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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 16 - Everyones A Liar

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Chapter 16 - Everyones A Liar

In Red Leaf Towns noisy plaza, flashes of white light appeared. Following which, figures of players appeared, one by one. These players were the revived members of Shadow.

These people had down and extremely depressed expressions on their faces.

Nothing could beat the pain and entangled feeling of having recently gained something, then losing it again.

Just a moment ago, they were still dreaming of becoming the tyrants of Red Leaf Town. Their levels were increasing; it was like flying. In the next second, however, they died. Not only had their levels and Skill Proficiency decreased, but the experience they had at Level 1 was also lower than before. They were much worse off compared to the average player.

Flaming Tigers expression after reviving was even more livid. His eyes alone could eat a person alive.

System: Player Ye Feng has killed you. You will be revived in Red Leaf Town after 3 seconds. At the same time, you will lose 1 Level, and all your Skill Proficiencies will be reduced by 100 points.

“Ye Feng! I will not let you off! I will definitely make you wish for death!” Flaming Tiger let out an angry bellow after looking at the numbers displayed by the System. His actions had caused the other players to quickly avoid him, not daring to look at this madman.

After venting for a while, Flaming Tiger ordered the other members of Shadow to check their bags, checking for the items they dropped.

Although this death caused great losses for everyone, there wasnt just the EXP gained from killing Kobolds. There was also loot; this was also the only thing they could be happy about. At the very least, they did not busy themselves for nothing.

When Flaming Tiger took a look into his bag, a sweet taste suddenly entered his throat; he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“At once! Immediately! We head for Dark Moon Valley, now! I must kill that kid!” Flaming Tigers bellowed, his anger reaching up to the skies.

The skill book that he planned on using to ridicule Shi Feng was gone. It was an extremely rare skill for Swordsman, and it was also the most valuable item they got from grinding Kobolds. Now, it was gone.

However, the most unforgivable thing was that the skill book had fallen into Shi Fengs hands. In the end, all of Flaming Tigers efforts had become Shi Fengs gains. This was something that he would not tolerate. His hatred was something that could not be resolved, even if he were to kill Shi Feng back to Level 0.

The other members of Shadow did not understand what had happened to Flaming Tiger. Going to search for Shi Feng right now was just a futile effort. Nobody would be foolish enough to wait for them to take revenge. Shi Feng would definitely slip away, snickering at them in some other place.

At this moment, Flaming Tigers System Communication rang.

“Who is it! Disturbing me at this time, are you trying to die” Flaming Tiger cursed after the call connected.

“Flaming Tiger, your temper sure has grown after not meeting for a day.” The voice on the other side was ice cold, as if in a furious rage.

Flaming Tiger felt the familiarity of that voice. When he found the corresponding identity to the voice, his face suddenly turned extremely ugly, “Brother Zhang, it is you. Im currently educating my subordinates. I never thought Brother Zhang would contact me. Brother Zhang, please dont mind it. I wasnt speaking about you just now.”

“Enough. I already know about your problem. Just looking at the damage youve caused towards Shadows development in Red Leaf Town,Looking at what the good youve done has accomplished towards Shadows development in Red Leaf Town, Ill come to you immediately. From now onwards, you dont have to continue being Red Leaf Towns Team Leader. Silent Rain, the teams Elementalist will take over temporarily. If, youre still not Level 2 by the time I arrive in Red Leaf Town, then you can just get lost. Shadow doesnt need garbage.”

Flaming Tiger became spiritless after hearing these words. His hatred for Shi Feng would never be washed away, even by the five lakes and four seas.

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Meanwhile, in Dark Moon Valley, Shi Feng and Blackie were picking up the drops from the members of Shadow.

Shi Feng was currently holding the skill book dropped by Flaming Tiger.

“Flaming Tiger really is too generous. He had even left me such an item.” Shi Feng chose to learn the skill without hesitation.

[Wind Blade] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Level 1

Proficiency 0/300

Ambush an enemy outside 5 yards and within 30 yards. Movement Speed will be increased by 40% when rushing towards the target and Attack Speed increased by 20% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 25 seconds

A Swordsman mobility would be greatly increased with this skill. It was a great counter to Rangers and mages who love to kite.

“Brother Feng, the Meteorite Ore we need are all here. There are also quite a few Bronze Ore. Shadow really helped us big this time.” Blackie laughed loudly. As he was collecting the ore from the ground, he noticed a piece of dark green ore. Picking it up, he asked, “Brother Feng, what is this [Star Crystal]”

When Shi Feng heard about the Star Crystal, he ignored the Meteorite Ore below his feet, instantly turning around and running towards Blackie.

