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“Stop hitting me! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself!”

She grabbed her bruised shoulder and shouted to the man in the room fearlessly.

Apollonia frowned  at the sight.

“Those wealthy customers who were looking for Luana would be so disappointed to see you! You should know your place!”

The man who came out of the room with a sharp remark  was Latea’s husband, Ronald.

He raised his hand again, staring down at Luana with his drunken eyes.

Apollonia quickly gestured to Ben.

“Boss, let’s just say nice things.”

Ben blocked Ronald and gently dissuaded him.

As he was the biggest of the three brothers, anyone could be intimidated even if he stood still.

Ronald lowered his hand with a puzzled look.

“Get up.”

Apollonia approached the woman and grabbed her as she stumbled.

The woman regained her balance thanks to Apollonia.


Apollonia widened her eyes as she looked at the woman who bowed in gratitude.

The features behind her messy hair were quite familiar.

Exactly like the portrait.

“May I know your name”

When Apollonia urgently asked, the woman answered vaguely.

“You can call me Lu.”


“Dear guests, you don’t have to worry about that girl.

She didn’t bring many customers because her face isn’t that pretty.” Ronald said.

But Apollonia did not take her eyes off her.

“What is your real name”

“It’s Luana.

There is someone with the same name here, so they only called me ‘Lu’.”

A wide smile began to spread around Apollonia’s mouth.

“Do you mind telling us your age and birthplace”

“I’m 29 years old and I’m from Dayton Village.

Do you need something from me…”

Her steady eyes looked up at Apollonia as if Ronald’s abuse earlier didn’t affect her at all.

The woman tidies her tangled hair several times before facing Apollonia head-on.

Apollonia carefully scanned her.

It was difficult to say that she was more beautiful than most women in prostitution establisments.

Her curly hair looked messy, there were freckles on her face and her crooked teeth made her look rather tomboyish.

All those features didn’t go well with the clothes that showed her body lines.

However, her black eyes radiate bravery.

All her charm was centered on that expression.

It was her in the portrait.

So Apollonia beckoned to Ronald.

“Please prepare a room again.

This time, you, your wife and ‘Lu’ should come in together.

I have something to say to all of you.”

The couple scratched their heads in confusion and eventually did what Apollonia told them to do.

Their principle was to serve guests who gave a lot of money, after all.

After all of them gathered in the room, Apollonia went straight to the point.

“I want to take ‘Lu’.”

Lu’s eyes got bigger.

It must have been a proposal that she never heard in her entire life.

“It seems like Lu and the boss here weren’t compatible anyway.”

Latea and her husband looked at Apollonia with a puzzled expression, but she didn’t care at all.

“I tend to meddle into other people’s business, you see.

And also…”

Apollonia glanced at the bruise on Lu’s shoulder.

It seemed to be caused by Ronald’s push a while ago.

“I’d like to present to you a place that suits you better than here.”

Lu stared blankly at her.

But the next moment, Apollonia clearly saw the hope that crossed her eyes.

“Um, lady, about that…”

Latea grasped the meaning and chimed in.

Upon closer look, a light shone in her eyes.

Most likely greed.

“We’re the owner of this place.

I think you should talk to us first.”

Sure enough, it was something that Apollonia had expected.

“Lu, you should get out.” Latea said, pointing at the door.

“But this is….”

Lu’s face got a little darker.

She carefully read the couple’s countenance.

“Hurry up.”

“Then I’d like you to wait with my group in the next room.”

Apollonia spoke gently as she watched Lu hesitating.

At last, Lu heaved a sigh and went out.

Just before that, she made eye contact with Apollonia and mouthed something.

She seemed to say ‘be careful’.

“Well, this must be very sudden for you both.”

Apollonia said.

However, the couple didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

Instead, their eyes were twinking with greed.

“Huh… Ah yes.

That’s right.”

“How long has Lu been here”

“It’s only been about three months.

She said she worked somewhere else before.”

“Lu was famous when she was in other regions.”

“I thought I heard you say rich people wouldn’t look for her”

Latea hurriedly added a word to her husband’s slip of tongue.

“Hohoho…that rarely happens.

In fact, Lu is the flower of our business, a very popular lady.”

Latea was already looking up and down at Apollonia to gauge her wealth.

“You are very lucky to sign a contract with such a popular lady.”

“Of course.

We spent a lot of money to hire that lady.

That’s why….”

Latea glanced at Apollonia.

“How much do you want I want to break her contract with you.”

Their jaws dropped as soon as Apollonia mentioned the money.


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