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Chapter 3437: UntitledTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Who knows We just dont get reception here,” the staff member said.

“We have asked the experts to check the geological features here.

After all, this is a tourist attraction area.

Considering that we have a lot of tourists, if something bad were to happen, it would be horrible if we cant call the police in time,” said the staff member.

“But then, when the expert checked this area, he said that these strange rocks emit very strong electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic waves are disrupting the reception,” explained the staff member.

If not, when the first missing case happened, they wouldnt have known something.

However, since this place had no reception, the people here couldnt contact anyone outside.

This was why the staff members would be dispatched to check every area when it was closing time.

They were really scared that someone might be left in here.

Not everyone stayed here after closing time because they wanted to explore.

Some had gotten lost…

With these tall rocks everywhere, it was really easy to become lost.

“If so, why dont you mark the ground” a production crew asked.

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“To keep Ghost Town the way it is, we dont modify anything, with the exception of the farm at the entrance, which was constructed for the industrial development of Ta Town.

We didnt change anything else,” said the staff member.

“Ghost Town is famous for these scary colors.

We hope to maintain its original appearance to attract more tourists.

Its just more tiring for us.

We will just have to check more carefully,” the staff member said.

“Since you mentioned the farm…” Han Zhuofeng said, “The mushrooms in Ghost Town are really famous.

I heard they grow between the rock and the soil.

Why didnt I see any during this entire walk”

The staff member smiled and said, “Its because we are scared that the tourists might pick the mushrooms.

The mushrooms from Ghost Town have always been a specialty of Ghost Town.

If these mushrooms were everywhere in Ghost Town, who would buy them So, the people who cultivate the mushrooms would survey this entire area once a day to gather all the mushrooms.”

The staff member answered every question without keeping any secrets.

Upon hearing that the rocks emit abnormal electromagnetic waves…

Han Zhuofeng asked Xie Jiling softly, “Did your compass react that way because of the electromagnetic waves here”

Han Zhuofeng recalled that Xie Jiling had given that explanation when they had been at Daxia Scenic Area.

Xie Jiling didnt expect that she had guessed correctly.

She nodded and said, “Previously, I thought there was only a fifty percent chance of that being the reason.

But now, theres a higher chance that its because of the electromagnetic waves.”

Han Zhuofeng let out a sigh of relief.

“I was so scared.

I thought there really was something.”

And so, he felt at ease and continued walking into the deeper areas.

“This area is deep within Ghost Town.

There are very few tourists here.

Most tourists are not that patient.

When they first enter Ghost Town and see whats inside, they will feel amazed and shocked.

But as they continue looking around, they would see that its all there is to it.

There are only weird stones, and everything else looks pretty similar.

They would stop advancing further, ” said the staff member.

“When you are filming tomorrow, you can put up a barrier around this area to prevent the other tourists from disturbing you.

However, you shouldnt barricade too big of an area.

If not, the other tourists wont be able to tour around, and they might make a fuss about it, ” said the staff member.

“Dont worry.” Han Zhuofeng nodded.

“We are trying to keep a low profile while filming anyway.

We dont want the tourist to crowd around and watch us.”

They were just here to scout out the filming location.

The cinematographer set up the camera and filmed from different places.

He then asked Han Zhuofeng for confirmation.

Soon, it was 4:30 PM.

The staff member immediately reminded, “Ladies and gentlemen, we got to hurry up and leave.

This is the deepest region of Ghost Town.

It will take us some time to leave, so we have to hurry now.”

The voice of the radio rang out in the distance.

It was a reminder for the tourists.

“Attention to all visitors! Attention to all visitors! Ghost Town will be closing in half an hour.

Please leave before 5 PM.

Please leave before 5 PM.

The staff members will start clearing the area.”

“For the tourists at the deepest area of the ghost town, please head to the exit as soon as possible.”

Han Zhuofeng thought about the warnings of the homestay owner.

He had no intention of attempting that kind of challenge.

He quickly said, “Everyone, pack up your things.

We are leaving.”

Everyone hurriedly put the equipment away.

They were just here to scout the area, so they didnt bring a lot of equipment.

They didnt need to use a lot of things anyway.

And so, they quickly packed up.

And they hurriedly made their way out.

No one stayed.

They were not brave.

The members of the production crew staying at the apartment had also heard about those stories while they were at the apartment.

No one dared to attempt anything that might kill them.

They all rushed to get out before Ghost Town closed.

When they were at the exit, they even heard the staff members asking each other, “Did you check inside Is anyone still inside”

“Xiaohu is checking the east district.

He will be out soon.”


“Why are you all so nervous” The production crew member was surprised.

It was almost as though something big was about to happen, and this was making the tourists nervous as well.

The staff member leading the way looked around and said, “We have to feel nervous.

We took down the news of the two missing cases.

Even if the news of that spread, the occurrence of such events is too rare to shut Ghost Town down.”

“However, if that happened again and again, it would force Ghost Town to close down.” The staff member shook his head and said, “Ta Towns economy is not doing well.

We dont have a developed industry or agriculture.

We can only rely on tourism.

The earnings from Danxia Scenic Area and the Ghost Town account for a large part of Ta Towns annual profit.”

“Ghost Town especially attracts many tourists because of the rumors and because people love unusual things.

Actually, as long as they abide by the rules and enter during the day and exit by 5 PM, nothing would happen to them.

There are just some people who refused to be misled by fallacies.

They put themselves in danger and potentially cause Ta Town to lose such a good tourist area,” the staff member whispered.

“You cant say that.” When Han Zhuofeng heard that, he said, “It is true that they are putting themselves and others in danger.

They would hide from the staff members here.

By the time the staff member finds them, the staff member would be at risk as well.

They are making fun of their own lives.

That is their fault.”

“But similarly, the officials of Ghost Town should check whats going on with Ghost Town.

Since the tourists cant control themselves, you should find the root cause and solve it,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling nodded heavily; she seemed to really agree with what Han Zhuofeng said.

She didnt expect that Han Zhuofeng, despite being a coward while they were in Ghost Town, could actually be so reasonable and eloquent.

The staff member smiled helplessly and said, “How did you know that we didnt try We have tried so many methods, and nothing worked.”

“When the person was missing, we contacted the police and gathered all our workers to search for the person.

At that time, the police suspected that the person had already left.

Maybe the person ran away…”

“But why would that person run away That person had been doing a good job.

We didnt lose anything, and none of our properties were damaged.

Why would he run away There was no reason for him to do that.”

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