“Damn, it really is a Star Crystal! Blackie, your luck is really too good. You even picked up such a thing.” Shi Feng said excitedly as he carefully looked at the dark green ore after receiving it.

Every monster in the world had a chance of dropping a Star Crystal. The chances were a million to one. Maybe it was trash to other people, but to Shi Feng, it was a priceless treasure. It was also the thing he needed the most.

“Brother Feng, what is this Star Crystal for” Blackie curiously asked. Shi Feng was usually calm and indifferent. Such an excited reaction from him displayed the preciousness of the Star Crystal.

“Its for eating, but not for players.” Shi Feng smiled slightly but did not continue explaining as he kept the Star Crystal.

“Its for eating” Blackie was slightly confused. Who would eat a rock However, Shi Feng must have his own reasons for not explaining, so Blackie did not continue asking about it.

A moment later, all the drops were collected. They had received a total of 14 pieces of Meteorite Ore, and 32 pieces of Bronze Ore. Not only had they completed Shi Fengs Quest, they even had some leftovers.

Subsequently, the two of them arrived at the smithy.

“Master Jack, I have collected the Meteorite Ore you asked for.” Shi Feng handed over all of the Meteorite Ore, not leaving even one behind. These were all Quest Items. A stack of them would only sell for 1 Copper to an NPC. It was utterly worthless.

“Not bad, young man. However, if you wish to become an outstanding Forger, you still need to have enough strength to obtain precious ore. There is a powerful Kobold Chieftain. Go kill it to prove your strength.” Master Jack said eloquently as he stored away the Meteorite Ore.

System: Hidden QuestRoad Of Forging. Kill the Kobold Chieftain inside Crimson Star Mine. Time limit of 1 hour.

When Shi Feng saw that there was still a second stage to the Quest, Shi Feng wished he could curse Hammer Trading. He had caused Shi Feng big trouble this time.

As expected, everybody would have kept something to themselves. Nobody could be trusted. Everyones a liar.

In Shi Fengs previous life, Hammer Trading had not mentioned a second stage of the Quest. Now a second stage, time-limited Quest had appeared. It was even against a Chieftain monster. That wasnt an Elite monster you simply run across. A Chieftain was even stronger than a Special Elite. It was the equivalent of a Dungeons Boss. Shi Feng was just Level 3, and a Leader monster was just too deadly to him.

In Shi Fengs previous life, Hammer Trading was Level 16 when he accepted the Quest. Completing the Quest was extremely easy.

“Forget it; lets have a look at it first.” He could do nothing about being tricked. However, Shi Feng did not plan to give up. The Forging Talent had too great of a use, and Shi Feng must learn it.

Following which, Shi Feng and Blackie cleared the way of Kobolds as they headed towards the deeper parts of the Crimson Star Mine.

Compared to the Kobolds at the entrance, the Kobolds inside were no longer Level 4; they were Level 5. They took more time and energy to kill. Often, another Kobold would respawn before one was killed. If there werent enough Black Steel Beer to reduce the Kobolds level by 2, then Shi Feng and Blackies killing speed would be completely unable to keep up with the respawn rate.

Half an hour later, Shi Feng and Blackie arrived at the deepest part of the Crimson Star Mine.

It was a large piece of empty land. There were over ten Kobolds mining for ore in the surroundings. There was a huge figure standing in the center of the empty area. It was a Kobold that wore armor, and it was constantly giving out commands to the other Kobolds.

[Kobold Chieftain] (Chieftain-rank)

Level 5

HP 2100/2100

Just its HP alone could cause a person despair, not to mention the heavy armor worn on the Kobold Chieftain; its Defense was definitely high. It was nearly impossible for physical-type attacks to cause a lot of damage. Moreover, Chieftain Rank monsters had a recovery speed of 2% HP every 5 seconds when in battle. That meant the Kobold Chieftain would recover 42 HP every 5 seconds. It was not a number to look down upon. An average Level 5 player with physical-type damage might not even be able to deal 42 damage within 5 seconds.

As for using the Smoke bombs to kill the Kobold Chieftain safely, that was completely impossible. A Chieftain monsters range of vision was extremely wide. Even a Kobold would have a vision range of 55 yards. Using the Smoke Bomb to reduce its vision by 10 yards would still leave it with 45 yards. Even for Rangers, who had the furthest firing range of 40 yards, it was not enough.

Shi Feng thought through it again and again as he looked at the Kobold Chieftain before him, helplessly laughing, “Do I really have to use that”


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