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The Emperor’s woman (1)

Five years later.

“Your Majesty, please break up my marriage with Her Highness the Princess.

The Kingdom will take full responsibility.”

The first prince of the Romur Kingdom knelt in front of the emperor with a determined look.

A handsome face that seemed deeply in love was revealed.

“What’s the matter” The emperor couldn’t hide his anger.

“I fell in love with Lady Adrian Reese.”

This was the sixth time.

Apollonia succeeded in breaking down the marriage for the sixth time.

“The princess’ fiance fell in love with the maid Why do all the princes of this continent behave like this”

Apollonia recalled the past five years with tears welled up in her eyes to make it as believable as possible.

She recalled soon after her first fiance, Eckart, left her for another woman, the first price of another country proposed to her.

The prince of the country, who owned several giant merchant ships and was rich, was only 15 years old.

He was pushed around by his parent’s greed and had been courting her without sincerity.

At the right time, Apollonia took in a suitable maid; A 17-year-old young lady of Marquis Arpen, Illona Arpen.

She was raised like the marquis’ biological daughter, but Illona was actually an illegitimate child born out of an affair.

Her mother was a dancer and had taught Illona about how to control a man’s heart since she was young.

For Illona, it wasn’t difficult to win the heart of a young boy.

Having lived his life as an obedient son, he had a naive fantasy about romance in his heart and quickly fell for her.

Unable to control himself, he publicly kissed Illona at the banquet celebrating his engagement with Apollonia and rebelled against his parents for the first time in his life.

The third fiance, who had proposed again about two years later, was about 10 years older than Apollonia.

He wasn’t a prince, but a very wealthy marquis.

Apollonia couldn’t prepare for the sudden proposal, but the intelligent Adrian showed her wit and approached him in an instant.

“Stop worrying.

I can do this much.”

In fact, he was not difficult to attack.

The man liked to bluff, meddle into other people’s business, and give unnecessary lectures.

Apollonia obtained information that he was often involved in fights because he fantasized about showing up in a cool way to save someone and getting attention as a hero.

So Adrian tried to shake his heart with her fragile and pitiful appearance.

He assumed that she was being abused by someone just because of Adrian’s tears.

He chugged alcohol, walked up to where people gathered, and started insulting Apollonia and the imperial family.

Then, he did not stop chattering until he was hit by Paris’ fist and left rolling on the floor.

As a result, he couldn’t even take Adrian even after doing so much for her sake.

It was because the emperor got so angry at him.

Thanks to this, Apollonia was a little relieved.

However, after the incident, the position of Apollonia’s maid became incredibly popular.

Mainly because more people thought about how easy it would be for high-ranking nobles to find a marriage partner if even Adrian, who wasn’t someone of high status, could win the affection of a rich aristocrat.

The fourth fiance was a young king of a small country, who was very realistic and did not pursue romance in marriage.

He loved women so much that he secretly slept with several maids in the Imperial Family, but he never had any intention of breaking up with them.

The emperor sat on the sidelines even though he knew this because he didn’t care whether Apollonia’s spouse was faithful or not.

So, Apollonia sent her maid, Anne, to seduce him.

She had a lifelong dream of becoming a queen and was a very ambitious person.

They promised to spend a hot, endless night together, but found the wrong bedroom due to Anne’s ‘mistake’.

The next morning, Apollonia, who ‘accidentally’ invited several aristocratic young ladies to her room and tried to serve them tea, found them sleeping together on her bed and ran out in tears.

The emperor had no choice but to break the marriage to save the honor of the imperial family.

Anne’s family, who had their own influence and power in the border area, threatened the king that they wouldn’t stay still unless he married their daughter, and Anne left with the king for the happy ending she wanted.

Well, they seemed to have a harmonious married life looking at how they had two children after a few years passed.

It was the same after that.

Thanks to Adrian’s performance, Apollonia easily got rid of her fiances.

“What is the meaning of this!” the emperor shouted again, and Apollonia woke up from reminiscing.

“Father, please listen to me.” She made her voice shake, lowering her eyelids.

Her performance was a well-practiced art.

“Please give a blessing to their love.”


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