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“Are you really so worried about that Do you think she could be a threat to my authority That wench has never been tested on the battlefield.

I’ve won dozens of battles in my lifetime.” Gaius thumped the table.

Petra tried to convince him again.

“But people are foolish and simple.

They want to believe in miracles and magic, rather than reality.

They claim these strange circumstances to be miracles without looking for the truth.”

The Emperor’s wrinkled eyebrows straightened slightly.

“I don’t doubt your eyes, Petra.”

Gaius was a man who could distinguish between emotion and reason.

Despite his anger, he recognized his sister’s argument to be rational.

“But even if the wound that should heal in a week heals in three days, who would be able to recognize that she possesses a healing ability”

“It was only a moment, yet it still caught my eyes.

It will take less than three days for the wound to disappear.

In the eyes of the foolish commoners, it will be viewed as a miracle.”

Gaius looked at her, and raised an eyebrow.

She was a tough woman.

He knew she wouldn’t give up.

Yet how many times had her level-headed and careful judgment saved him How many times had she brought him wealth and honor How many times had she overturned his fate

He knew Petra should be persuaded, not punished.

He sighed.

“Fine, let’s check if Apollonia is as large a threat as you claim.”

Petra raised her head.

Gaius pretended to not see it, and rang the bell on his desk to call for the servant.

“Summon the princess.”

After the servant had disappeared, Gaius turned angrily to his sister.

“This is your last chance, Petra.

If I decide today that the child isn’t a threat, that’s the end of it.

If you decide to ignore my decision afterward, I won’t protect you from the consequences.”

Their matching pairs of brilliant golden eyes clashed.

Petra glared at him, then nodded slowly.

“If you truly decide she’s not a threat, I will do as you desire.”

The door clicked open, and Apollonia came in.

Her face was pale, and she was leaning against Sid’s arm.

“Hello, Father and Aunt..”

Apollonia appeared as though she might collapse at any moment.

It seemed she hadn’t gotten over the shock of the previous day.

“You don’t look well.” Gaius greeted her blandly.

“I summoned you to tell us what happened last night.

Did you see his face”

Petra leaned forward to hear her response.

“I-It’s…” Apollonia stuttered, then burst into tears.

“I didn’t see it.

I didn’t see anything.

Father, what should I do I’m so scared he’ll come back… if anything goes wrong, who will accept me now”

Her quivering scarlet eyes resembled the late emperor’s.

Yet instead of his intense gaze, hers was pitiful and trembling.

As a beautiful 16-year-old young woman, it was clear Apollonia dreamed of marrying a prince, and living out her happily ever after.

She must have been terrified of the thought that her dream might be shattered into pieces.

“I’ll take care of it, so you need to keep the servants in Star Palace under control.”


Gaius ignored Apollonia’s sobs, and glanced at Petra.

She was glaring at Apollonia with cold eyes, but he knew his sister well enough to tell there was more in that glare.

He could read a hint of discomfort, and even disgust, in her eyes.

That was Petra’s instinctive reaction towards foolish and tactless people who couldn’t even read the situation.

It didn’t help that she was forced to watch Apollonia’s wretched performance.

However, they weren’t done questioning her.

“How is your injured arm”

“My arm… the cut isn’t that deep, so I’m fine.

You don’t need to worry about it, Father.” Apollonia’s voice was shaking, and she was hiding her arms behind her back.

“Let me see.” The emperor’s voice sounded kind on first impression, but there was a firmness behind them.

His words were clearly an order.

“But it… looks hideous, Father.”

“Did you not hear His Majesty” Petra was sick of Apollonia’s hesitation.

She yanked her niece forward.

Apollonia was forced to pull up her sleeve and show them her hidden arm.

“I didn’t want to cause you any concern, so I don’t want to show it to Your Majesty…”


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