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Assignment From Elna-kaasan




「『I ask thee   O blazing flames  gather and turn into a ball of fire』」


After Eleonora-neesan put together the incantations, flames begin to form in front of her projected right arm, and its shape gradually approaches that of a sphere. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com

Hoo, it looks like the magic lesson she received from Elna-kaasan during our journey was not wasted after all, and her casting of magic was smoother than before

The flames turned into a fireball when I’m being impressed at her progress.

Although it can’t be said to be a very fast casting speed, it’s certainly an improvement as she was able to stably make a fireball.

As the air turns warm due to the fireball and blowing her reddish brown hair, Eleonora-neesan turns her sharp gaze at the target ahead of her.

And also, the fireball will also follow your movements if you move your hand as if you’re holding it up like that.

Image is important in using magic, so moving your body will be of help in that.

Right now Eleonora-neesan is moving the fireball while also moving her body, she’s should be frantically imagining the fireball to move straight ahead and hit the target ahead of her.

After doing that and concentrating for several seconds, Eleonora-neesan strongly sends the fireball flying.

Immediately after that, it accurately hit the target extended out from the raised platform made of Earth magic in the sea――not, the fireball hit the sea surface three meters to the side of the target.

The fireball was absorbed by the seawater and it makes a small explosion.

The target only got wet for nothing. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com


「Mou, I won’t be able to hit the target five times in a rowー!」


Eleonora-neesan’s assignment is to hit the target consecutively five times.

She’s come to the point where she can slowly make a fireball, but it looks like it’s still difficult for her to hit the distant target.

It would be great if she can graze the target even once every three shots.

On the other side, Sylvio-niisan is doing much better at his magic compared to Eleonora-neesan.

He’s properly leaving a scar on the target that I recreated with his magic.


「『I ask thee  Gather from the air   A sharp blade of wind』」


Sylvio-niisan shoots a blade of wind again.

However, the blade of wind got thrown off by the strong sea wind and strayed from the target.




The blade of wind that had lost its target wandered around in the air and it disintegrated and then disappeared.

The thing about magic is, that the farther you are from your magic, the weaker your magic becomes.

As long as you don’t put a lot of magic power into your magic, its power will noticeably fall after flying at around ten meters.

The situation this time was that the magic power disintegrate and disappeared without even being able to maintain its shape. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com


「Even though I just need to hit it twice more.....」

「It’s okay」


I comfort Sylvio-niisan as he expresses his feeling of low spirits.

Elna-kaasan’s assignment for him was to hit the target ten times in a row.

You have to do it over again from the start if you fail even once in the middle.

I mean, the more you use your magic power, the more exhausted you will be and the act of casting magic itself is a precise action.

In such a situation where the wind is strong, the control of magic is becoming difficult so it can be seen that Elna-kaasan has a really 'fine' personality to make him use Wind magic for such an assignment.

Now, this is not the time for me to worry about other people though.

I have to hit my target 49 times more.

I cast Water magic while observing the two of them to an extent.

I sent the water ball flying and hit the target just like before.

Forty-eight, forty-seven, forty-six, forty-five, simply casting water balls and sending them flying like this is not fun at all.

So let’s hit the target while changing the size and shape of the water balls.

I come out with all kinds of ideas for the water balls as I tried making the water balls pointed, making them extremely small, or imitating a water current, as they hit the target twenty-five times.

And naturally, I ran out of variations.

I’m a little tired of this, shall I quickly finish this assignment then

Elna-kaasan said that it’ll be good if we can use magic consecutively.

In that case, I should be able to hit the target twenty times even if I just stretch my water arm.

So I immediately make an arm made of water and stretch the said arm to the target thirty meters away.

Then I just create an index finger of water and make it poke the target in the middle as if stabbing it repeatedly.


「Nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, fourteen.....」

「Hey, hey, you can’t do that!」


Just when I was counting the times the arm of water hit the target like a woodpecker, Nord-tousan - who was watching from afar - came to me and say that. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com


「Ehー, why not I just hit the target consecutively with magic, just like Elna-kaasan told me to」

「Yeah, you certainly did that, but this training is to train your ability such as your accuracy, concentration, and continuous magic casting, you know」


Well, guess it turns out that way, huhー.

Even I thought that this was pretty cheap.



Then, I’ll just use magic a bit more normally」


I use Psychic on the fragments from the hard target Sylvio-niisan broke earlier.

Then I quickly lifted that up and shot them one at a time at the distant target.

The launched fragments flew one after another hitting the target right in the middle as though being sucked by the target.

Un, with this I’ve hit it twenty times now.

To begin with, I made all these targets by my calculation so there is no way for me to miss them.


「There’s no problem like this, right」

「……you can ask for Elna for your next assignment now」


Nord-tousan says with a subtle expression on his face somehow.

I did it.

My assignment is done for now.

Indeed magic training is nice, it’s easier compared to sword training.








「……like this」

「Right, just like that.

Imagine there is a single tube inside your body, then make your magic power pass through that and circulate it to your whole body」


When I headed toward Elna-kaasan’s side, it looks like Luna-san and Eric were circulating their magic power while listening to the tricks on how to do so from Elna-kaasan.

