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Magic Training




「Now then, let’s start the magic training shall we」


After I finish eating the onigiris and just lying on the sheet, Elna-kaasan slowly stands up and says.


「Ehー, we are starting already」

「It’s not ‘already’.

We have taken a longer break time after considering the fatigue from the morning training」


Even when I whine, Elna-kaasan seems to be firm about it. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com


「Eleonora, and also Luna-san please return here」



Even Eleonora-neesan and Luna-san - who are having a spar on the beach - are being called by Elna-kaasan, got their sparring match interrupted, and return here.

Sylvio-niisan stops his book reading - I guess he borrowed the unfamiliar book from the Sylford’s house -, and even Eric - who sits nearby - also stood up.

Sensing that it is apparently about to begin, I stand up while feeling regret that our break time was over.

After the children properly line up in a row, Elna-kaasan clears her throat *kohon*.



「So, it’s already noon so we are starting the magic training as planned」

「「Please take care of me」」


Elna-kaasan has a little bit more solemn voice than usual but when I see her gathering us in the shade without wearing shoes, I think she’s really Elna-kaasan-ish. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com


It’s fine if we just gather in the shade if you just want to explain all sorts of things.

As expected from Elna-kaasan, her figures of pursuing rationality and desires really make her look like a splendid magician.


「I roughly understand Al, Eleonora, and Sylvio’s ability in magic, but I don’t know Luna-san and Eric-kun’s abilities.

So first, I would like both of your abilities in magic, can you circulate your magic power in your body for me」



First, she probably wants to see how smoothly these two can circulate their magic power, how much they can control their magic power, and decide from there.

Hearing Elna-kaasan, Luna-san and Eric nods and closes their eyes.

They are probably trying to concentrate their minds by shutting out the information that came into their eyes but I can’t say that is a very realistic method.

It will be fine if you do it slowly and don’t plan on using it in a fight like me, but it’s impossible to concentrate your mind in front of your opponent - who knows common sense - or monsters.

When I’m thinking things like that, magic power gradually flows from the center of the two’s chests and starts to flow through their blood vessels as though following them.

Luna-san’s flow is smooth, but Eric’s is terrible.

There is the magic power flow that starts to pointlessly overflow, and the magic power is not circulating at all.

Just seeing these alone can make you understand how much their abilities in magic amount to.


「That’s enough now.

You can stop circulating your magic power」


After Elna-kaasan says that, Luna-san and Eric exhale deeply and restore their circulation of magic power.

Luna-san is particularly fine, but Eric was not used to it, and the waste of magic power also makes him a little exhausted. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com



Normally, I would like to give you advice and have you circulate your magic power for a whole day, but that alone will not be enough」

「For a whole day.....」


Hearing Elna-kaasan muttering that, Eric opened his eyes wide as though he can’t believe it.

Just a single day is lenient.

It should be done all year round normally.

As for me, I was able to do it because I have already done it ever since I became aware of magic when I was a baby, rather, I had nothing to do but play around by circulating and wrapping the magic power around me in my free time anyway.


「For the time being, I will teach the two of you a little trick in magic control.

After that’s done, we will start the training on how to use magic.

Al, Eleonora, and Sylvio, you three do the training I prepared individually before」


That being the case, we are then divided into the training group and the magic control group when I hear the training content instructed by Elna-kaasan.

As for me, I thought it would be better for Eleonora-neesan to be put into the control group, but probably she want to let her apply what she practiced during our journey here.


「Then, Al.

Can I leave it to you」



Being asked by Sylvio-niisan, I cast an Earth magic. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com

I raise the sand ten meters ahead of us, then I create a squarish target on it.

Using the hollow in the middle part of the wall, a perfect circle was drawn.

Un, a neat-looking circle was made. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com

I talk to myself as I look at the neat target.

Right, what we are going to do is a simple target magic practice.


「Eh What about Al and neesan’s targets」

「I’m going to make them now」


If it were at this kind of distance, it’s easier than putting trash into a trash can in front of me.

And, that is also what Elna-kaasan found out, so I was given a test.

I have to hit a small target thirty meters away for fifty times in succession.

Therefore, I make an additional target with the designated size thirty meters away.

I guess it’s as big as a person’s head If thirty meters away, you only see them as small objects.

And I also make the target for Eleonora-neesan using the sand in the sea


「Hey, why is my target the only one in the sea」

「That’s ‘cause Eleonora-neesan can’t control your magic that well, so we should avoid any danger, right」


The moment a fireball hits the sandy beach, sand will fly up and it will inconvenience others.

On that point, it will be no problem if fireballs were to hit the sea, no matter how many you shot them.

At most, the distant water will spray.

So it’s natural to separate Eleonora-neesan.


「Now now, Fire magic is dangerous.



Perhaps Sylvio-niisan also understands the danger of Eleonora-neesan’s magic, he frantically tries to calm her down www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com




Then Eleonora-neesan walked to the water’s edge while having a complicated look on her face.


「Even so, Al’s target is far, isn’t it Kaasan unreasonably said to hit it successively fifty times, are you okay with that」

「This much is nothing, you know」


I don’t know if my ability to concentrate and the like is being tested, but this much is no problem.

I mean, when I was doing my independent training, I hit an even smaller target so many ties to the point that even two, or three hundred times in succession is nothing.

But, there is no need for me to be so naively honest and raise the hurdle by telling that to Elna-kaasan.

Maybe, even Elna-kaasan is taking the wait-and-see approach, so for the time being I should just show her the result.

I cast Water magic and bring the seawater to me.

Eleonora-neesan raised a surprised voice 「Wawaa」 when the seawater rose as she stands at the water’s edge, guess she was surprised by it.

That’s kinda funny.

After I make a water ball using the seawater I brought close to the same size as the round target, I sent it flying toward the target as though pushing it *pon*.


The flying water ball flew smoothly and landed at the target thirty meters ahead of us.

Only the center of the target got wet.

Though when time passes, the water trickle down.


「....even though it cleanly hit the target I feel like it’s somewhat different from practice」

「Eh But I properly hit the target with magic」

「Well, that’s true though」


Waterball is fine magic, after all, so it’s fine, isn’t it www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com

I mean, even Ilya used it when she fought against Sword Boar back then.


「Then, guess I will do it next.

Although I only need to hit it ten times at this distance though, unlike Al」


Sylvio-niisan’s assignment is to hit the target successively ten times.

But it’s not like he was being particularly assigned to hit only the center like me.

It’s fine as long as he hit the target.

Sylvio-niisan fixes his gaze on the target in front while slowly taking a breath.

Then he raises his right arm and chants.


「『I asketh thee   Gather from the air   A sharp blade of wind』」


After chanting the magic chants, the air converge in front of his right hand and it was fired powerfully.

As it flies toward the target while cutting the air *shurururu*3, it hit the target and got repelled as it lets out a sound *kakiiin*.





A dumbfounded sound escapes from Sylvio-niisan’s mouth.

I thought that it would be troublesome if the target were to be broken so easily and I have to recreate them so many times so I made the target somewhat hard, but it looks like I made it too hard.

So the target in front of Sylvio-niisan didn’t have a single scratch in spite of receiving the wind blade from Sylvio-niisan.


「Sorry, I created the target a bit too hard」

「Ahh, un.

It’s fine.

I know it hit the target anyway.....」


I recreated the target with just the right amount of hardness so that it can leave a mark after being hit with his magic. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com




TL Note : 


CoughSproing, boing, SFXWhooshSFX like metal against metal-

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