet, and he silently reached another orgasm.


But this time, what shot out from the tiny hole at the tip of his member was not a pitiful milky white liquid, but a stream of pale yellow transparent liquid.


That was his current state, crying and being **ed to the point of incontinence by his father on the bed that had witnessed his first wet dream during puberty.


Lin Zixi lay limply in Gu Zecheng's arms while his body trembled involuntarily until he stopped shooting urine.

It took him a long time to return to his senses though.


Gu Zecheng hugged him quietly and gently stroked his back.

It was not until Lin Zixi finally relaxed and stopped crying that he caressed his face and said apologetically, "I'm sorry.

Because Baby gave Daddy a ring, Daddy's too happy and went a little out of control….

It won't be like this in the future.”


Lin Zixi gasped for breath for a long time in Gu Zecheng's arms.

Then he bowed his head, playing with the jade ring on his dad's right ring finger, and said in a voice as quiet as a mosquito, "If Daddy is willing to deal with the bedding and mattress, occasionally going out of control...

is also not bad."



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