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p anda nOvel.cO,m At this moment, E.E, Ria and Teemee stepped forward as well and proceeded to stand opposite the other three.

Despite their height, the others did not back down and stared up at the opposition with intense expressions.

Falco face turned dark as tattoos appeared all over.

“Ehhh! Who are these low life scums displaying their weakness!” Dark Falco yelled out as he also stepped forward.

They all stopped Endric from facing these four as they felt the need to protect him as Gustavs little brother.

“Hmm hahahaha,” The short one began laughing hysterically after a brief silence.

“Good good show off… if you know whats best for you work with us to make sure every single private organization participant fail in the next phase.

They shouldnt be here in the first place because the chance to represent the planet should belong only to the MBO,” He added.


Well only focus on successfully getting through the next phase.

You guys can do whatever you want,” Aildris turned their offer down instantly.

“Do you guys wish to be isolated from the others If you fail to work together with your fellow officers to eradicate the scums that shouldnt be here we shall offer you the same treatment as them,” The bulky girl voiced out next.

“Were not interested in joining you to ambush others except the instructions for the next phase centers on that, which i highly doubt,” Aildris declined once more.

“Shirama lets go,” The short officer voiced as he turned around.

“Aye Yonda,” Shirama responded as she also turned around.

“If we ever get pitted against each other in any of the next phases, you guys are dead meat,” Shirama added as he walked away.

“Nice to meet you too,” Aildris stated with a smile as he waved while they walked away.

“There we go… making enemies again,” Falco voiced out as he regained control from his alter ego.

“Man up,” Teemee said in response while tapping his shoulder.

“*sigh* yall are really getting influenced by Gustavs ability to attract trouble,” Falco facepalmed while speaking.

“Sorry about that,” Endric apologised.

“Youre not to blame for the behaviour of others,” Aildris said in response.

The whole situation of turning on the others just because theyre not a part of the MBO just didnt make sense to Aildris.

It was a competitive selection so he felt it was understandable if they were pitted against each other due to conditions or instructions.

In that case he wouldnt hesitate to do what needed to be done but he decided he wont be a part to what these ones were planning just for the sake of leaving the slots open to just MBO officers.

“Well need to watch out though.

Hopefully the next phase will be favourable enough so we dont get jumped by our fellow officers,” E.E stated.

“Im sure were not the only ones who refused them so it wont be that bad but we definitely have time be careful,” Aildris responded with a look of contemplation.


A loud voice rang out in the next instant.

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‘Its a kind of station, a work station within a live mixedbreed underground… Gustav thought with a look of confusion and astonishment.

He looked around the place and could see it was different from how the internal structure of this creature would look.

There were screens and holographic systems everywhere with small cells and cryogenic tubes in different areas.

They had used some type of space tool to construct a work station within this creature.

Safely too at that because the creature was alive and in good health as well.

Gustav could see that this place had been abandoned.

There was not a single live soul within the body of this creature and the holographic screens were all white.

‘Looks like they assumed I might locate this place and fled quickly… that was really fast, Gustav thought with a slightly bummed look.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav paused in his movement after activating God Eyes.

He initially didnt do so because he was still hiding his presence and activating it might give off a little energy discharge but now that he knew no one was here, he decided to activate it.

‘They set traps Gustav questioned internally as he finally spotted a few things invisible to his naked eye initially.

He also didnt sense the traps earlier because the Genxodus had done a really good job in installing them.

‘Looks like it will be impossible to try and retrieve or steal data from this work station… the entire place will go up in smithereens if anyone tried to do that… Gustav noticed he almost set one of the traps off.

He was glad he hadnt made contact with anything or even gone in too far.

He was practically still at the entrance.

‘This is some really crazy place they created… Gustav had to admit it was insane.

He decided not to trip any of the traps off and leave the place.

The aim was to make sure the Genxodus never knew he was here in the first place and he would do just that.

They would certainly be alerted if this place got blown to smithereens and realise someone came here but if he was to leave without causing any alarm he was sure they would be less wary.

This was the first step to fooling the enemy.

Even though he didnt gain much from coming here, he was glad he found this place.

‘They certainly have more places like this… interesting, A smirk appeared on Gustavs face as he moved out.

“So we cant go down there” Gradier Xanatus questioned Gustav after he arrived within the aircraft.


The traps will be triggered the moment any presence is detected.

Im afraid you guys cant get any data from there especially since they already fled,” Gustav explained.

“Daum… what a waste…” Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a slightly disappointed look.

“I did get something though…”

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