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And a few hours ago, as if to prove the wizard’s claim, the body of a silver-haired man had floated down the Dean River that flowed through the center of the capital.

His face, bloated with water, had been impossible to discern, but considering the time and place, that was definitely the guy.

“Ha… that’s good.”

She stretched her arms languidly in the warm sunlight.

After nearly a month of worrying about Apollonia, she could finally rest.

Gareth had recently gotten into an accident into the palace – he’d been given probation as punishment – but it was only a small matter.

He was often drunk, and it was common for him to get involved in fights.

Neither Paris nor the emperor seemed particularly upset by what had happened.

Paris had even sent a servant to check on Gareth’s wound.

Recalling what happened to Gareth, Petra was reminded of Adrian Reese.

She’d looked pretty and intelligent, so Petra had summoned Adrian to the palace to be Gareth’s maid.

But that child, who’d turned out to be stubborn and headstrong – and had even dared to refuse her master! – now lay injured in Apollonia’s palace.

Petra intended to discipline Gareth for the sin of not properly teaching his subordinates.

This incident meant he hadn’t instilled enough fear into them.

In interpersonal relationships.

courtesy and faithfulness were important.

However, that was only effective when those involved had something to gain from the others.

A servant who’d rejected her master, the daughter of insignificant imperial servants, should only be controlled with fear and a strong hand.

Adrian would get a taste of what she deserved as soon as she returned.

This time, Petra wouldn’t spare her.

She’d remind Adrian of her place.

Adrian might claim that she was almost raped by Gareth in the Imperial Palace, but no one would be on her side.

It’d be seen as a simple matter of love between two young people, and Adrian would have no choice but to return to the duchy.

Since her father worked for the imperial family, there was no way to escape Gareth.

No, it was impossible for anyone to escape the Liefer family at all.

Petra had forgotten her original plans to rest, and begun to make plans.

In that moment, though, her thoughts were interrupted when the door banged open.

Her husband, Duke Louis Liefer, hurried into the room.

“Madam, I have something urgent to tell you.”

The Duke was by no means a small man, but he looked somewhat weak, with unusually pale skin and drooping eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you to postpone everything today”

Petra’s hand shook angrily.

Her husband was a very gentle man, so he didn’t mind leaving all his family affairs and political issues to Petra.

Even after he’d taken his wife’s surname, and become the duke of Liefer, he gave his wife the power to make judgements about the family’s affairs.

He was always respectful to his wife, and respected her decisions – even before Petra became so influential.

That was why he and Petra were the perfect match.

Petra would always serve her own family, and her own family alone.

Not her husband’s family.

But now, the gentle giant of a husband would not step down.

“It’s urgent.

Look at this.”

There was a small envelope in his hand.

Petra took it from him and ripped open the seal.

A pure-white piece of thick paper fell onto the table.

“What is this…”

Petra could hardly believe her eyes as she scanned the card.

She read the short message over and over again.

“What the hell does this mean”

The Duke didn’t answer.

Petra slowly rose from her chair, reading again the message on the paper.

[To the Duke of Liefer–

May the blessings of Apollo always be with you.

As you know, my only daughter, Adrian, gave her heart to the young duke, your son Gareth, and unintentionally showed that affection in front of an audience.

If the love between the two is true, I would like to formally ask for the marriage between your son and Adrian as soon as possible.

It would be a great honor for me and my daughter to become family with the esteemed Duke.

With respect,

Pedro Reese.]


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