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Chapter 65

Vampire Princess vs.

Holy Twelve Apostles x3

Translated by AmaLynne


About two months have passed since the founding of the Four Demon Generals, and I was about to get used to the new work environment.

Well, the work environment was different in that there were more battles and less paperwork than when I was an executive.

Anyway, it was around that time.

The『news』came to me out of the blue.


――Confirmation of the current location of the Hero party.


I had been enjoying my human-killing vacation on the battlefield, but as soon as I heard the news, I immediately returned to the Demon King’s castle.


「Demon King-sama, is it true that you found the Hero」

「Calm down.

Sit down.

Drink some water… The information is reliable.

Since the establishment of the Four Demon Generals, there have been reports of people who have seen figures that look like them, but we have not been able to verify them.

But this time, I am sure.

After Tiana fought with him, I was convinced that he was the real thing.

Isn’t that right, Tiana」

「Yes, I am sure.

I saw four S-rank adventurers and three Twelve Holy Apostles in addition to the same level of strength and cronies as reported.

I and several semi-executives fought them and they escaped…」

「Well, that’s enough.

Now, I leave this matter in Lean’s hands, as we decided earlier.

Is that correct, Lean」


Oh, just one thing.

If you could lend me Sakura-kun to help me put up the Transference Sealing Ward.」

「I understand.

Sorry, it took so long…because this time, there were several heroes’ bodyguards.」


「The predecessor…I guess they tried to conceal their failure with Yomi.

But although they were able to escape by transfer, Tiana’s sensing ability cannot be surpassed by that much.

I’ve got them perfectly in my sights…I’m counting on you, Lean.」

「Leave it to me.」




Sakura-kun and I transferred to a plain near the ruins of the old Kingdom of Alvera.

The capital of the country I had overrun was right next to it.


「Then, Sakura-kun, please.」

「I understand…《Perfect Dimensional Lock》.」


While it is in place, it has a debuff that cancels the activation of Sakura-kun magic, but at the same time, it is so strong that it is almost indestructible.

We had that deployed around the heroes.


「…Thank you, Sakura-kun.

I’m off then.」


G-Good luck!」



Now it’s time to meet the man.

That man.

It is now 5:00 pm.

It’s almost winter.

The sun is almost down.

Just in time.

Tonight is…half moon.

That’s nice.

A full moon is hard to adjust to and will kill quickly.


Let’s go.

I’ll repay you dozens of times what you owe me from my previous life.




「Hey, what’s this」

「This is…Transference Sealing Ward! Be careful, Hero-sama, there’s probably an executive here.」

「Hey, seriously …Is it Tiana the elf woman」

「I don’t know.

But rest assured, we, the Twelve Holy Apostles, will protect you at the risk of our lives.

Put all your efforts into destroying the wards.」

「I understand.」


I heard such a voice.

Haha, it’s impossible to destroy Sakura-kun wards, of course.


「Wouldn’t it be better to fight to survive just a little longer than to make such a futile effort」


How kind of me to give them some advice.


The next moment, the people in front of me…A total of thirteen people, all of them in battle stance.

Steal everyone’s status with the power of『Heavenly Eye Ars』.



Compared to the Four Demon Generals and Rain-san, they are small fry.

You need to be wary…Twelve Holy Apostles and Avis the Hero.


Belzad『Snake Fist』, 8th in the hierarchy.

Lucas『Strong Man』, 9th in the hierarchy.

Southey『Heavenly Armor』, 10th in the hierarchy.


To say they are strong is an understatement.

Their average stats are all over 10,000, and their occupations are all from the『King Series』; King of Fighting, King of Enchanter, and King of Heavy Armor.

But you know, there is no way they can beat me at that level, right


「…Who are you」

「No need to know…You have nothing to do with it, so get the hell out of here and die.」


I make the first move.

I approached Southey, the heavily armed soldier, first.





A surprise kick settled the matter…But unexpectedly, Southey managed to block it…I guess I underestimated her.

But the shield she was equipped with shattered into pieces and she was blown away.



「Nonsense, a single blow to that shield…」

「It’s definitely an executive-level, and all you S-rank adventurers and Hero, join me!」

「Huh! You Twelve Holy Apostles…You are the protectors of humanity! Then protect me, the hope of mankind!」

「That’s right! If you can’t protect us, what are you going to do」



Wow, nothing has changed since my last life.

Especially, you know, Avis…The bitch that’s clinging to Kuroda.

Her name in this life is Amelia Soulan, but I’m pretty sure she was…in a previous life.

Nemoto Kirara, right I remember it because it was a sparkling name.

Clinging to Kuroda’s spending money and all that…….

Yes, she is a bitch who did a lot of things.

It was mainly him who was taking money from me.

I will kill her later.


Unlike the group of Hero who did not move, the S-rank adventurers moved immediately.

There were four of them.

They quickly spread out and tried to surround me.


「What an eyesore, die.《Guidance Granted・Rain of Moonlight Rays》.」


Like vampires, this is dark magic whose power increases with the phase of the moon.

Rays of light reminiscent of super-dense moonlight rained down around me.

They avoided for a while, but my rays, to which I had added guidance, tracked them wherever they went.


In the end, all but one of them were killed by the rays, which pierced through their entire bodies.

One of them, well…I dared to let her live.



「What the hell What’s with that guy She’s too strong!」

「Hey, are you serious What are you gonna do, Avis」

「I never heard of this guy!」


Oh, my God, those reincarnated people are grating on my ears!

Don’t worry, I’ll kill you properly after I kill the Twelve Holy Apostles.


「Uh-oh! Take that,《Snake Hand Fist》!」


When I turned around, I saw Belzad, the 8th rank, leaping at me while shouting the name of the technique he must have named himself.

Wow, this guy hurts.

Death because his existence hurts.



「Oh! 《Enchantment…》.」

「You’re not gonna like this.」



Oops, watch out.

It’s troublesome to deal with people granted with magic.


「Damn, what the hell is this guy」

「Calm down, Belzad-san! I’m…」


「Enough said.

The Twelve Holy Apostles are not the main dish, and killing them wouldn’t make much sense since they’re ranked low in the hierarchy, so let’s just kill them all at once.《Red Flame Assault》.」


Red Flame Assault.

This is fire elemental magic that emanates from the upper atmosphere of the sun, a red flame.

It can generate super-heated gas of 80,000 degrees Celsius where I aim.

However, its fuel consumption is so low that I cannot use it properly unless I have the blessing of the moon working at least half moon.

I do not accept questions about whether I, a vampire of the night race, can use solar magic.


「Well, that’s not so bad for the 8th to 10th place in the hierarchy…My my」


10th place…Southey is alive.

She’s all sore and badly burned, but she’s alive.

Well, she’s a crooked, King of Heavy Armor…A very advanced defensive profession, huh


「Aahhh, ahh…kuuh……」

「It would have been so much easier if you die.

It’s a problem when you’re too hard…」

「Yo…you……Misery, sama……punishment will……be……」

「Sure buddy.

I’ll leave it at that.

You’re in such a state that you can hardly move.

It would be more fun to let you die in agony.」



Let’s have the main dish.


Avis the Hero and his cronies who are trembling thereAN: To put it bluntly, the lower levels of the Twelve Holy Apostles are small fry for Lean now.

Even when the moon’s blessing is not working, let alone at the time of the half-moon (triple), two or three of them can fight more than evenly.


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