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For a moment, Apollonia wondered if she was wasting her time.

She didn’t have the luxury to help others now.

But she remembered what he’d said.

“If I use this method, I’ll never miss the target.”

One of the words that had spewed from Gareth’s mouth echoed through her head.

Apollonia knew what that ‘method’ was.

She felt like she would become as bad as Petra if she let this girl, covered in bruises, fend for herself against the brutal Petra and Gareth.

Yet she was unsure of herself.

How many people had Gaius and Petra already killed Could she really fight them, even though she’d never succeeded before

Nevertheless, she wanted to help this poor girl in front of her.

She wanted to try to support those who stood up to the disgusting Liefer family.

“Sid, give me a minute.”

Sid nodded and disappeared from sight.

The maid and Apollonia were left alone.

They were only a few steps away from the gate of the emperor’s palace, but they were perfectly hidden from sight in the dense trees.

The maid fiddled nervously.

This was her first private audience with the princess.

“Why didn’t you wait in the palace with the other maids” Apollonia knew the answer, but she asked anyway.

“The Duchess told me not to show my face…” She nibbled her lips.

She wasn’t excited to have piqued the interest of an insignificant and timid princess.

But the next moment, the maid forgot her awkwardness, and jolted forward.

It was because her name sprouted from the princess’s lips.

“Adrian Reese.”

“What How did you…” Adrian looked baffled.

Her emerald eyes were wide.

Apollonia sighed inwardly.

Gareth also had eyes.

Although he may not have always used them, since he was somehow impressed by himself even when admiring his ugly appearance in the mirror, it was evident that he desired this girl because of her extraordinary beauty.

“So my aunt told you not to follow her into the palace because you have an unforgettable face.”

“That’s right.”

“Do you want to avoid sleeping with Gareth” Apollonia got straight to the point.

Adrian jumped, and spun to face Apollonia.

Her eyes were shaking.

Was this really coming from the mouth of a sheltered 16-year-old princess She had no idea how she’d known about her, but she could tell that Apollonia was dead serious.

“…If it weren’t for my family, I would’ve already taken my own life.”

Apollonia nodded slowly at Adrian’s honest answer.

Gareth’s womanizing, promiscuous habits were well-known in the social world.

He would approach a number of innocent, low-ranking noble women, have a relationship with all of them simultaneously, and constantly flirt with helpless young maids.

If one of them finally fell for him, and reciprocated his love, he would break up with her.

It would be nice if that were all.

He would then humiliate those women by telling the young noblemen all the details of his affairs; from every affectionate word she’d said, to every feature of her body.

For him, a woman was merely an object to conquer.

Adrian had probably been through a lot, too.

Judging from her reaction, she’d definitely been sexually harassed many times before.

She continued the conversation.

“Have you ever been to the Serbia Garden behind the Imperial Palace”

Adrian was puzzled.

The princess had gone completely off-topic.

Was she just trying to fool around Was it a strange noble habit to find enjoyment in someone’s misfortune by engaging them in unnecessary chitchat

Yet the princess’s expression was serious.

“It’s a garden created by my late grandfather, and it’s currently being managed by my brother, Paris.

There’s only one outsider who can enter and exit at will.”

The Serbia Garden, which had been built by the late emperor for his daughter, Ellenia, was famous for its splendor and beauty.

The garden in full bloom was so magnificent that it would captivate any who saw it.

However, it was located deep inside the palace, so secret that even the royal family could enter it.

Much less outsiders.

So what could the princess mean by an outsider who could access it at will Adrian couldn’t understand it.

“It’s my brother’s only friend, the young duke Gareth Liefer.

But he doesn’t go there alone.”

“No way…”


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