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Chapter 1003 You Are No Longer My Match

\'How am I supposed to have a steady income of natural treasures after I leave the galaxy\' Felix grinned.

You have your wagers. Prince Domino eyed Felix coldly, Let\'s fight.

No rules Felix inquired as he covered himself in void suit.

No rules!


Just like a starving wolf, prince Domino charged towards Felix at his fastest speed while being completely encased in black flames.

The instant he reached Felix, he used his insane momentum to swing his deadly claws at Felix\'s neck, hoping to decapitate him.

\'So slow...\' Felix mumured casually as he eyed the incoming flaming claws in slow motion...Electricity was running through his eyes, implying his use of lighting quick reflexes.

Felix moved his head slightly to the side, evading the claw\'s strike like it was thrown by a child.

Then, he tightened his right fist until his veins were about burst.

In one swift motion, he threw a punch at prince Domino\'s face.

Because everything was going in slow motion, Felix, and his tenants were able to see exactly how prince Domino\'s nose got deformed and followed by his face caving in like it was hit by a million ton sledgehammer.

Then, prince Domino\'s body jerked for a split second before having its entire momentum getting halted and reversed, making his body get shaped like he had collided against an unbreakable wall.


The instant Felix canceled his lighting quick reflexes, prince Domino\'s body got catapulted tens of kilometers at supersonic speed!!!


Because Felix had struck him from above, prince Domino\'s body ended up smashing the arena floor and rolling on it for countless times before finally stopping in a deep ditch.

\'It doesn\'t feel good to be on the receiving end, right\' Felix snickered as he zoomed in on prince Domino\'s wrecked bloody face.

Felix had punched him so hard, his fist was clearly imprinted in the center of prince Domino\'s face.

Make sure to cough up your debt on yearly basis if you don\'t want Queen AI to get involved. Felix advised everyone with a good-natured smile while dusting his palms like he had just gotten rid of some sort of garbage.

No one replied or even reacted to his \'advice\'.

Everyone were left utterly stunned as they kept switching their visions from Felix to prince Domino\'s ruined face with widened eyes.

This can\'t be real...Just can\'t be real...

Impossible...One punch did that to prince Domino Impossible!

Am I dreaming That\'s can\'t be my son...

Neither the clan heads nor the rest of the dragons were capable of believing the insanity before their eyes.

Prince Domino, the strongest dragon in the youth generation, one of the most gifted dragons to be born...This phenomena of a dragon, who was believed to have a slight chance of defeating the Elder dragon was defeated by a single punch

A punch from a human much younger than him nevertheless

Everyone felt like they were watching a drama instead of real life, hoping that prince Domino would pop out of the ditch and proclaim that everything was just an act to scam them out of their treasures.

They wished for it deeply in their souls but alas, prince Domino didn\'t even move a finger...

I will be waiting in the white clan for your deliveries...I am out.

Just as Felix was about to teleport away, clan head Ygos shouted loudly with an agitated expression, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!

Hmm Is there a problem

What do you f*cking mean! Clan head Ygos yelled at him with bloodshot eyes, How did you do that! It\'s impossible for a human like you to get that much stronger without needing to rely even on your cultivation system!

That\'s right! He must have taken some substances to boost his strength before the fight!

Don\'t joke around.

It\'s impossible for substances to result in this kind of boost.

Maybe ancestral dragon had a hand in this

The entire crowd woke up from their daze and assaulted Felix with doubtful remarks as well.

None of them dared to believe that Felix could have gotten this much stronger without some tricks involved.

Who could blame them

Felix had jumped from 116K to 156K after he exited the dimensional pocket...That\'s an insane enhancement of 40K BF after already crossing past the 100K mark.

They were still recalling how Felix got hurled tens of kilometers by a single punch from prince Domino when they first met in the ceremony.

After a mere year, he had returned the favor even harder Bullsh*t.

