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Spirit Vessel Chapter 30: Childhood Sweethearts

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Young Master Feng disappeared for three days in a row without any news, so the governor of the city sent out three different official documents ordering the nearby towns to help search for him, but there was no useful information.

Young Master Feng seemingly had disappeared from this world.

The happiest person in this matter was, of course, Feng Suiyu!

Today, he wore a feather scarf, his hand held a paper fan made from rosewood while he leisurely enjoyed the flowers in his garden.

“Oldest master, this little boy Feng Feiyun showed off his ability too much; he must have offended someone he shouldnt have, so he was murdered.”

A servant standing respectfully to the side wore a devious smile on his face.

Feng Suiyu, without showing his emotions, gently touched a flower and said:

“Feng Feiyun! Hah Hah! His disappearance is quite opportune. This saves me time from having to do it personally.”

After Feng Feiyun led the city guards to destroy the Eagle Claw gang, Feng Suiyu felt a great threat. If he didnt quickly get rid of Feng Feiyun, then he would not be able to eat well and sleep tight.

However, who would have guessed that this little Feng Feiyun just suddenly disappeared He seemingly vanished from this world. This was the result that Feng Suiyu had truly wanted, so naturally, his heart was very pleased; he thought that even the heavens was helping him out.

“Big Brother, you are in a good mood today, ah! What are you smiling about”

Feng Feiyun, from the outside the main door, came in openly, with a happy smile on his face.

Feng Suiyu couldnt smile anymore after hearing this voice. He turned around, and he saw that Feng Feiyun was walking toward his front.

“Feiyun, where did you go for these last couple of days Foster father and I were very worried about you.”

Although Feng Suiyu was disappointed inside, he quickly controlled his emotions. A caring smile appeared on his face.

“This matter... ah, I was only strolling around in a circle. Right! Where is Father I have an urgent matter for him.”

Feng Feiyun said.

“Foster father is in the main hall discussing important business with an esteemed guest, maybe you shouldnt disturb them.”

Feng Suiyu stared at Feng Feiyun intensely, his face began to become serious. After all, he felt that with this return, Feng Feiyun was not like he was in the past. This gave him a deep and unfathomable feel.

How could a playboy that only fooled around and awaited his own death have such a shattering transformation within just a few days Could he have met an immortals fortune or something

Matters such as meeting an immortals fortune was not impossible, but it was exceedingly rare. Only people with extreme luck would be able to find an immortals fortune, and they would then soar to the heaven with just one step.

Feng Suiyu naturally didnt believe that Feng Feiyun had found an immortal fortune, so he intended to test him to find out his true worth.

Feng Feiyun was always worrying about that damned grandma Dongfang Jingyues pursuit of him to Spirit State City; thus, he was in such a rush so he didnt pay attention to many things. He quickly headed toward the main hall.

Feng Suiyus eyes followed Feng Feiyuns shadow, and his fingers picked out a white flower petal, secretly adding his spirit energy to it. The originally white flower was quickly covered by a blue-gray color.


Without any warning, this petal from Suiyus finger flew out in a beautiful arc which aimed straight towards the Ji Liang meridian of Feng Feiyun.

Currently, Feng Suiyu was at the peak of the Spirit Realm; it could be considered an outstanding cultivation. He was confident that his little plan would not be detected by Feng Feiyun.


The spirit energy of this petal turned into a deathly aura that penetrated the Ji Liang meridian of Feng Feiyun, and it disappeared without a trace.

Feng Suiyus eyes, from beginning to end, had been concentrated on the petal. It was only until the spirit energy had infiltrated the Ji Liang meridian of Feng Feiyun that he breathe easily; in his heart, he secretly smiled:

“It seems that I was too cautious. This little boy is only this much. With the spirit energy infiltrating the Ji Liang meridian, his cultivation, in this lifetime, will never take another step forward. It will stagnate forever in the same place at the early level of the Spirit Realm.”

