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Everyone’s eyes got bigger, including Petra’s.

“Uriel Biche.

You are the champion of the honorable imperial hunting competition.” The Emperor repeated his words to make everything clear.

Of course, he didn’t thank him for saving his daughter from danger.


“Whether it’s a title or a reward, tell me if you want anything.”

No one had prepared for this situation, including Uriel himself.

But the quick-witted little grand duke Evinhart stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, he participated in the competition through our recommendation.

If there’s anything he needs, then we’ll…” But as soon as Caelion opened his mouth, Uriel’s refined voice cut off his words.

“…I want to pay respect to His Majesty the previous emperor’s grave.”

At his unexpected request, everyone there stared at him in shock.

The emperor also seemed to think it was absurd.

“What kind of wish is thatAsk for something concrete, like jewels, money, or a title.”

“That’s all I want.

He left behind the greatest achievement in history as an emperor and as a knight.

If I can pay my respects to the previous emperor, there is nothing else I want.”

His plea was clearly heard by everyone there.

Everyone, including Apollonia, opened their eyes wide, and some people suddenly shed tears in memories of the previous emperor.

However, Apollonia was wondering about Uriel’s real intention.

‘Does he really know what that means’

Uriel bowed his head and spoke politely, but his words had considerable meaning.

Emperor Gaius had tried to erase the previous emperor’s achievements for years after his ascension.

Whenever he had a chance, he wanted to prove that he was greater than Pascal III even without the blood of the royal family.

He exaggerated his achievements by replacing the statue of Pascal III with his own and cleverly revising the history books.

Whether it was effective or because Gaius had many supporters, seven years later, nobody among the nobles ever missed the previous emperor.

Apollonia, who was once appointed as successor by the previous emperor, quickly lost influence and power because the current emperor did not love her.

A big portion of her imperial power was shifted to the Leifer family instead.

And now, the best knight of the empire, who achieved a miraculous victory, called the previous emperor ‘the emperor who left behind the greatest achievement’.These words could be interpreted as a challenge to the current emperor.

But, why was Uriel doing this Whoever the emperor was, it didn’t change his terrible past.

There was no reason for him to have any special sympathy for the previous emperor.

“It has been my only dream since I was young.

If I could meet and greet His Majesty in person, I would not ask for anything other than that.” Uriel slightly shifted his gaze toward Apollonia.

‘No way…!’

He tilted his head and smiled softly.

It was obviously a smile for her.

In a short amount of time, he found a way to empower Apollonia.

By reminding people about the greatness of the previous emperor, he also implied that the current emperor was still lacking compared to his predecessor.

It was also a subtle reminder to some people who knew that the legitimate descendant of the previous emperor was Apollonia.

It was a clever political move.

“How touching!”

“How great would it be if the previous emperor had been alive”

Many people around him were busy reacting to his words.

But this was not the end.

A beautiful boy without a name defeated a huge monster by himself and won the hunting competition so he could pay respects to the previous emperor.

This situation was so dramatic enough for it to be talked about for a long time.

Since he was a young man with an ambiguous origin, no one would have thought that it was a calculated move.

He would be known as a genius who was inspired by the previous emperor.

‘Since when have you thought of this plan’

While Apollonia was taken aback, he smiled beautifully once again and faced the emperor.

“I understand your loyalty.

You can always pay respect to His Majesty the previous emperor.

Of course, there’ll be other rewards for you.

I cannot help but give a title to the winner of the competition,” the emperor spoke softly, completely hiding his foul mood.

“Let’s postpone the award ceremony.

I have something to do for now, so please step back.”

“I am grateful for Your Majesty’s grace.”


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