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Not only did his subordinates but also the people who strongly opposed his behavior, and even some of the neighboring countries showed signs of starting a war under the pretext of his behavior.

However, Gaius, without blinking, either suppressed or purged them.

He then filled the empty spot with his own relatives.

Now there was no one in the empire who could oppose his words.

And today, a banquet was held to welcome the five flowery women.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty.”

The guest who came shouted in unison.

They ate and drank in a loud manner.

Apollonia attended in a modest navy dress that didn’t stand out much.

As usual, she hides behind her maid’s back in the corner of the banquet.

She only thinks to show her face a little bit and then goes back.

That was until she bumped into one of the concubines who came with a glass of wine.

“Oh my! Be careful!”

Catherine Loenheim called out Apollonia in a hoarse and shrill voice while flipping her gorgeous reddish-brown hair.

“I almost spilled the wine on my dress.”

As a lower-rank aristocrat from the district, she was the first woman to receive a proposal from Gaius.

As his confidence soared high through the sky, he stealthily worked undercover and used the concubine to secure his superior position, keeping it in check for the long run.

‘Isn’t the concubine of the palace without an empress, essentially becoming the owner of the palace itself’

Ten days after their arrival, the other concubines were fast at grasping the situation and quickly bowed down to her.

Soon after, Catherine Loenheim began looking for her next prey to assert her position.

She needed someone who was a noble with status high enough to overpower her, but also someone who she could order around to fit her needs.

An easy woman.

This was exactly what she was looking for.

“Princess Nia.”

And then, in an event of pure luck, Apollonia came into her sight.

She was a young and inconspicuous princess who was pushed out of the emperor’s sight because he favored her older brother.

The Princess’s face, which would look pretty if well-decorated, was always modest.

And perhaps due to her ambiguous position, her attitude was timid and weak.

This is perfect.

Catherine moved her lips to start the hunting game, calling out sweetly,

“Nice to meet you, Princess Nia.”

She deliberately called Apollonia by the nickname that the Emperor and the Prince used to call her.

It was a subtle claim to show her own superiority.

The Princess, who was oblivious to the customs of the world, dazedly responded to the title.

Her compliance allowed everyone to witness the encounter to identify Catherine as the Empress.

“I bumped into you.

I’m sorry, madam.”

“That’s nothing.

I’ll be generous…no, what did you say just now”

Catherine, who was just nodding her head, accepting the girl’s obedient apology, suddenly widened her eyes.

This stupid girl called the queen, ‘madam’ Now, she was sure that this girl didn’t get a proper education.

Initially, Catherine was only planning to discipline the girl lightly, but since it seemed that the princess was such a spoiled brat, she decided to teach her harshly.

“Princess, please stay there for a second.”

Catherine Loenheim turned around and called out to Apollonia while lifting one corner of her mouth in a smile.

She spoke in a fairly loud and overbearing tone, implying that she wanted everyone to listen.

Some nobles understood the sign and gradually flocked around one by one.

The Emperor’s bloodline and The Emperor’s woman, the relationship between those two was bound to be interesting.

“Because I don’t think we’ve exchanged a formal greeting with each other before…”

Although Catherine said ‘each other’, she was clearly pointing to Apollonia, who did not formally bow, only giving a simple greeting.

Of course, this was only to create cause for criticism towards Apollonia.

Catherine bent her knees in an exaggerated gesture, becoming the first to bow deeply while looking at Apollonia.

It was as if a mother was teaching her child manners.

‘Now, you see this You should do it too.’

The woman wanted to confirm her position by receiving a polite greeting from the princess.

However, Apollonia hesitated and again, gave her an informal greeting, staring at Catherine from the distance.


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