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Han Zhuofeng didnt say whether he would agree or not.

The decision would be done tomorrow.

They went back to the homestay.

There were some restaurants nearby that specialized in flavors specific to Ta Town.

To preserve the natural scenic area, the area around Danxia Scenic Area was not allowed to be too developed.

However, since there were tourists, there had to be places to eat food.

There had to be restaurants.

However, the cleanliness in these restaurants was not particularly up to standard.

Because it wasnt convenient for Yan Zhiqing and the others to be at a place with a lot of people, they ordered takeout.

Han Zhuofeng and Xie Jiling didnt eat outside.

They ate with Yan Zhiqing.

Han Zhuofeng told the film crew and cast about the situation at Ghost Town.

“We will be filming at Ghost Town tomorrow.

If you have nothing to do, dont walk around.

Just stay with the crew.

Jiling doesnt know whats going on in Ghost Town, so dont wander off by yourself.

Im scared that something bad might happen.” ”

Yan Zhiqing nodded and said, “I wont go anywhere.”

Han Zhuofeng then notified the crew and cast through the group chat.

However, he decided that he would emphasize this again at the filming location.

Yan Zhiqing didnt tag along with them today, so she was curious about the situation at Ghost Town.

Han Zhuofeng then told Yan Zhiqing what the staff member said.

“The place is similar to what the owner of the homestay told us.

The staff workers of Ghost Town were all really nervous.

They seem to be on standby at all times.

It should be a little dangerous, ” said Han Zhuofeng.

Although Yan Zhiqing would mock Han Zhuofeng for being a coward, she knew that they should not be fearless in such situations.

After all, even Yan Zhiqing herself was afraid.


When it was nighttime, Wei Wucai, Han Zhuoling, and Shi Xiaoya finally arrived.

The three had arrived sometime past 9 PM.

They had eaten food on the plane.

However, Yan Zhiqing thought that the inflight meal was not very delicious.

So, she contacted Wei Wucai and the others before they arrived.

She thought she could order some food for them when they were about to arrive.

And when they arrived, they could eat a little more.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling went back to their room to put their luggage away.

When they were done putting their things away, the food delivery arrived.

They then went to Yan Zhiqings room.

They went with Wei Wucai.

The three then ate while listening to Han Zhuofengs story about what happened today.

After Han Zhuoling heard the story, he immediately instructed Shi Xiaoya, “You have to stay with me for the entire day tomorrow.

Dont wander off.”

“I wont,” Shi Xiaoya said.

With Han Zhuoling here, why would she wander off

“You too,” Wei Wucai instructed Yan Zhiqing, “Stay where I can see you.”

He couldnt be like Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling could keep Shi Xiaoya company because he was on vacation.

Wei Wucai had work to do.

However, Wei Wucai could occasionally glance over at Yan Zhiqing while he was working to make sure she was present.

“Dont worry.

I wont dare to be by myself, ” said Yan Zhiqing.

Seeing that all of them were highly concerned about this, Han Zhuofeng felt reassured.

It was already late, so everyone went back to their rooms.

When everyone was present earlier, he didnt feel this way.

But now that he was the only one left in the room…

His room was so quiet he could only hear his own voice.

Because the scenic area district was very far away from the city…

For the purpose of preserving nature…

Although there were other homestays with other guests…

This place was not lively.

You wouldnt hear any noise.

Everyone would have had so much fun in the scenic area.

By the time they returned to the homestay at night, they would be too tired to be energetic.

There were no downtown neon lights and urban lighting, as well as cars passing by.

These were all sounds of nature.

There were the whispers of the quiet night, the chirps of insects in nature, and the sound of the wind rustling against the trees.

Usually, one would feel happy to be in such an environment.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, there were few opportunities to be quiet like this.

In such an environment, you would be at peace and less restless.

Such an environment would allow you to relax and unwind.

However, Han Zhuofeng felt extremely anxious.

Whenever he walked and stepped on the carpet, he could hear a soft rustling sound.

It was as though someone was following him.

Whenever he placed his cup on the washstand after he was done brushing his teeth, it would suddenly make a clinking sound amidst the silence.

The quieter the surroundings, the louder it sounded, making Han Zhuofeng feel as though the room was much quieter than it really was.

Han Zhuofeng couldnt relax at all.

He was constantly worried that something might pop out.

It felt the same as when he had just watched a horror movie.

When Han Zhuofeng was brushing his teeth while looking at the mirror, he would feel terrified all of a sudden, worrying that he might see something he shouldnt see in the mirror.

He suddenly recalled watching the movie Ring when he had been a student.

In the movie, there was a woman constantly brushing her hair.

The camera was clearly filming the mirror, but the person filming was nowhere to be seen.

Han Zhuofengs imagination was driving him nuts.

As a director, he needed to have a good imagination and a good sense of how the scene should be framed to recreate the image he had in mind.

If the director couldnt think of anything, filming would be really difficult.

Han Zhuofeng had always thought that he was born to be a director because of his imagination.

However, as of now, Han Zhuofeng hated his colorful imagination.

He didnt dare to look in the mirror.

It felt as though there was something staring at him through the mirror.

Because of his own imagination, Han Zhuofeng was so scared to the point that he was getting goosebumps.

He hastily brushed his teeth and washed his face.

He didnt even dare to look up.

He avoided looking at the mirror and quickly went back to his room.

He didnt dare to turn off the lights.

He quickly hid under the covers and closed his eyes.

Half an hour later…

Because the light was dazzling, Han Zhuofeng couldnt sleep.

However, he didnt dare to turn off the light.

It took him so much effort to close his eyes, and now, he didnt dare to open his eyes.

It was so difficult for him.

Han Zhuofeng hid his head under his blanket and opened WeChat under the covers.

He sent a message to Han Zhuoling, “Brother, are you asleep”

He waited for a long time, and no one replied to him.

Han Zhuofeng started sulking.

Ever since his older brother got a wife, he stopped caring about him.

Han Zhuofeng asked Wei Wucai, “Brother Xiao Cai, are you asleep”

Still, no one replied to him.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Could these people show some affection to the youngster

Since Han Zhuoling and Wei Wucai wouldnt respond to him, Han Zhuofeng had no choice but to attempt to message Xie Jiling, “Jiling, are you asleep”

Xie Jiling was playing with her phone.

Her mind was very calm, and she wasnt scared at all.

It was rare for her to be so relaxed and idle.

She didnt have to go to class, and she didnt have to exorcise.

She checked her social media and chatted with her classmates.

Then, she watched some anime.

Life was good.

And while she was in this state of mind, she received a message from Han Zhuofeng.

She didnt know what Han Zhuofeng needed, so she replied, “Im still awake; why are you still awake”

Han Zhuofeng was really happy that someone finally responded.

As Han Zhuofeng interacted with Xie Jiling, he didnt mind showing that he was scared.

“I have the lights on.

I cant sleep,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling thought it was weird.

“Turn off the lights then.”

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