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In the boy’s room.

The blood painted symbols on the ground gave off a coquettish and evil feeling.

In the center of the ritual, there was a black notebook.

Hei Jie stood on the side as he lit a candle, looked at this scene anxiously, and started to pray: “The way to solve this matter, the way to solve this matter…”


There seemed to be a cold wind blowing around, swirling in the airtight room, causing the pores on his entire body to tremble.


The bloody symbols on the ground seemed to come alive.

They started gathering in the open notebook and were swallowed by a page inside the notebook.

’It works! ‘

’The ability of “Secret Records of the Mysterious Caverns” also works in this world.

Although it has been weakened to a certain extent… it is still much better than my primordial spirit…’

Fang Xian felt that his primordial spirit power was being rapidly consumed, and today when he plundered the strange creature that came, at least half of it ended up getting consumed.

’Sh*t! I lost capital this time! ‘

The next moment, a scene appeared in front of his eyes:

It showed a street in this city, where in a certain office building, a woman wearing black high heels, who looked somewhat like a professional could be seen throwing a document on a table: “I was on vacation, but I was still assigned a task.

What a pity all the information on the Third Pedestrian Street was handed over because it was confirmed as a ‘weird case’, the ‘root object’ must be contained and sealed!”

’Oh It seems that there are many similar things, and there are special agencies that handle things like this.

Fang Xian nodded: “It was the right choice to make Hei Jie get in touch and learn the truth of this world… Besides, this test proves that my divination ability is still there, so I can start charging him…”

In the worst-case scenario, the notebook will be handed in and sealed for containment.

He can simply just fall asleep for a while and run away after the reincarnation disk is fully charged.

What’s more, the results of divination show that this is not a bad thing.

Well, when Fang Xian did the divination, he definitely took his own safety into consideration, and it remained his top priority.

Hei Jie held his breath and stared at the notebook without blinking.

At the next moment, he saw a line of dark red text, as if written in blood, emerge from the notebook:

”Heisen Street, No.

32!” ‘

- This is the address written on the nameplate of the office building that Fang Xian had seen.

”There’s really a result”

Hei Jie was surprised and delighted.

The next moment, he saw a row of jewel-like imprints appearing at the bottom of the page representing blood spirit divination, there were ten of them.

These were the new rules given by Fang Xian.

This time it’s free, but the next time if you don’t fill up the spirituality represented by these ten hook jades, see if the notebook will even move a bit.

After all, divination also needs spiritual power.

He only needs ten times the fee, which is already very conscientious.

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Hei Jie didn’t know that his welfare had already passed, so he couldn’t help but want to do another divination: “This blood spirit divination is real, and so is the extraordinary foundation that was laid before I’m so lucky… No, I still have to make a divination again to see where my girlfriend is… wait, let’s settle today’s matter first.”

After thinking for a while, he carried his schoolbag, stuffed his notebook, opened the window, and jumped out.

32 Hessen Street.

Hei Jie glanced at the towering building and walked into the gate.

At this time, the sky was already dark, but the building was brightly lit.

Two ladies stood at the door ready to welcome any guests.

They both looked well trained as they stood tall and straight.

Hei Jie looked up and glanced at a business label next to him – ‘Chase Funeral Service Company’!

”I must be crazy to come to this place at night! More importantly, what should I say Why did I even come here”

Hei Jie was tangled in his heart.

”Sir, what’s the matter”

The welcoming lady stepped forward and asked gently after noticing him.


Hei Jie started to stammer.

At this time, a woman wearing a black suit and black high heels was walking down the stairs.

A trace of surprise could be seen in her eyes when she saw Hei Jie: “Let him come up and bring him to my office!”

Hei Jie glanced at the woman, his first impression was that the other party was very tall, at least 1.8 meters, which made him feel ashamed.

Hei Jie followed the tall woman into an office where she sat alone behind a desk.

She then looked at Hei Jie and pointed at the sofa: “Sit down, survivor of the weird case, newborn sword-bearer!”

”You… you what did you say I don’t understand!”

Hei Jie jumped up as if he had a spring installed under his buttocks.

The tall slender woman smiled and threw a roll of files on the table in front of Hei Jie.

Hei Jie opened it and saw a few photos.

There was a photo of a skeleton lying on the ground, and photos of himself, Shang Han, Naier, and Lu Qiluo.

”This matter has been handed over to us.

I originally planned to pay you a visit tomorrow, but I didn’t expect you to come tonight and disturb my rest time just after I got off work… now I have to work overtime… Let me introduce myself, I’m called Mei Li, the captain of the secret agency team, and I am also responsible for handling weird cases!”

Merry stretched lazily like a cat.

”The weird case, you mean… the… todays… Wraith” Hei Jie’s body started to tremble.

”I want to correct you, there are no resentful spirits in the world!” Meili’s expression suddenly became serious: “Our world is scientific and rigorous.

Wraiths, or what are resentful spirits It is the soul that comes back after death!”

”But science shows that the human soul is just a mass of consciousness, and the body will dissipate after death, and there will be no resentment at all.

If there were, wouldn’t our world be long occupied by resentful spirits!”

”Then the corpse I saw today…” Hei Jie asked, “What is it”

”It’s an anomaly! Or… the root of it is caused by an image and it’s just someone that it killed or touched, it’s like wearing a camouflage, it doesn’t matter at all!”

“Actually, I really hope that it is a person who became a wraith, because if this is the case, it means that there is a possibility that we can communicate with them.

When we die, we can also become wraiths to fight against it.

This can make the weird cases less terrifying and…solvable! Wait until you get in touch with a few more weird cases, you will understand that compared with the horror hidden under those human skins, these vengeful spirits that can communicate in literary works are simply cute!”

Mei Li sighed: “It is precisely because they are not vengeful spirits that the legendary exorcism rituals, holy water, etc., are useless when used to expel the strangeness! It is completely useless, and if someone tells you that it is useful, they must be a liar!”

Hei Jie took a deep breath: “You said so much, what the hell is an anomaly”

”I don’t know…” Mei Li smiled bitterly: “One day, it suddenly appeared in our world, in a very ordinary form…for example, a pen, a book, a picture, or even… a piece of music, a hand, and a curse that has no specific form at all! The only thing that is certain is that the strangeness can never be eliminated! No matter what method we use, even when we completely destroy it, it will reappear!”

Hearing this, Hei Jie couldn’t help but hold his schoolbag tightly.

He remembered the scenes where he tried but could not destroy his notebook.

This event let him know that his diary is also an anomaly! 


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