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The gray-white Persian cat tail was fluffy like a blown dandelion, the Persian cat that was extremely marred with dirt specks was verysoft, sticking to Guo Chao Ming and acting spoiled.

The little head was like when a cat rubbed on its owner, rubbing all the dirty things on the front of Guo Chao Ming’s combat uniform with each movement.

Guo Chao Ming…

He had been a soldier for eight years, needless to mention mud and dust, even dirtier and more exhausting places, he had also waded in.

Going into the sewers, rivers… all types of filthy places, when they really had to go on missions, nobody cared about dirty things.

He was not obsessed with cleanliness.

However, for a gray bundle to have been rubbed over the very, but very clean combat uniform, Guo Chao Ming lowered his head, silently staring at the ball of dark ash on his own chest.

And only felt that it stung his eyes.

The corner of his eyes twitched unstoppably, and after the Persian cat fervently rubbed a long round, it was finally satisfied.

It looked very content with that gray spot, and it even nodded pleasantly like it was appreciating a piece of art.

Finally lifting its head to make eye contact with him, beautiful heterochromatic pupils contained smugness that was aimed at Guo Chao Ming.

“You did it on purpose!” Guo Chao Ming amusingly saw revenge on the very grubby Persian cat’s small face.

Bai Xia Xia tilted her head, meowed softly, scolding him in his face: “That’s right, I’m getting revenge on you on purpose!”

Ridiculing and saying bad things about another person in their face.

And the other person still doesn’t understand and foolishly and very obediently keeps holding you, Bai Xia Xia, for the first time, got this feeling, this is simply, satisfying on another level!

Just, I’ve suddenly found the cool side of being a cat.

“Meow, meow, meow!”

“Meow~ meow, meow! Meow— —” Cat cries rose and feel in a cadence, high-pitched at the right time, and low key.

Bai Xia Xia meowed excitingly.

Colonel Song and the crowd that were enjoying the show [1] discovered a new sight: The attitude of this cat that’s crying out arrogantly is… a bit cocky.

“Little Guo, don’t you think this cat is scolding you” With a cigarette in his mouth, Song Bei gently went to rub Bai Xia Xia’s head.

Bai Xia Xia 

Was I so obvious

The small cat’s eyes turned round, the cat face showing guilt.

After all, not saying good things about the other person, being exposed on the spot, it was very embarrassing.

Thankfully, the fluffiness covered her expression.

Guo Chao Ming could not understand cat language, and after hearing the meowing stop abruptly, he felt that it was funny[2] and moved to gently pull Bai Xia Xia’s trembling whiskers: “You were really scolding me, eh”

He caught Bai Xia Xia’s right paw, “I knew that you could understand, you lying cat.”

Bai Xia Xia pretended to not understand anything, and once again, with innocent, cute, and round cat eyes, she innocently meowed.

What did you say

I’m only a cat, how can Cat have the bad intentions to scold other people Cat doesn’t understand, Cat is very obedient.

Really, don’t frame the Cat that isn’t able to talk human language.

Bai Xia Xia’s vivid and realistic acting expression was very easy to understand.

It was the first time that Guo Chao Ming encountered a cat that knew how to play stupid, “When did I even offend you”

Guo Chao Ming’s family had raised cats many times, black, white, yellow, calico, one’s with a body that was completely snow-white except for a bit of black on their feet… his cat raising experience was abundant.

Bai Xia Xia, compared to all the other cats that Guo Chao Ming had raised and seen, was different.

From the first time he saw her, he just felt that this cat was extraordinary, that it had a different air about it.


In fact, cats were animals that humans could not decipher no matter how much they tried.

If you carefully made eye contact with a cat, after a long time, the uncomfortable feeling of chills running down your spine would emerge.

Cat eyes were as if they contained the weird spirit medium of a cat.

Normal people would look at a cat’s color and appearance, and whether they were cute or not, or beautiful or not.

But Guo Chao Ming had a habit that was different from the majority, when he looked at cats, the first thing he would look at was the cat’s eyes.

Bai Xia Xia’s eyes were different.

Beautiful heterochromatic pupils were clean and transparent, and when Guo Chao Ming stared at them attentively, he would unconsciously get the feeling that this cat could understand you, get the illusion that both parties could communicate.

Right now, Guo Chao Ming was very sure.

That was not an illusion, he was clearly being getting revenged upon by a cat, was scorned in his face, and was even scolded with cat language.

“Speak, what did you scold about me.” Bai Xia Xia was lifted into the air by Guo Chao Ming who held her from her armpits, her hind limbs helplessly wiggled a few times, but was not able to release herself from the two hands that looked frail, but that were, in reality, strong and powerful.

“Meow~” Bai Xia Xai blinked at the stupid so-so Guo Chao Ming.

You idiot, what I scolded about you, would you even understand if I tell you

Pink meat pads ‘pa, pa, pa’ impatiently hit his chin successively, Impolite guy, put me down fast, without my consent, you are not allowed to hold me.

Bai Xia Xia meowed unsatisfied.

Guo Chao Ming that was once again held in contempt: “…”

“The car is here.” The small first aid team that arrived late by one step dragged a stretcher and hurriedly carried Qin Xiao into the car first.

Jiang Ping led his people and left first to take Qin Xiao to Tongcheng Military Region Hospital.

Cuilian Mountain was about a three-hour car drive away from Tongcheng Military Region Hospital, Song Bei ordered the other people to return to the base first, to recall the other people that were still searching in the mountain.

Currently, the wanted people were captured, Qin Xiao was also safely sent to the hospital, but there was still a bunch of things that had to be solved in the base.

Because Song Bei was worried about Qin Xiao’s injuries, he made some commands to send the others back, he still had to go to the hospital to look.

Bai Xia Xia originally intended to go with Qin Xiao’s car.

She had thought about it, if the reason why she saved a person was because Qin Xiao was a good person.

Then she would make people feel very creeped out because of how intelligent she was, she had to take baby steps.

If she was following Qin Xiao, to return the favor to Qin Xiao, even though it was still like something out of a fantasy, at least there was a basis, right Moreover, she remembered, Qin Xiao had indeed fed her before.

The one that he fed was not her, it was the true Persian cat.

Her idea was very good, unfortunately, the back of her neck was grabbed by Guo Chao Ming, rendering her unmoving.

She was so angry that she swung her claws at Guo Chao Ming, the sharp claws extending and retreating, full of threat.

“Bastard! You’re not allowed to pull at my fur, what happens if I become bald”

Translator’s comments:

Bai Xia Xia pays a lot of attention to her appearance LOL.

Translator’s notes:

[1] Idiomatic expression ‘吃瓜 (chī guā)’: lit.

translation is ‘eat melon’, portrays the meaning of a bystander that just looks at what is happening, having nothing to do with it.

[2] Idiomatic expression ‘給氣樂了 (gěi qì lè le)’: lit.

translation is being made to become happy out of anger.

It’s difficult to explain what it means but imagine somehow thinking that something is funny despite being angry (but not truly angry either).


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