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The Incubus System Chapter 413. The Demons Dinner I

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The Incubus System Chapter 413. The Demons' Dinner I

After we chatted for a while, Lilieth called us over for dinner. It was a little weird for me since it was my first time having dinner with the demons since my servants never ate with me and Celia.

I sat at the dining chair with Lord Damon, Lilieth, my servants and the four demon generals. Even though I managed to keep my poker face, I was actually so nervous. No, I was not nervous because of them, but the food. Well, I had tried the drink and it was kinda okay even though it tasted weird on my tongue.

Indeed, Foxy once said about their staple, but my mind remained on the cliche horror movie when the demons had their dinner. The images of human bodies or disgusting food kept flashing through my head and made my stomach churn even before the food arrived.

Unlike me, my servants were trying to suppress their excitement over this dinner since this was their first royal dinner. Especially Foxy. Even though she was trying to maintain her manner, her tail movement showed her excitement clearly.

Several maids pushed some small carts of food and placed the plates in front of us. Two of them were Rin and Ran. Those were my maids' names. Yeah, I knew my naming sense sucked, but who cares After all, they were just puppets.

They opened the cloches. I held my breath as I'd expect the worst. But if it was real human bodies, I would throw up for sure. Luckily, I was wrong, what I saw was a steak. A rib-eye steak with chimichurri sauce or something similar to it to be exact. The smell also was kinda--- okay, though it didn't smell like a real one.

'They don't cook human flesh, do they' I paid close attention to every detail of the food to make sure it wasn't, but I didn't know how to tell.

The others started eating. While I didn't make a move and kept looking at the food in front of me.

"You don't like it We've tried to make it according to the taste and shape of human food," Lilieth, who was sitting beside me, asked worriedly.

Okay... Her statement proved that this was not human food and was not made from ordinary ingredients.

"May I know what this is made of" I asked politely since I know they prepared this dinner for me.

Lilieth giggled at my question.

"Don't worry, these aren't human body parts. Nor demon's," she explained.

Although I was quite relieved by that, it was not enough to answer my curiosity.

"So, what is this made of" I asked again.

"Animals," said Lord Damon, who was sitting across from me

I frowned.

"Does the Dark Dimension have animals Why have I never heard of it before" I turned to Foxy, trying to get an answer from her. But he answered me with a shrug and shook her head from side to side, indicating that she didn't know either. While the others smiled at me

"Of course we have it. Just eat it," said Lord Damon impatiently.

While Lilieth responded with another thing.

"Should I feed you" She put down her cutlery and almost took mine. But I immediately caught her wrist.

"Thank you, Lilieth. But I can eat by myself," I said quickly.

After I let go of her hand, I took my cutlery and cut my steak a bit. Based on the texture it was similar to an ordinary steak except it was much-much tender. I put it in my mouth anxiously. But unexpectedly, the taste was incredibly delicious. It was similar to a real steak although there was a bit of a weird aftertaste.

"How is it" asked Lilieth.

"It's good," I said, trying to ignore my curiosity about the ingredients and take a second bite. At least this came from an animal, not from a human or a demon.

We spent the rest of dinner with small talk. Well, not really small since I asked a lot of essential things. Like where my servants would stay and train, also my safety ward was. And I could say they had prepared everything well.

Since Lord Damon and Lilieth also wanted to hide my servants, all of them would stay in the 99th floor's guest rooms and were not allowed to leave that floor. My safety ward and their battle arena were also on the same floor so both Lord Damon and Lilieth could check on our training once in a while and they could take immediate action if something bad happened.

While Lord Damon and Lilieth used the dinner to ask about my human family. I mostly told them about my father, including his struggle to raise me and Celia. Moreover, Lilieth had met him once. I also told about my financial difficulties and managed to make Lord Damon laugh at me after he found out I mostly eat jam sandwiches for a year.

His laugh was irritating me, but his expression changed after I told him about my mom and how she threw me away. Even though I didn't expect their pity or anything, they looked enraged about it. But since I didn't want to ruin the dinner, I decided to divert our conversation.

"Do you have a sacrifice chamber" I asked Lord Damon. It was a trivial question but I decided to ask it over my curiosity after what I did with Maria in the last Pearl's game when I got the ruthless demon lord card.

"I had one," he replied.

"Really" I asked in surprise. I thought it never existed.

"It wasn't a real sacrifice chamber though. It was a jail. My jail. Where the Aeros' royal family locked me up for 10 years. I met Lilieth there."

It reminded me of the story about the two of them.

"Then, why do you call it a sacrifice chamber" I asked with a frown.

"He isn't an incubus, remember So Aeros' royal family had to feed him with something else," Lilieth reminded me.

In an instant, I realized what she meant. They fed him with humans!

It wasn't recorded in any books, including the history book in Miguel's study, since it was a grisly crime. The only thing that was written there was that they managed to catch and lock him up for 10 years.

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