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“She She is sensible” Han Jinyu felt like she was hearing the most ridiculous joke, “She is the most famous shrew in the whole village, don’t you know”


Han Qingsong’s voice became more and more stern, as if he was a leader who lectured his subordinates, “It wasn’t entirely her fault before as it was mine as well.

But today, I want to tell you very seriously that your wrongs were not small either.

As my sister, you don’t try to get along with your sister-in-law at all.

Instead, all you do is sow dissension and go against her all day long, treat your own niece as a maid as you monopolise the family’s money and food benefits.

You have repeatedly spoken ill of your sister-in-law in front of me and gossiped unfaithfully about her name.

If I weren’t holding back for the sake of our parents, I would have sent you for re-education myself.”


Han Jinyu was stunned, what did he mean Was he blaming her for speaking ill of Lin Lan, so he wanted to send her to a labour camp


She was trembling with anger as she pointed at Han Qingsong and cursed, “You, you are not human! I hate you to death! You are not worthy to be my Third Brother!”


Han Qingsong said coldly, “As you wish.”


Han Jinyu was already angry when she was at home, which was why she ran out of the house after crying for a long time.

Then, she planned to complain to her Third Brother about her troubles, but she ended up enduring another fit of rage after being lectured by Han Qingsong.

She yelled out in frustration as she turned around and left.


Lin Lan hurriedly hid quietly, pretending that she was not there.


Han Qingsong stood in the yard, walked out the door and heard Han Jinyu’s footsteps running away.

He didn’t hear Lin Lan, so he took a few steps to the east, “Lin Lan”


Lin Lan hid herself silently as Han Qingsong continued to look for her eastward.


Lin Lan hurried back home.


It was the 15th day of the Lunar calendar as the moon resembled a big, yellow moon cake.

It hung low on the treetops in the east, but it was not very bright at this time.


After a while, Han Qingsong turned around and Lin Lan immediately went up to him, “Where did you go”


Han Qingsong, “I went to find you.”


Lin Lan groaned, “I heard something in the west, so I went to check, but there was nothing there.”


It was a cold night in late autumn and the wind was slightly chilly, so Lin Lan couldn’t help shivering.


Han Qingsong immediately hugged her, “It’s cold outside, so you go inside, I’ll close the door.”


He went to close the courtyard door, but Lin Lan waited for him.


Han Qingsong was a little surprised that she waited.

He took her hand within his big one and Lin Lan let him hold it.


Thinking of Han Jinyu’s words, Lin Lan took the initiative and said, “We still have some tiles left to build the house.”


This time Han Qingsong bought a lot of bricks and tiles, but because he added a small gate, added thatched huts and pens, there were no bricks left.

However, there was a surplus of tiles leftover in the end as Han Qingsong had spent a lot of money to buy them.


Han Qingsong hummed.


Lin Lan laughed and said, “We won’t be able to build the back room for a while, so why not take it and tile the old lady’s room first” That way, she could avoid them constantly thinking about her own house.


Han Qingsong said lightly, “No need.”


Lin Lan let out an ‘ah’, in slight disbelief that he would be so decisive.


Han Qingsong explained, “We have separated families and we each have our own way of living.

If father and Elder Brother come to ask us with the intention to borrow money, we will give it to them.

Nevertheless, we don’t need to take the initiative to give it away.”


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