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[Third Person POV]

Before entering Bael, the subjugation party sent an official letter to Arnold saying that they had succeeded in subjugating the evil dragon.

Immediately after hearing this fact, Arnold delivered the news to the lords of the north, and the whole area was in a festive mood.

What surprised people, in particular, was that it was Esol, a minority race, who killed the evil dragon.

It was marked on all official documents that she was chosen by the holy sword and punished the evil dragon as a hero.

It was all the more so because the Esol race, which was thought to be the weakest and needed to be protected, defeated the strongest evil dragon.

People enthusiastically cheered at the news of the hero and rejoiced that a peaceful era had arrived.

They also praised Alois Beth, the magician who helped the hero and made a great contribution.

Hundreds of years ago, from the beginning of the Arden Empire until the Great War, the magicians had sealed the evil dragon, but the royal family had stolen their hard work.

In particular, after the Great War, they were even subjected to a witch hunt due to the imperial family’s slander.

But this time it was different.

Alois Beth’s hard work was neither covered nor stolen.

Gregory even directly corrected false rumors about magicians spread by the imperial family a long time ago.

It is said that their power was not a wicked power, but rather a wise power, and they made a great contribution during the Great War.

Everyone was surprised because Gregory, who represented the imperial family, said it himself.

This was all the more so because it was tantamount to admitting the fault of the imperial family.

The atmosphere was heightened by the sincerity that had not been seen by the previous imperial family.

Around the time when the north was excited by the news of the subjugation party.

The subjugation party finally entered Bael.

“Long live Esol!”

“Long live the Black Knights!”

People cheered for the subjugation team, which conquered the evil dragon and returned majestically.

The colored paper was ripped apart and sprinkled with pollen, and they welcomed by waving branches with new sprouts.

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Gregory was cheered on as he took the lead alongside Lexion.

“Long live Wexler!”

Gregory Aden Wexler was the only one who could be called Wexler in the Empire.

Therefore, the meaning of this slogan was a tribute to Arden Wexler, not Arden Werbel.

Gregory knew very well what that meant.

At the same time as his stomach became hot, he felt painfully stuffy.

It was because he did not know that the slogan revealed their antipathy towards Arden Werbel.

At the time of Kronos’ uprising, there were numerous northern nobles in Asher Castle.

Many people also died.

Those who survived this secretly spread what they saw and heard there.

When it reached the ears of the common people, the ripple effect was enormous.

Moreover, the capital of the empire was almost destroyed.

Now, everyone is busy rejoicing that the evil dragon, which was everyone’s enemy, has disappeared.

But over time, neighboring countries will aim for imperial territories.

Fortunately, the fact that Gregory, a member of the royal family, and Lexion co-led the subjugation force softened public sentiment.

So everyone was shouting ‘Wexler’.

The subjugation party continued their march to Sparrow Castle.

The sound of military boots resounded loudly, and the beating of drums resounded.

However, no one said it was noisy, and rather, they shouted even louder.

That’s how the subjugation party safely entered the castle.

* * *

Seirin waited for the subjugation party to arrive at Sparrow Castle.

The shouts grew louder through the window.

She peeked out and saw that the knights were entering Sparrow Castle.

“You don’t have to go out”

Seirin lightly shook her head at Betty’s question.

“What they want is not Werbel.”


“The era of Werbel is over.”

Betty bowed her head at Seirin’s declaration, not knowing what to do.

It was because she knew what it meant.

Public sentiment turned to Gregory Wexler.

Seirin, who has a higher order of succession to the throne than him, an illegitimate son, could not ignore the public sentiment.

Especially when public sentiment is so chaotic and the empire is unstable.

The cause of the capital city’s destruction was Kronos, a Werbel.

It is an obvious future that the aristocratic society will urge punishment for Kronos.

At least, an intermediary role was needed to minimize Kronos’ punishment.

And Seirin knew that it was Gregory.

‘If brother Gregory succeeds the throne, the nobles won’t be able to easily demand harsh punishment.

Perhaps it’ll stop at exile.’

Seirin acknowledged Werbel’s downfall.

The worst outcome brought about by arrogance was ultimately the responsibility of  Seirin, who was sober*.

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TL/N: In her right mind.

Seirin intended to follow Kronos if he was exiled.

So that his servants wouldn’t look down on him for being half-minded.*

TL/N: Rmb his malice was with him for too long, and Tiarozety didn’t purify him completely, so his mind and intelligence are permanently affected.

She was planning on taking care of him for the rest of her life.

It was a punishment to herself for stabbing Kronos.

“What about Kronos”

“Playing hide-and-seek with the maid.”


Seirin smiled lightly.

