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However, what made Chen Ming feel aggrieved was the white wolf that Chen Menger raised.

Every time he tried to get a little closer to Chen Menger, the white wolf would bare its teeth at him, and even more so, it would hunch its back, it seemed that if he moved a little further, it would not be polite and would attack him.

After Chen Ming went back, he looked up a lot of information and wanted to curry favor with the white wolf.

However, all his efforts were in vain.

The white wolf did not bother with him at all.

It returned his flattery with a roll of its eyes.



“Yuwen Jing, what have you been doing recently Do you want to be a bachelor for the rest of your life” On this day, Yuwen Hou, who had just returned from the Green Gang, picked up his phone angrily and called Yuwen Jing as soon as he returned home.

Yuwen Hou was furious.

Even Madam Yuwen was useless in putting out the fire for him.

“Hubby, what are you angry about Let the younger generation handle their own matters.

Its useless no matter how anxious you are.”

Yuwen Jing, who had been extremely annoyed recently, would have hung up long ago if it wasnt for his grandfather calling him.

He also wanted to win Chen Menger back, but he had thought of many ways to do so.

When he had just started to carry out his plan, Elder Liu had interrupted all of his plans the moment he made his move.

He was holding a lot of anger in his heart.

If it werent for the fact that Elder Liu was Chen Mengers grandfather, he wouldnt have been able to hold himself back from dealing with Elder Liu.

He was already on the verge of going crazy.

Yuwen Jing listened to his grandfathers old-fashioned manner on the other end of the phone.

He really wanted to hang up the phone.

However, his grandfathers words made him stop.

“Grandfather, what did you say just now” Yuwen Jings eyes flashed with a dangerous light.

The hand holding the phone became tighter and tighter, as if he was going to break the phone.

“What did I say I said that Menger was going to be snatched away by someone else.

Yuwen Jing, Ill tell you the truth today.

Do you have that kind of intention toward Menger If you dont have any feelings for Menger, I wont call you again in the future.

I wont care about your stupid matters anymore.” Marquis Yuwen was really angry.


When he thought about how Elder Liu had said in front of him that that kid had a good impression of Menger and was currently pursuing her, he became even more furious.

“Grandpa, Ive said it long ago.

My wife will be no one else but Menger.

Ill handle this matter,” Yuwen Jing said as he forcefully suppressed the urge to rush to the Green Gang.

“Jing, dont listen to your Grandpas nonsense.

You guys should handle the matter between yourselves properly.

Just follow your own heart.” Madam Yuwen finally snatched the phone from him, after rolling her eyes at Yuwen Hou.

She consoled Yuwen Jing over the phone.

“Grandma, dont worry.

I know what Im doing,” Yuwen Jing said.

However, when he hung up the phone, the temperature in the office immediately dropped by a lot.

When Baro and Allen, who had just returned from outside, were called into the office, both of them could not help but shiver.

“What has happened to the Green Gang recently” Yuwen Jing asked coldly.

Allen and Baro did not understand why their master suddenly asked this question.

The two of them looked at each other, confused,

“Master, there hasnt been any movement from the Green Gang recently.

The Qu family has been handling the Lu familys matters,” Baro replied.

“Thats not what Im asking.

Im asking if any other men have appeared by your mistresss side recently” Yuwen Jing did not have the patience to beat around the bush with them and directly asked.

“Ah Which man is so bold to actually have designs on our mistress Could it be that Su Jinming from the Su Family No way, even if he has such evil intentions, he doesnt have the guts to do so,” Allen, who had just been released, said.

He didnt learn any lessons at all.

Baro also didnt have the strength to remind Allen again.

He knew that this was his brothers character.

He wouldnt be able to change it for the rest of his life.

“Go and check if there are any other men who have appeared by your mistresss side recently and are close to her.” Yuwen Jing ordered with a dark face.

“Yes, Master.

Well go right away,” Baro replied and pulled Allen out of Yuwen Jings office.

“Allen, you have a good eye.

You havent stayed in the rainforest enough, have you Master will probably let you go to the desert next time,” Baro could not help but say.

“Im just curious.

Im also kind enough to remind Master.

I think its very convenient for Master to stay here.

If he doesnt work hard, our mistress might really have to change people.

Dont you see how many people are surrounding Mistress and eyeing her covetously Only Master cant see that.

He thought that he and Mistress would definitely make it to the end.” Allen could not help but complain to Baro.

However, just as he finished speaking, the door behind them, which had been tightly shut just a moment ago, suddenly opened.

Yuwen Jing, who had an icy expression, walked out of the room.

Allen was so frightened that he quickly shut his mouth.

However, it was obviously too late by then.

Every word he had said previously had entered Yuwen Jings ears.

Even Baro felt a headache coming on.

This brother of his had been unlucky recently.

It was rare for him to mutter behind his back, but his master had caught him red-handed.

“Hehe, Master, about that, well go and investigate right now.

Well go and investigate right now.” The smile on Allens face was as stiff as it could be.

Allen himself felt that he had been too unlucky recently.

was he going to have some bad luck or something.

As Allen spoke, he turned around and was about to slip away.

However, how could Yuwen Jing give him such a chance “Is what you said just now true Are there are many men who are eyeing your mistress”

“Yes.” Allen knew that he wouldnt be able to escape this time, so he simply closed his eyes, turned around, and replied.

“I didnt say that carelessly.

Lets not talk about anything else.

Su Jinming from the Su family has always been eyeing Mistress.

If it werent for him being a hindrance to the Su family, he would have long made a move on Mistress.

As for other things, there are still quite a number of them.

There are quite a number of boys in mistresss school who have given her love letters.

However, Master, dont worry.

With her second brother around, those love letters wont be able to reach her hands.” Fortunately, Allen added this sentence and made Yuwen Jings complexion slightly better.


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