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Chapter 30: His Redemption

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Xing Jiuan dug a spoonful of ice cream and handed it over. Qin Ge avoided it with disdain.

“You eat it. I have some matters to settle later and Im afraid of diarrhea.”

Xing Jiuan muttered, “You are missing out.”

“It cant be compared to your painful period cramps. You cant even get out of bed,” Qin Ge countered.

“I should go. You should rest early. Also…” She took the ice cream from Xing Jiuans hands. “Youve eaten a lot. Dont eat anymore.” She placed the ice cream back into the fridge.

“Im leaving. Ill see you tomorrow.”

Xing Jiuan looked at the closed refrigerator door and said, “Okay.”

“Youre not allowed to eat secretly.”

“I know.”

“I was afraid you didnt.”

After Qin Ge left, Xing Jiuan closed the door and went to sleep.

Mu Qing, who was living beside Xing Jiuan, opened his door and looked at her tightly shut one. He felt helpless and at a loss.

Little Junior Sister seemed to be really distancing herself from him.

But he did not know why.

He couldnt help but make a call.

Master was lying on his bed, ready to fall asleep when his phone rang.

Looking at the caller, he sighed and answered the call.

The person on the other end of the line greeted him and did not speak again. His breathing was very soft.

“You must be calling because of Little 21st.” He spoke in a very certain tone.

“Master, Jiuan seems to have distanced herself from me.” Mu Qing had always been calm and rational since he was young. Perhaps it was because of his family, but he had matured early. He had a steady personality and was cold.

The first person he truly favored was Xing Jiuan. When she had just entered the sect, she was small, soft, and spoke in a childish voice.

His heart was filled with gentleness, and all his affection was given to her alone.

With how things were now, he really did not know what to do.

Mu Qing was not very old when she first joined the sect. He was not even ten years old.

His master had once said that his antisocial behavior was too severe. However, he was an outstanding person who could learn anything and everything quickly. If he did not make some changes, he might do something wrong.

His family had brought too much pain and suffering. Mu Qing was calm and rational, but he was also too cold and almost heartless.

He was only a child who was not even ten years old, yet he was able to testify in court and send his biological father to jail. He was also extremely ruthless to himself. He had suffered countless injuries while practicing martial arts, but he had never once cried out in pain.

Perhaps it was because Xing Jiuan, who had just arrived at the sect, was too young, clean, and pure. When she called him “Senior Brother” in her childish voice, it softened peoples hearts.

He took care of her attentively and cautiously. Even though he was quiet and reserved, he still managed to raise Xing Jiuan into a brash and unrestrained young lady. He could even allow her to be willful forever.

He would always protect her from behind.

Xing Jiuan was his redemption.

Initially, he thought that this could continue forever. Even if Xing Jiuan were to get married and have children in the future, he would still be standing behind her and protecting her forever.

But there were always some things that caught people off guard. Little Junior Sister was no longer close to him.

He did not know if he had done something wrong. Even to their master, he sounded completely lost.

Master only said, “Shes not distancing herself from you, but there are some things she needs to think about.”

“Master, do you know why” Mu Qing asked eagerly.

He was no longer as composed as he used to be. In fact, he was a little anxious.

“Mu Qing, dont worry. Give her some time to think about it.”

Although Xing Jiuan had already spoken to their master, her previous lifetime was something she had truly experienced. It was impossible for her to return back to the past and pretend that nothing had happened.

She had truly experienced those moments of loneliness and pain.


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