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“Your Majesty, these women are specifically chosen by Idena Company to celebrate your birthday.”

Then the dancers came forward one by one when the servant introduced them.

The Emperor remained silent.

When it was Luana’s turn to come forward, he raised his stiff hand and signaled her to stop.

“….What is your name”

His voice was slightly trembling.

There was a mixture of surprise and longing that Apollonia had never heard before.

“My name is Seta.”

Luana recited the new name that Apollonia gave her.

Seta was ‘Satin’ but in an eastern accent.


The Emperor’s eyes grew bigger.

Not only his voice, but his whole body was trembling.

“Come closer.”

Luana climbed to the podium with graceful steps that Apollonia had taught her.

The Emperor raised her chin and examined her face.

“Did you say your name is Seta…”

He examined Seta’s face carefully.

Attractive curly black hair, low nose bridge, delicate jawline that resembled Paris,  freckles that can’t be hidden with makeup….

And a charming eyes that sparkled with curiosity.

As his eyes were only filled by her, the Emperor pulled the hand that gripped Seta’s chin as if possessed and kissed her.


“Oh my god! What’s going on!”

“How can His Majesty do that in front of people….”

“The Queens are next to him….”

Despite the unexpected move, Seta did not back away.

On the contrary, she responded to his deep kiss as if it was natural.

She clung to him aggressively as if she were more desperate.

When the long kiss was over, the Emperor finally let go of Seta.

But his eyes still glued on her.

“Y-Your Majesty, they have to return now.”

The servant called him hastily.

Now the other dancers have already left the banquet hall.

“Where are you going”

The Emperor asked Seta as if possessed.

She tilted her head and smiled.

“I have nowhere to go because I’m a wandering dancer.”

A gentle smile spread around the Emperor’s mouth.

He then pointed his hand to the seat next to him.

“Enjoy the banquet with me.”

He pointed to the seat next to the throne.

The place where Petra always sat was not less luxurious than the throne.

Seta gently took the Emperor’s hand and walked to the seat.

* * *

“Your Majesty.

Duchess Leifer has arrived.”

With the announcement, Petra entered the Emperor’s parlor.

“Your Majesty, there’s something I’d like to discuss….”

Petra walked in casually and stopped talking.

A black-haired woman who was pouring tea next to the Emperor caught her eyes.

It was almost the first time that the Emperor invited a third party during tea-time with Petra.

“Who the hell is she…no way!”

Petra looked closely at Seta’s face and shouted in disbelief.

“Her name is Seta.

She’s my new maid.”

“Did you say, Seta”

Petra opened her eyes wide and shook her head slowly.

Her name and her face was totally hard to believe.

“Your Majesty.

Where did you meet this woman’

“She was a dancer at my birthday party.

Now it doesn’t matter where she comes from.

She’s my favorite maid, so treat her properly.”

Petra finally came to her senses after a while.

She heard that the Emperor liked a dancer at his birthday party.

But no one said that she resembled Satin Arietta so much.

And no one in the palace knew about Satin Arietta.

But the two were really similar.

Petra also remembered Satin’s face, who was a farmer in the Leifer estate when she was young.

The hair, eyes, and even the jawline that Paris inherited from his mother looked exactly the same.

As if Satin’s ghost came back alive.

‘That is impossible.’

Petra shook her head at the useless thoughts.

It makes no sense for a dead person to come back alive, and the woman in front of Petra looked much younger than herself, who was the same age as Satin.

She’s a dancer who looks like her.

That’s all.

Petra decided to brush her off for a moment.

There was a more important matter to deal with.

“Your Majesty, I have something to discuss with you.”

Petra said, holding out the document to the emperor

While recovering from the loss she suffered in the southern branch, she constantly worked on her next scheme, and the document was the result of her work.

“We need a policy to suppress the Idena company’s growth.”

The Emperor read the paper in silence.

The content Petra made was detailed and meticulous.

“Do you mean raising the taxes by finding fault in them”

“There’s no way we can raise the taxes unless we’re pointing out their flaws.

At this rate, they’ll devour our Luwan company.”

“I know that your business has been overthrown by the Idena company.”

The Emperor put down the thick documents again after only reading a quarter of it.

That wasn’t a good sign.

“But their business framework is similar to the Luwan company.

There’s no way we can raise taxes on them without raising taxes on Luwan company as well.”

“But Your Majesty…”


The Emperor interrupted her in a soothing tone, which made Petra frown.


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