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“Did someone develop a potion to change eye color and protect the user from fire”

She lowered her voice a bit and asked.


It’s hard to believe that there’s such a genius like that.” Ben replied.

Since a few years ago, Paris’ eyes have changed to red with a glint of gold.

In addition, Paris declared to the public that his body was fire resistant by inserting his arms into the flames while nobles and knights were watching.

Everyone could clearly see that his arms were fine every time he did that.

The emperor said to everyone that Paris’ royal features formed quite late, but Apollonia did not believe it.

Paris didn’t have royal blood and he was usually very careful of getting burned.

And Apollonia had seen a similar magic trick before.

“It’s not as simple as turning our eyes black.

It is very difficult to imitate Her Highness’ eye color with only a potion.

Same goes for the fabric.

It’s not hard to make the clothes fire resistant, but protecting the people who wear them requires much stronger magic.

“It may be related to the tight security around His Highness the Crown Prince.

That mysterious person would be the biggest asset to the dukedom, afterall.


“Well, don’t worry too much.

I’m sure Her Highness will take care of it well.”

Adrian smiled at the end of her speech.

Then she put the letters Ben gave her into her robe and stood up.

“Are you leaving already”

The quietest among the three brothers, Tan, grabbed her hand with a big smile.

Adrian almost got swayed by him because he had a particularly fascinating smile among the three brothers.

That didn’t happen because Apollonia told her in advance that he liked to get flirty with pretty women.

“I have to run errands for Her Highness.

Since you already came all the way to the capital, please stay here for a long time.

Oh, and…”

Adrian thought for a moment.

It occurred to her that Apollonia might need one more thing from them.

“Since you’re here, I might have a favor to ask you in a few days unless you were going to head back right away.”

At the end of her speech, Adrian left a pocket of gold coins on the table and left the tavern after briefly saying goodbye to Tanya.

* * *


A sharp sound rang in the silent Leifer mansion.

“Ma, Madam….”

A servant who looked younger than 20 years old cried as if begging Petra.

Blood was flowing from her forehead after getting hit by the silver cup Petra threw.

Petra’s gaze was fixed on the mirror as if nothing had happened.

She didn’t even spare a glance at the servants she abused.

There was no sign of anger in her expression as if dealing with their petty lives was humiliating.

Instead, she threw objects at them or slapped them on the cheek without warning while dealing with other matters.

The elegant Petra did not even hold her breath in doing all that.

Because of this, all the servants who knew about her habits were extremely terrified of her, and as a result Petra earned an absolute obedience from them.

“Madam….Please calm down.”

The servant begged once again.

She got goosebumps all over her body.

Petra’s forehead frowned at the words ‘calm down’.

Petra hated it the most when people pointed at her  for being irrational.

“Drag her out.”

“Ma, madam!”

Tears fell down from the servant’s eyes when Petra gave a short order.

However, without time for her to beg, other servants grabbed her arms and pulled her out of the room.

All of this because she accidentally touched Petra’s arms while serving her, and now she was about to get beaten before they kicked her out.

“Except Mrs.

Carlin, all of you get out.”

When Petra ordered coldly, the servants followed her order in a great haste.

She was always cold and cruel, but the servants who stayed with her for a long time were able to tell that their owner’s mood was especially bad today.

Petra closed her eyes and massaged her forehead.

Her head was filled with thoughts.

“I will fix your hair, madam.”


Carlin quietly approached and began to smooth her haid.

“Report the news.”




Carlin sighed.

Petra could predict what kind of news it was just looking at Mrs.

Carlin’s expression.

It was clear that Idena Company, who had been bothering her for the past five years, made a quick buck again.

“I…I think we should close our branch in the southern region such as Lishan, Nore, Eilar, and Basano…”


Petra hit the table hard.

“Who told you to make a decision! I only told you to report it!”


Carlin hurriedly nodded at Petra’s outburst.


So this is what people in charge of sales over there said in unison.

They can’t handle it anymore because the sales have only been in the red over the past few years.

The Idena company has completely taken over the southern region…”


Petra signed.

Showing her distress in front of a servant was not like her, but it was a little difficult to hold back now.

“Eileen Idena.”

Just thinking about her had made Petra’s blood boil.


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