Feng Suiyu assumed that Feng Feiyuns cultivation was still at the early level of the Spirit Realm like before. He didnt know that within the last couple of days, Feng Feiyun underwent multiple adventures and broke through to the Immortal Foundation. Currently, maybe Feng Wanpeng was not his match; as for someone with the cultivation of Feng Suiyu, he only needed one slap to kill him completely.

Feng Suiyus petty maneuver was naturally sensed by Feiyun, but he didnt stop his steps. His mouth let out a little smirk, and he secretly channeled his energy inside his body. In the blink of an eye, the spirit energy of Feng Suiyu that had infiltrated his meridian was scattered and expelled out of his body.

“This little boy has a lot of underhanded schemes. I need to find an opportune moment to deal with him.”

Feng Feiyun continued walking at a fast pace, and he didnt inform anyone before coming directly to the lobby. At any moment, that damned grandma Dongfang Jingyue could show up, so Feng Feiyun didnt have time to wait around.

“Father, Feiyun has an important matter that requires your attention.”

As he spoke these words, he had already made it to the main hall. He lifted his head and saw that in the main hall, besides Feng Wanpeng, was another middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was around forty years old with slightly dark skin, but it didnt hinder his elegant aura. He was very well groomed with not a single strand of hair on his face. His body was rather slender, and his clothes were clean and tidy. It was evident that he was from a royal upbringing and lived like a prince.

Besides Feng Wanpeng and the middle-aged man, Strategist Ge and Housekeeper Liu were divided to the two sides. When they saw Feng Feiyun intruding into the main hall, they didnt become angry; they turned ecstatic instead.

As long as one could return safely, then it was already a good thing!

Even though Feng Wanpengs expression was serious, inside, he was very happy; he gleefully asked:

“Feiyun, where did you go these last couple of days”

Feng Feiyun naturally couldnt tell them that he had offended a big character from the Yin Gou Clan; otherwise, all the people here would be frightened to the ground.

“Honorable father, these last couple of days I was in isolated cultivation in order to research military strategies, and I was actively preparing for the Military Strategy Iron Council that is coming up soon. I am hoping that I could show my talents in this assembly, so that father could be proud.”

Feng Feiyun clasped his hands together, and he respectfully answered.

The middle-aged man, from beginning to end, had been observing Feng Feiyun; seeing his calm and appropriate response, he couldnt help but nod his head and smile:

“I cant believe that after three years, this boy Feiyun had improved so much. So young, but he has already asked for a military order to level the Eagle Claw gang. Even the ninth great-grandfather is aware of this, always praising this talented boy in front of me. If this was three years ago, even if you beat me to death, I wouldnt believe that he would have such an achievement like today.”

Feng Feiyuns grandfather had three sons; Feng Wanpeng was the youngest. He was ranked third.

This middle-aged man was the second blood brother of Feng Wanpeng; his name was Feng Wanli. He was also the second older uncle of Feng Feiyun.

Feng Wanli was also a person with extraordinary talents, a hero. Twenty years ago, during the last Hidden Dragon War of the Feng Clan, he was placed in the top fifty. Currently, he was situated in the main Feng Clan house with the minister of affairs position, and he could be considered to have had some modest success.

The relationship between Feng Wanli and Feng Wanpeng was quite close. Wanli frequently visited Spirit State City as a guest. He had seen Feiyun at a young age, so he naturally knew what type of person this little boy was — a wasteful pervert and a foolish party fiend. From the past till now, he had never placed high hopes in Feiyun; however, the current Feiyun gave him a new sensation. It was as if he was a completely changed man.

Could this little boy truly become a prodigal son and become a genius

Feng Feiyun smiled, and he said:

“Second Uncle, are you praising me or wanting to hurt me here”

Feng Wanli shook his head and smiled:

“If you have truly become successful, then I naturally will praise you; however, if you are merely a foolish person, then, even if I dont scold you, Im afraid my little girl will still scold you to death.”

“Little Sister Jianxue”

Remembering this mischievous little girl, Feiyun suddenly felt an oncoming headache.