I guess Luna-san is relatively better at grasping the trick, she can now circulate her magic power more smoothly compared to the time I saw her earlier. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com



My magic power is flowing easier than before」

「Fufufu, image is important when it comes to manipulating your magic power after all.

If you find a method that matches your image, you will become more efficient in handling your magic.

I only gave you an easy-to-imagine example just now, but Luna-san can try and change it if you have an image that is more suited to yourself」


「Then, keep circulating your magic power for a while, okay」


Compared to this side, Eric is.....


「Fuu, kuu, kuuooooohhhh!」


He was desperately shouting like that while gritting his teeth as his face reddened.

The magic power in his body is only moving a little faster than before, it’s not much different from before.

He’s releasing his magic power pointlessly as usual, and he’s in a state where the magic power doesn’t even reach his limbs properly.


「Eric-kun please calm down for a moment.

Your magic power will not move as you expected them to even if you strain yourself.

 If anything, it will flow easier if you do it in a calm mental state」

「Y, yes」


Warned by Elna-kaasan, Eric stops circulating his magic power and deeply exhales.

Just like Elna-kaasan said, your magic power won’t move smoothly even if you forcibly strain yourself.

If anything, your magic power will flow better in a relaxed state.

I couldn’t make my magic power flow smoothly when I was a baby, so I did a lot of trial and error.


「Mu, Alfried.

Why are you here now」

「It’s obvious isn’t it, I came here to laugh at the unskilled Eric manipulating his magic power」

「T, this jerk.....」


When I say that as though stressing the ‘unskilled’ part to him, Eric’s cheeks twitch. 


「Okay okay, we are training right now, all right.

Don’t disturb others and return to your assignment now」

「But I came here after finishing my assignment, though」



When I tell her that, Elna-kaasan lets out a stupid-sounding voice. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com

After that, she turn to look at Nord-tousan - perhaps he noticed that - and he slowly nodded at her.


「R, right.

So you‘re done.

Fifty times in a row.....」


As expected from their relationship, they clearly understood each other just by looking at each other.


「So I’m done with today’s training then」

「Of course not.

I will give Al’s next assignment」


Elna-kaasan started to walk away after saying that, so I follow her while feeling excited about what she was going to tell me.

After we take some distance from Luna-san and Eric, Elna-kaasan smoothly moves her arm to create a water ball in a circular motion.

I see, it reinforces the image of the water ball when you move your arm in a circle.

So that’s how you make your magic casting smooth That’s educational.

To test it, I create a water ball by moving my finger in a circular motion and even a small water ball can be accurately made.


「I see, it’s easier to make by doing this」

「…………ye, yes.

That’s right.

But, that’s not your assignment」


When Elna-kaasan swings her arm in a row, ten water balls appear.

And then, she lightly swings her arms around once more, making those water balls circle around her, freely controlling the water balls to rise and form a circle.

Ooh, as expected from Elna-kaasan.

Even though Aleutia and Ilya were able to move around five water balls......

In the end, when it comes to the level of Elna-kaasan, she can calmly afford to do this much magic control.

Anyhow, this time’s assignment is to manipulate ten water balls at the same time.

Understanding the point of this time’s assignment, I immediately made ten water balls float around me and I move them as if to imitate Elna-kaasan’s water balls' movement.


「Al should make the same ten water balls――no, I want you to manipulate twenty water balls at the same time!」

「Uh Un, okay」


A revision was made midway through, so I add ten more water balls to the ten floating around.

Then, I line them up as though making a group of ten and move them in a zig-zag motion.

When I see the water balls floating around like this, they look pretty like dancing bubbles.


「……now please make them thirty water balls」

「Okay okay」


Adding ten more water balls, huh I still have the leeway to do that.

So I added ten more water balls. www.ihavesinnedtranslation.com


「D, don’t just make them float around, you should also move them」



That’s of course.

The water balls that I can’t control will not be counted.

Just as Elna-kaasan instructed, I also added the water balls to the groups of water balls.

Fuh, it’s easy to move around thirty at the same time.

It was not for nothing I showed off on a ship to Kagura after all. 

When I had the time, I would control water balls like this to agitate Aleutia.


「……now please change the size of all the water balls」

「Eehh! A, all of them!」

「Right, all of them.

And I will not accept them if they are not the same size」


When I shout so in surprise, Elna-kaasan declares that as though it was the most obvious thing to do.

Indeed, I can make the water balls float around and control them, but I never tried controlling all of them, and with their changed sizes before.

I pull all of the floating water balls toward me and gradually change their size.

To put it simply, I make the size change thirty times. 

Before long, the water balls lined up in front of my eyes, and they appear as though depicting the process of growth.

And while in that state, I continue to slowly move the water balls.

As expected, I’m using all my nerves when it comes to changing the size of all of the thirty water balls. 

Unlike what I’ve been doing until now, the sizes of the water balls are going to shake even if I move them a little.


「I can make them float somehow but it’s a little difficult to move them smoothly」

「……yes, then you do that for a little while.

After you can move them smoothly, make each of their sizes irregular, all right」


Elna-kaasan let out a small sigh and after leaving me with such instruction, she left to head toward Luna-san and Eric.

Huh Does it seem like Elna-kaasan looks relieved but, is that just my imagination

Oh well, whatever.

Let’s just enjoy this magic control training now.


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