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A woman like this was living like a dead person in the Imperial family Was that even possible

“I don’t know what kind of sins I’m going to discover we are done searching this mansion.” Apollonia sighed.

Viscount Diaman even used all his strength to roll his head.

His face was distorted while he concentrated on his thoughts.

He felt that the medicine that he received from Amoreta had subsided.

The butler, who was scared witless, would not be able to hide all the secrets in this mansion.

All of sudden, he recalled the residents who had been imprisoned in his secret underground prisons.

Some were beaten and left unattended for failing to pay taxes, plus the women…

He shook his head vigorously.

After the search, he would be dead.

He might not even be able to die comfortably.

“What’s the problem” Apollonia asked the viscount, who was biting his lips and nails.

Startled, he looked at her face again, and an idea took form.

‘The Princess’s guards are out now!’

The only people left in the reception room on her side were the princess herself, the little girl Tanya, and the guard with a robe covering his face, but he still looked young.

On the other hand, there were 10 of his soldiers in this room with him.

‘What if I take her hostage’

She would be terrified, since she didn’t expect that the viscount would use force.

If he caught her, the commander of the imperial knights would think of him as a brave knight who helped them.

Then he could just run away to the next country with the money he accumulated.

If he was caught, he would be punished for attempted murder of the royal family, but if he acted quickly, he could get away with it.

He couldn’t close his mouth at the brilliant idea.

As expected, there was a hole to escape to even if the sky collapsed.

“Your Highness.”

He took a step closer to Apollonia, pretending to be calm.

He was even closer to her than her young guard, who had a sneer that looked to be his usual expression.

“What’s the matter”

“Take this!” He threw himself at her.

The viscount was a former knight, but he was better at wrestling than swordsmanship.



But it was weird.

His arms were numb and his throat hurt.


After he barely took a breath under the choking pressure, he saw a long arm covered in a robe wrapped around his neck,

It was the princess’s guard.

He came from behind and grabbed his neck.

The viscount was obviously closer to her, so when did he move this close


As the pressure on his neck increased, the Viscount flailed around his arms and legs.

The guard kept tightening his arms, and it wasn’t until Apollonia nodded that he finally loosened his grip.


The viscount fell to the floor.

It was only his neck that was attacked, but his whole body was numb.

For a moment, he could only see the ceiling of the reception room, but soon Apollonia’s face entered his vision.

Tch… Viscount, did you think Sid Bian would leave me defenseless Did you think he trusted you

“Ugh… cough!”

“As long as this man is by my side, there are only two people in the world who can attack me.

One is Sid Bian, who is now searching the basement of your house, and the other is my father in the capital.” Apollonia slowly shook her head and clicked her tongue.

“Although it’ll be shocking if you manage to succeed with that skill of yours.”


“An attempt to endanger the princess.

Your fourth sin is treason.”

The viscount collapsed pathetically.

Not long after came the sounds of Sid returning with the villagers.

“From that sound alone I can guess your other crimes.

Exploitation, sexual abuse, kidnapping, illegal detention…” She sighed, and then continued bitterly.

“Viscount, I’m sorry, but we should wrap up the conversation here.

Maybe you’ll never see me again for the rest of your life.”

Viscount Mason Diamann.

He was unable to answer anything, and lay down on the floor with trembling limbs.


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