Feng Jianxue was the foster daughter of Feng Wanli, and the little cousin of Feng Feiyun. She was only younger than Feng Feiyun by three days. Since childhood, they had always played together, and they were considered childhood sweethearts. The two were always innocently together, but once Feng Feiyun had turned into a bad boy with horrible characters, Feng Wanli no longer allowed for Feng Jianxue to become close to him.

Even though they had met again several times later, however, each time Feng Feiyun was scolded by Feng Jianxue to the point of vomiting blood. Especially after she had found out that he had raped a girl; she gave him a vicious beating, fracturing all the bones in his body. He couldnt get off the bed for half a month.

From then on, Feng Jianxue was thoroughly disappointed in this older cousin, and she no longer visited Spirit State City; it could be considered as having all ties severed.

Feng Wanli smilingly said:

“Feiyun, right now you need to be careful when coming to Violet Firmament Ancient City. These last few years, Jianxue was heavily nurtured by the clan, and she had achieved the fourth stage of the Vigorous Gale Method at the early Immortal Foundation. Within the fifth generation of the Feng Clan, she is considered one of the influential figures. Plus, before I came to Spirit State City, she told me that should you dare to come to Violet Firmament Ancient City, she will break your legs again.”

When it came to the cultivation of Feng Jianxue, Feng Wanli was very proud. After all, he was only at the intermediate stage of the Immortal Foundation, and Feng Jianxue was so young, yet she made it to the early stage. Regarding cultivation, she had left the father and son pair of Feng Wanpeng in the dust; this was a matter worthy of smugness.

On the contrary, Feng Wanpengs face was very hard to look at. In the beginning, he thought that Feng Suiyus talent was high enough to take charge of a mission alone, but he didnt expect for Feng Jianxues cultivation to be so frightening; she already broke through to the Immortal Foundation.

One was at peak Spirit Realm, and the other was early Immortal Foundation; there was no room for comparison.

Feng Feiyun didnt mind too much, so he smilingly said:

“Violet Firmament Ancient City; I have no choice but to go. If she really wants to break my legs, then Ill have no choice but to accept it.”

Feng Wanli saw Feng Feiyuns nonchalant attitude, and he couldnt help but to rub his eyes and ask:

“Do you not want to know why she said these words to you”

Feng Feiyun said:

“Thats right! Even though she hates me to the bones, but she still cant have the illogical urge to break my legs for no reason.”

Feng Wanli, facing Feng Wanpeng, smiled:

“Feiyun, you, today, could be considered an adult; plus, you have the courage to ask for a military order as well as successfully obtained military contributions. Our ninth great-grandfather thinks very highly of you, and he felt that you are our hope. We had already discussed it; if you can achieve success in the Military Strategy Iron Council and show off all of your hidden talents, then the ninth great-grandfather would personally arrange for the marriage between you and Jianxue.”

“A man starting a Clan early will always mature faster. Feiyun, right now, you are not settled, and you are too emotional; you truly need someone that can reign you in really well.”

Housekeeper Liu nodded his head and smiled.

Feng Wanpeng naturally had apparently already agreed to this matter, and he also smiled:

“This matter, I had previously discussed with Housekeeper Liu. Feiyun, you are decisively smart; you are a fitting person to walk on the road of a talented strategist, but your body is not fit for cultivation. This is your weakness, so you need a talented wife with a powerful cultivation to assist you. We have unanimously found that yours and Jianxues personalities were compatible; if you guys could become husband and wife, then it would truly be one gifted in martial arts, the other in wisdom; it is too appropriate.”

Feng Feiyun felt as if, in the bright sky, there was a loud thunder hurting his eardrums; in response, he said:

“Our personalities are compatible She wants to break my legs, how do you all explain this”

Feng Feiyun didnt know whether to laugh or cry; he truly couldnt think of how he and Feng Jianxue were compatible.

The bunch of Feng Wanpeng, Feng Wanli, and Housekeeper Liu were all coughing twice, and their faces became strange. Naturally, they had been silenced by this matter, but earlier they had already talked about everything. Whether Feng Feiyun wanted to or not, this had already been a foregone conclusion.


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