She was rather envious of Kronos, who had let go of his mind.

However, there was no more sense of inferiority or anger.

After admitting it, she could see how useless she was.

Then someone knocked.

[Gregory’s POV]


It was Gregory.

Betty was startled by Gregory’s voice and looked at Seirin.

It was a face asking if she could open it.

Seirin slowly stepped away from the window and opened the door herself.

“I’m in my room.” (S)

“Welcome.” (S)

As Seirin stepped aside, Gregory entered.

“Why were you in the room, Seirin”


It’s high, so I can see it well from the inside.”

“We’re going back to the capital right away.

We can’t stay any longer…”

“Yes, we should.

We have to deal with the situation in the capital.”

Seirin replied as if she had been waiting.

She had already packed all her belongings since she heard the news that the subjugation party would arrive.

They loaded everything into the carriage, so they were able to go back straight away.

Gregory gently held Seirin’s shoulder.

“You had a hard time waiting alone.”

“No, my brother had a harder time.

More than that, the celebration will be held tomorrow, so are you going back without seeing it”

When Seirin responded resolutely, Gregory pursed his lips.

“Yeah, I’m just going.”

“Yes, let’s do it.”

Seirin shook her head.

The engagement announcement of Lexion and Tiarozety was scheduled after the celebration.

And even the declaration of independence from the Empire.

“I heard you signed it.

I will recognize the North as an independent country.” (G)

“It can’t be helped.

The Arden Empire is now in dire need of their help.” (S)

“Yes, That’s right.” (G)

“The empire survived well without the North anyway.

There’s no problem even if the land shrinks a little.” (S)

Seirin continued to speak in a gentle tone.

“Rather, if we show that our alliance with them is strong, neighboring countries will not be able to act recklessly for the time being.” (S)

“Some of the northern allies decided to go back to the capital together and deal with the situation.”


The empire has a foundation, so it will be able to rise soon.

Of course, my older brother’s a little tired, but…”

When Seirin spat out words as if giving advice, Gregory’s face hardened.

“Seirin, I have no intention of becoming an emperor….”


My brother must become an emperor.

You heard it, too, that everyone was praising Wexler, not Werbel.”

“… …”

“Be the emperor.

And with brother’s hand, come out and incarcerate Brother Kronos.”


“I don’t know what will happen if you send brother Kronos alone.

I’d better take care of him by his side.”

Gregory couldn’t bear to speak.

Seirin’s eyes were so hard, and even her voice was so clear that he didn’t know what to say to convince her.

It seemed like it had already been decided in her heart.

‘I guess I wasn’t chosen by anyone after all.’

Gregory laughed bitterly.


Tiarozety chose Lexion and Seirin chose Kronos.

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He wondered who was left by his side, but suddenly someone knocked.

“It’s Elencia Mamre.”


Gregory tilted his head at the familiar name.

If it was Elencia Mamre, she was the maid who witnessed when Lexion beat Kronos to death the other day.

At that time, Gregory had spent the night with Elencia in exchange for silence.

After that, he had several more encounters with Elencia, but it was not a deep relationship.

Elencia stepped down unexpectedly plainly.

She was not clingy, and she silently accepted the breakup notice.

It was a neat farewell for a poor viscount family that sought to rise in status.

She did, but now he is hearing the name of that family again.

Seirin said to the perplexed Gregory.

“She called you.”



I didn’t think about my older brother’s feelings and decided on my own.”

“… …”

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone.

And the fact that I ignored my older brother implicitly.”

Seirin put her hands together and continued talking.

“If it is Mamre, the family’s support base is weak, but it cannot be ignored in terms of financial resources.

As an emerging force, it would be perfect for setting the foundation for your brother.”


Gregory was speechless and evasive.

Then, Seirin bowed respectfully to Gregory.

Politely, as if honoring a new emperor.

Gregory stood awkwardly and dissuaded Seirin.

“Stop it.

You don’t have to…”

“Forgive me for my disloyal decision to run away like this.”

Seirin bent over so that her forehead touched the floor.

Gregory was frozen, unable to stand up or sit down.

Outside, Elencia knocked once more without being able to come inside.

Seirin stood up slowly and said.

“The Mamre family donated half of their wealth to the reconstruction of the capital and used it to fill the national treasury.

So they were given the title of Marquis.”

“… … Anyway, the rise from Viscount to Marquis is very unusual.”

“It’s not just because of the donation of property.”


Seirin hesitated for a long time at Gregory’s question.

After a while, she calmly replied.

“Lady Mamre has a child.”


On one hand, I’m surprised his past playboy ways didn’t get him into any mess until now, BUT I’M STILL IN SHOCK


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