Although the royal dragons knew that Felix had spent a century instead of year unlike the red dragons, they were still unable to explain Felix\'s enhancements!

If they knew about his devourer system, it would have made sense, but the only thing they knew about was Felix\'s bloodline replacement boost!

It was clear in their eyes that Felix hadn\'t replaced anything.

I doubt there is a clause that enforces me to share my secrets to get paid, correct Felix rejected to answer calmly, So, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this battle, take it with the Queen Ai.

Dragons or not, Felix had no intentions of telling anyone about his devourer system even if it meant antagonizing the royal family.

\'Where do you think you\'re going The fight is not over yet...\'

Just as Felix wanted to leave again, he was held back...Only this time, it was prince Domino himself!

Ohoho You actually regained consciousness this fast Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after spotting prince Domino standing back on his feet.

His legs were wobbly, and his face was still mushed in...Yet, he still managed to get back up.

Felix truly believed that his punch had been enough to paralyze prince Domino and end the game with any deaths.

He was this confident since he felt prince Domino\'s shattered skull pierce his brain, which should have made it impossible for him to wake up for at least a month!

You are truly one hell out of a cockroach. Felix cracked his fists with a piteous smile, Looks like I have to truly kill you to win this.

Felix wanted to avoid killing prince Domino since he helped him out and had a strong character that enabled him to even stand against Manananggal.

Sure he had his flaws, but they weren\'t enough to warrant Felix to kill him...Especially now that he was much stronger than him and stopped considering him as a real threat.

\'You have gotten much stronger than me.

I admit that.

I don\'t know which miracle helped you, but...\'

Prince Domino raised his head slowly, exposing his face that was being healed in a freakish speed!

His eyes were restored back, his broken nose returned to its place, and his busted lips became brand new! Even his caved in skull returned to its previous shape!

When the healing process ended, all was left was bloodshot eyes burning with vivid boiling fury.

\'I can still match your strength!\'

\'Let\'s see about that...\'

Felix smirked faintly as he watched prince Domino disappear from his place and surface right in front of him with his claws ready for slaughter!

Whoosh Whoosh...!

He threw an array of deadly swift strikes at Felix, causing him to keep moving his body to avoid them.

All the spectators had their eyes brightened after noticing that prince Domino\'s speed had been at least tripled, which put Felix in a real predicament.

He should have ended him when he had the chance.

Now that Domino has become enraged, everything is going to change. Clan head Bymid commentated.

Just as the three heads were about to support his comment, their lips stiffened at the sight of prince Domino receiving the beat down of his life!

Every time he swung his claws and missed, Felix counter-attack with a punch as quick as lightning, hitting him in his vitals!

Whoosh...Boom! Whoosh...Boom!...

This happened over and over again, making it seem like Felix was playing around with prince Domino.

\'Impossible...Impossible...Impossible...\' Prince Domino was unable to believe that he was getting thrashed like this even when he was enraged!

Still, he refused to give up and continued to use unique ways and even dirty methods to hit Felix.

Unfortunately, Felix kept avoiding them all like he was capable of seeing one second through the future.

Just give up already. Felix whispered in his ears, You are no longer my match.

Felix merely said the truth...Even when prince Domino went enraged and had his strength boosted to 150k , Felix still outclassed him.

After all, he could easily get 10K BF increased or more by tripling his size.

With his enhanced reflexes, all of prince Domino\'s attack still appear slow in his eyes.


Alas, this was prince Domino...There was no way he would surrender even if he knew that the difference in their strength was unbridgeable.


Prince Domino detached from the melee battle with many grievous and bloody wounds...Then, he shouted at the top of his lungs in anger, BLACK FLAMES ENCASEMENT!!

In the blink of an eye, a sea of ferocious black flames emerged from his body and kept expanding until three kilometers radius sphere was created!

\'You forced me to do this!\' With maddened expression, Prince Domino brought his palms together and shouted, Supernova Flame Orb!

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