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She recalled Gaius’s warm gaze towards her right before the banquet started.

“Petra, what’s all this fuss about”

But The Emperor did not even pretend to acknowledge that woman’s outcry and directly asked Petra.

“Lady Loenheim injured Her Highness The Princess, Your Majesty.

The reason was that I didn’t treat her like an empress.”

At Petra’s words, The Emperor raised an eyebrow.

“No, Your Majesty! This is a misunderstanding…!”

“It’s a felony to cause the imperial family to bleed, Your Majesty.

Not only did she lay her hand on The Princess but also on the maid, that cannot simply be a misunderstanding.”

Despite Catherine’s small expectations that The Emperor would side with her, The Emperor only nodded at his sister’s words.

“It’s indeed a felony.”

When The Emperor opened his mouth, Catherine felt as if she was struck by lightning.

“Which penalty would be fitting”

The Emperor asked Petra with an expressionless face, completely different from just a few days ago when he whispered his love to Catherine.

“Those who challenge The Imperial Family do not have a place in the empire.

It’s appropriate for Your Majesty to banish them.”

“No, that’s not appropriate.”

“Your Majesty! It’s an excessive punishment!”

Catherine, who had been contemplating Petra’s suggestion, heard The Emperor’s answer and cried out with faint hope.

But the next moment her hope turned into despair.

“Insulting The Princess and attempting to stand above her was already a felony, but we can’t let go of those who have wounded her body.”

The Emperor cast a cold glance at her.

“Catherine Loenheim is deposed.

And after three days..”

The Queen’s aides gulped down their saliva.

They were contemplating whether to step up or back down.

“Put her on the guillotine.”

After The Emperor’s words were spoken, silence fell upon the entire banquet hall.

Catherine’s body lost its strength and slowly collapsed.

Her aides glanced at each other for a while and then stepped back.

It was time to stay out of The Emperor’s sight.

“Your Majesty…”

No one came forward to help.

Someone grabbed Catherine’s arms and dragged her roughly out the door.

Still watching the sight, the Emperor didn’t move.

Then he spoke.

“Let’s start the music again.”

The musicians were drenched in a cold sweat, but they had no choice but to obediently follow the command.

Despite the pleasant strains of joyous music playing in the background, the atmosphere was thick with fear.

The guests spent the remainder of the evening drinking, to hide their terrified expressions.

With that, the banquet ended uneventfully.


The events of the banquet had left a strong impression on the guests.

Everyone who had been present was able to see Petra Leifer’s true ability and power, as her poise and grace had not been affected by her viciousness.

Yet there were still some present who had not understood the gravity of the situation, and tried to line up to meet the new low-class queen.

They came to their senses when they saw Catherine being dragged away.

The emperor’s message was clear.

From now on, the Liefer family would be the only ones in control of the imperial family.

Any attempt at defiance would not be tolerated.

The following evening, Gaius waited in the study for someone to arrive.

Even at the age of 40, he still looked young, as his features were handsome and without wrinkles.

His tall height, pitch-black hair and bright golden eyes were all symbols of true blood of the Leifer family.

To some, they were reminiscent of a giant wolf; with these features, he had captured not only the attention of the young queen, but also that of the maids of the Imperial palace.

“Your Majesty.

I see you’re here.”

Petra entered the library politely, at Gaius’s beckons.

He motioned for the servants to bring her a chair.

“It’s cold.

You should have worn thicker clothes,” Petra said.

Her straight black hair was tied back, as it always was.

Her golden eyes, exactly like his, shone brightly.

“I’m fine.

You should worry about yourself.”

Petra sighed, and poured him a cup of tea.

“Then please, at least have some warm food.”

Although Petra was notorious for her lack of kindness and compassion for others, she showed a little bit of tenderness for Gaius, her only brother.

“Did you hear what happened with Viscount Loenheim”


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